Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Studio Cottage Makeover Complete!

This Afternoon I finally got the Art Studio Cottage Makeover considered Complete in the Main Room!  *Yay!!!*   The Son and his Family came over this Weekend to Help and Critique the Space.  Being the Queen of Excess, I needed several Objective Viewpoints on how much was Enough?!  *LOL*

I also had The Son hanging anything high up that I wanted Suspended from the top of the Walls or the Ceiling... such things as Signs, Buntings, Ambiant Light Fixtures... he was so Patient as his Girlfriend and I decided upon Perfect Placement in our Typical OCD Fashion!   *LOL*  

This is probably why I Connect to and Love this Gal so much and consider her Daughter-In-Law Material, we really 'Get' each other and are like Peas in a Pod... which would be really quite Important when you have a Prospective Quirky Mother-In-Law like myself!!!   *Bwahahaha!!!*   And they make such a Cute Couple as well.  *Smiles*

And since The Son has spent Twenty-Seven Years around me, having a Girlfriend so LIKE me, well, he's used to it now and just Complies to our ideosyncracies!  *Smiles*   It Helps that he's quite the Perfectionist too when he's doing any Job, especially for someone else... so when Placement has to be 'Just So'... to the Nth Degree... he's not going to try to Argue with us that it really doesn't matter... because he knows it DOES when you're Assisting OCD Females with their Pet Projects and Eye for Minute Details!!!  *Winks*

Hanging the Vintage Olive Bucket Chandie where I wanted it Placed ended up being Challenging... since this used to be an Old Carriage House and Stables a Hundred or so Years ago... the roof and Ceiling isn't Typical Residential Construction and he was concerned about the weight being properly distributed.   But he's very Resourceful and Secured it well enough that it could be Installed Exactly where I Desired over the other Creation Station Work Table, Constructed from an Old Door and Architectural Columns.

The Sunlight was really Bright streaming in the Windows Today since it was our first days exceeding Ninety Degrees... so Photographing this West facing Wall was difficult because it was so Intensely Bright.   But that's why this makes for a Great Studio Space... Fantastic Natural Lighting and Window Placements.   The Son also hung the other 'Vintage' Bunting Sign Created from Corrugated Tin for a Vintage Industrial Vibe.

I hung some more of my Favorite Art... some European Vintage Botanical Prints and Antique Religious Art... as well as Antique Mirrors placed around the room... because I Love Reflections of Vignettes and have a 'Thing' for Antique Mirrors.

I had not previously shown the larger Creation Station Table, which The Young Prince and I brought in dismantled and then put together inside the Cottage because it was simply too large to bring thru any of the doors.   It had been the Staging Table so it was quite a Hot Mess until Today!  *LOL*  You won't Believe this, but that Zinc Vintage Industrial Tabletop was a Curbside Find when my Friend Pamela and I went Trawling for Treasures on Bulk Garbage Day Downtown after Attending an Event!  *Whoo Freakin' Hoo... the things some folks discard!*  It's had a couple of different bases over time... this base it was married to just for the Cottage Makeover.

As the Small Details Completed each Area and each Vignette took Shape in a way that I was FINALLY Satisfied... as well as the Family telling me when Enough was Enough *Winks*... it really was a Feeling of Intense Satisfaction.

The Son really had to Reign me in... because he knows otherwise I'd continue to go really Over The Top in what I'd eventually drag in there.  He's the Minimalist of the Family so I Value his Advice and Ability to Edit... since I'm a lousy Editor and Too Much is Never Enough in my World.  And yet, I'm trying very hard to Simplify and Minimalize my Tendancy towards Excess.  As you can see... Clearly I haven't 'Arrived' yet when it comes to Paring Down even with the Discerning Eye of one more Restrained there Advising me!  *Bwahahaha!!!*

He did Compliment me though that I'm doing MUCH BETTER than Before... and in Letting Go... because he sees Progress in my Ability to Restrain myself way better than I used to be able to.  He told his Girlfriend that it's Good that Mom only put three Work Station Tables in here... in the Past I probably would have tried to squeeze in Six or Seven!  *LOL... and he's not Exaggerating!!!*

The one piece of Advice The Son gave me and I didn't heed... was not to hang a second Bunting across the Room... he thought  it would be Too Much.   But I absolutely ADORE these Fabulous Buntings made from Vintage Fabrics that my Friend Angela Created... and I had three of them Designated for this Project... so only utilizing Two was Restraint enuf for Moi!  I waited 'til after he left though to hang the 2nd one!!!  *Bwahahaha*  The Third one will probably go into the Livingroom of the Main House now... when I was Purchasing them I figured having too many would be better than risking not having enough since they were in limited supply, right?  *Winks*

