Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tres Rios Nature Festival

My Grandson, Prince R, was a Volunteer at the Tres Rios Nature Festival this weekend, and taking me on Sunday to show me the Exhibits.  The Event is dedicated to Wildlife Preservation of Native Species and their Habitat here in the Sonoran Desert and awareness of how fragile our Ecosystem is.   Many of the Wildlife at the Event were Rescue Animals whose injuries prevented them from being returned to the Wild and now they're the Stars of the Exhibits.  This Handsome Guy didn't let the loss of a wing prevent him from Voguing for the Cameras!  *LOL*
And this one has been an Exhibition Star since he was a Baby since he was Rescued from a fall from his Nest which rendered him lame and with the loss of an eye.
How Adorable is this Burrow Owl!!!

And though not a Native Species, this is Skittles, a Gorgeous Parrot aptly Named since his plumage was the color of the Rainbow, and who had quite the Attitude and was a real Character!!!

The Event is Hosted at the Three Rivers convergence here in the Far West Valley, a Beautiful Natural Oasis Habitat in the Desert which attracts a lot of Native Wildlife.   Alas, being near the Heart of a Major City it has also Endured it's share of pollution over the years and is slowly being Restored and Reclaimed for Wildlife and Responsible Recreational Pursuits. 

Since Prince R was in his Element he wasn't as reluctant to allow Gramma to capture his Image so I got to Indulge in my Pathological Picture Taking without the rolling of Teen eyes and heavy sighs!  *Winks*   And he wasn't so Elusive about being in front of the Camera... when you end up with mostly Images of just one G-Kid folks tend to ask what happened to the 'Other One?'  *LOL*

The Festival also had Archery, Canoe-ing, Fishing, Face Painting and many other Free Activities for the Family... this was Prince R trying out bows to see which one he wanted to use... he got three Bullseyes, so this must have surely been the Right One!  *Smiles*

And Tiger's Blood and Rootbeer Gourmet Shaved Italian Ice... Yummmmmmm!!!!

But for Gramma... I'll Torture you with what I Indulged in... Green Chile Pork Sammich with Sweet Tater Fries!!!!!   Okay, so it WAS Sinful... but ya gotta Cheat every now and again... and this was one of the best tasting Burgers I've ever had, Seriously!!!   And when I got Home and tested my Blood Sugars... Normal Range... so maybe this is better for ya than it looks?!  *LOL*  Usually if something looks and tastes Divine it's bad for ya... I Love exceptions to that horrid Rule!  *Winks*

Here's another Rescue Bird of Prey... they are all so Magnificent!!   And I must say they were basking in all the Attention and Favor they receive!

It was Nice to hang out with my Teen Grandson at his Request... we don't get to do that very often... and I realized that lately a lot of Attention had been monopolized by his little Sister and Grandpa because of their Health Issues consuming most of our time and energies.   So he's been a Trooper at sitting on the sidelines while I Ministered to the others and it was Great for us both to be able to get away for a while and just have a Big Time and Bond since he didn't have to Share me with anyone.  And I needed the Outlet as a Respite from taking Care of Sick people and Re-Connecting with him in a Venue of what he is Passionate about.

Prince R tends to become an Expert in everything he immerses himself in... and the Nature Festival was no exception, he was a wealth of knowledge about every Exhibit there and everyone knew him by Sunday Afternoon!  *LOL*   I only Wish we could get him that Engaged at School... he'd be Acing every subject and Showing Out!!!  *Le Sigh*

It was a Gloriously Sunny, Warm day with a nice Breeze, and a Serene Natural Setting... so perfect for an Outdoor Festival.  It really is a Beautiful Riparian Area well worth Preserving and Protecting so that Future Generations can continue to Enjoy it.
And the diversity of the Wildlife returning to the area and so evident everywhere you look warmed my Heart.  Out across the Rivers there was abundant Wildlife we could watch from the Shoreline...

And after so many years of not being able to Fish the area due to Pollution issues, that have since been cleared up with the dedication of Wonderful Local Organizations such as Tres Rios Society, it was a Joy to see folks Fishing again and catching an abundance of Healthy Fish from the Rivers now.

After all... we need to be Good Stewards and Share our World with the Wildlife that also calls it Home... from the Greatest of them...

To the Smallest of them...  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed your time out with the Prince!

  2. What a wonderful post, Dawn. You have such wonderful are truly blessed.



  3. What a lovely living jewel, that hummingbird. And those sweet tater fries! A delcious day all 'round, from both your pix and your report. I'm developing a longing for summer fayres, just reading your blog.

    The Prince has splendid taste in treats. Are you and the Princess allowed to indulge in food-processor 'shaved' ices? Some of those hydration fluids freeze nicely.

  4. What a great post and your photos are beautiful. And what a wonderful experience for your grandson.

  5. Dawn, thanks so much for the pictures and glad you enjoyed Tres Rios. Wish I could have been there in person to meet you after following your blog for the past year. That's my daughter you have pictured with your Prince. :)

    1. OMG, Small World huh? *Smiles* Wish we could have bumped into each other too! The Young Prince was there for most of the Festival since he Volunteered, I only was able to make it for the last day. Dawn... The Bohemian


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