The Man's Skullies will sit upon the Creation Station until I Bling Pimp 'em... then they'll hang on the Walls.   He thought he was gonna sneak one back into his Work Cottage since he didn't see them hung up... 'til I reminded him that I still need to Create the Artistic Touches on them to make them My Style... and THEN they'll be hung... so now that he Agreed to Give them to me... he CAN'T rescind that Agreement and take them back!!!   *LOL, I Suspect he was having 2nd Thoughts.*

There is a Gypsy Stool with Persian Rug and Pom-Pom Trim Upholstery that will sit at this end of the Creation Station... but I haven't brought it in yet... I Forgot... and it Photographs better so you can see the entire Table without it in Frame anyway.   I may also replace my Antique French Gilded Chair, which is rather Delicate, with a sturdier Antique Needlepoint one and swap them out.   Right now the Needlepoint Chair is in our Livingroom as a Vignette for holding some Art... which will be a Perfect Duty for the more Fragile French Gilded Chair really... so they'll just Trade Spaces Tomorrow.

I also brought in my Persian Rug covered Storage Boxes to hold Vintage Fabrics, Trims and Art Supplies.   And those Favorite Pouffs we had to take out of the Livingroom because of The Man's Medical Equipment needing wider spaces... were put to Use in the Art Studio now, so they won't languish in Storage, which I'm Happy about because the G-Force and I Love sitting on them and I was so Sad to have to take them out of the Main House!!!  {If you look Closely you'll see that Spirit showed up to take a peek at the Makeover... Orb by front Table Leg}

Until I one day get a Real Taxidermy Peacock... my Gilded Vintage Wall Peacock will have to do... *Smiles*

I've been Hoarding Antique Sewing Cabinet Drawers for a while to Store Art Supplies in... so it was nice to finally put some of them to Use and on Display where they actually have a Place to 'Be' and Purposed!   Same with some of my Hoard of Antique Mirrors... I can never Pass one up when I can get a Good Deal... so I always have an Abundance of them and haven't Sold Off all of the Excess yet.  *Winks*

It's the smallest of Details that really Warm my Heart and Boost my Spirit when I'm Surrounded by them... and this Studio Space is way more Personalized to ME than any other Communal Space I Share with The Family... so I can have total Self Indulgence.  Which is so Special when you have to be Sacrificial in so much that you do as a Full Time Caregiver, especially in a Work Environment where you will be Creating and Getting Away from the Daily Grind.

Alas, some Plans didn't quite Work Out like I wanted them to... The Son was not able to hang the smaller European Bottle Rack Chandie over the other Creation Station Table because the Cord was designed to plug in close by and that was just not possible.   So... rather than re-wire it, he suggested I just light it up on the Table near enough to the Outlet, which was a Great Idea and also made what Trims will be hanging on it a lot more Accessible anyway.

I also finished Decorating the Kitchenette Space, which I kept more Minimalistic simply because the Counter Space needs to remain Clear to Utilize it properly.

I put a few Elements I like and will be handy for this Space, like Essential Oils and Cleaning Supplies which are Disguised in Vintage European Tins.

And I must tell you that the Vintage Mannequin Triplets will NEVER be relocating anywhere else again... those Old Dress Form Gals are as heavy as Boat Anchors and I just about dropped my ovaries on the floor schlepping them from the Main House to the back half of our Property and into the Art Studio!!!  *Whew*   Forgot to ask The Son to do that for me when he was here... but we had five Kiddos swarming around the three Adults also in the Studio so it was pretty hectic and busy during their Visit.  *Smiles*   All Five Kids Loved the place as much as the Adults tho' and I Suspect all of us will want to hang out there and Create often.  

Everyone Refused to Allow me to do any Pathological Picture Taking of them all in there during the Visit tho'... so I had to wait until after we returned from going out to Dinner together and everyone was gone before I could Indulge my Photographic Passions to Share the Completed Main Room with you.  *Smiles*    The Three Teenagers and The Man are the most Camera-Shy... so I'll have to be Covert to get them all Captured thru the Eye of my Lens in there!  *Winks*   But it Warmed my Heart to see everyone Gathered Together in here and having a Big Time... and that we all Fit into the Space adequately even with everything I had Decorated with!!!  *Ha ha ha!!!!!*

Because The Son and The Man had warned me to make certain I left enough room in there for PEOPLE as well as my Art Supplies and Lovelies!!!   *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

And nobody was having trouble maneuvering around in there or crashing into things... and it wasn't too cramped even with Eight folks Gathered Together in there... even with Five of them being Rowdy Kiddos who dragged in Toys and Snacks and Refreshments, as they always do *Smiles*... so Mission Accomplished!!!   The Room held up and Served it's Purpose... and everyone felt Comfortable... which is Important because if a Space isn't Functional then it doesn't matter how Beautiful it is.  I don't want a Museum or Showcase Space in our Home with any Forbidden Areas nobody is Allowed to Enjoy and really Use.

I Attempt to ProvideTactile Spaces where Family, Guests and especially the Children are Encouraged to Indulge the Senses... including Touching, with Respect, those things that they are drawn to and want to Experience and Enjoy Fully.

Even though dragging the extremely heavy Caged Dress Form Girls into the Studio was Exhausting... it is so nice to finally have them where I always Intended for them to 'Be' and where they will be properly Utilized.  In the Main House the Trio were designated to Temporary Placement where they really were in the way and Out of Place.   My two newer Vintage Dress Forms Yazmin and Yashyme will remain in the Guest Bedroom of the Main House though.  I had toyed with the Idea of Selling them... but was loathe to part with either right now and they Serve Purpose by Modeling some of my often used Favorite Clothing and Accessories, so I can Justify them sticking around. *Winks*

But the Garment District Older Gals will be ready now for when I decide to Create Wearable Art Clothing, initially for myself ... which is my Goal eventually... and perhaps a Line when I have more Time to actually offer some for Sale.  I may even get back to Creating some more Bohemian Treasures Bags... since I've had numerous requests and just haven't Created any in a while due to Personal Obligations Consuming my Time.

There are lots of New Art Projects I want to Learn the Process of though and I can't wait to begin the Creative Process in Earnest again now that I have a Studio Space to Create in.   It's so much nicer to have a Designated Space for Crafting, Art and the Creative Process in general... a place where you can leave everything 'As Is' during the Process of it Coming Together and know that it won't be bothered or in the way of Daily Living... or gotten into by prying Curious little Eyes and Busy little Hands!  *Smiles*   I like Tactile Spaces, but Works In Progress can become quite a Hot Mess if they're manhandled by everyone passing thru or clearing a Space to Use for something else!  *LOL*

Now we have that Healthy Balance one again of Living Space and Working Space... and Get-Away Space as well, right here at Home!  *Insert Contented Sigh!*

And I've Intentionally sprinkled around some Tactile Elements for the Kiddos specifically... since they will often be Welcome to Join me anytime and it's nice for me to be able to Work alongside Caring for them but without it being a Chore.   They can be Creative or just Playing where I can keep a watchful Eye upon them and yet still be able to Do what I need or want to Do.

And I've found they're much more Content when they have a Special Place to just Go as well... somewhere Different, Fresh and New... to Explore and Imagine in... and do their Art Work in specifically since they're both very Creative Souls as well and so it Feeds their Soul as much as it Feeds mine.  As the Room was being Transformed they were already at the Work Station Creating Paper Plate Mardi Gras Masks, Sculptures and Bracelets or Coloring while I Styled, Painted or Cleaned the Room.

And of coarse, since I took a bajillion Images again... I'll have to Save the rest for another Post... and how Special it was to have my 600th Blog Supporter on the day that my Project was Completed! 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I almost quit reading before I got to the end - but I'm glad I didn't! I was WONDERING what you planned to create once the space was finished. Now I know :) I simply love all the cubby holes, sewing machine drawers, cigar boxes, antique mirrors, etc.

  2. Remembering that when you put the poufs into storage, you said "now we'll have room to dance...", makes seeing their reappearance in the studio especially heartening!

    Even the orb wanted to rummage through the treasures! This place is blessed.

  3. I cannot express how much I love your space, Dawn. Especially that sink. And the chairs. Carpets. Dressforms. And those sewing machine drawers and that mirror!!! I am so happy for you! ❤

  4. That certainly looks like a lot of work and you were fortunate to have some help from your handsome son and pretty girlfriend.

  5. Dawn, you have outdone yourself - It's gorgeous beyond all! You know, it occurs to me that any one of your blog posts is more interesting and inspiring than any decorating book on the market. I know you're a bit busy (ha,ha) but I really think you need to find a publisher...

  6. Hi Dawn! I am an artist, too. Our studios have so much in common: stacks of cigar boxes (you can never have too many), peacock obsession (I have a taxidermy peacock that earns his keep posing for paintings) and dozens of beautiful and curious objects used as painting props. I sure wish I had your light!

  7. Wow! You have a wonderful collection Dawn! Great space! Thanks for your visit the other day!:)

  8. Oh Wonderful! It's just perfect! So happy for you! And I love the extra Bunting across the room also!

  9. Dawn,it looks AMAZING!!!! it..GREAT space!! ....

  10. OK where to start.... I am stealing your idea of the trunk on the wall with brackets...brilliant...I have had a small wooden trunk & didn't really know what to do with it!! Those mannequins...I have got to find one for my daughter,,,she has wanted one for ever..I love yours... The place looks amazing Dawn...You have some amazing things... Great creative space...Yes the Man has made a verbal agreement now on the skullls...;) hee hee,,,,, Your son & GF are adorable...<3


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