Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Second Nature Event ~ Part I

Well, I wasn't able to make it to the Preview Party last Night as it was so Wildly Popular it Sold Out quickly before I could snag a ticket... but I was up bright and early for Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE "Second Nature" Event to get a Choice place in line and Visit with Friends while we waited for the doors to open.

The Spring Show is always one of my Favorites, and I know I'm not alone with that Sentiment.  Because who doesn't get Excited about Spring being right around the corner and Decorating with Natural Elements and Fresh Flowers after Winter has finally passed?!   It is a Season of Rebirth and New Beginnings... and I for one always start my Spring Cleaning early in preparation for the Ushering in of Spring in our Household.  Botanical Styling abounded at this Month's Event, so it was Breathtaking to me seeing all the Old Botanical Prints and Butterfly Collections!!!

Mother Nature always Ushers herself in with a Grand Entrance in the Natural World and it's always nice to bring some of the Outdoors Inside to blur the distinction between them.  I've always Loved Garden Style, Conservatory Style, Botanical Style and Organic Styling, so Spring is the time I can Indulge those Preferences in a big way... it is indeed my Second Nature and so I knew I was going to be blown away by this Month's Theme, Inventory and Vignettes.   It always Inspires me when I go to a Show or Event that combines my Love of Gardening, Living Flowers and Greenery... Collections of Elements found in Nature... with the Styling of it all alongside Amazing Found Treasures.

I'm the one that Loves to make Planters out of just about anything and everything.  The one who will only allow Garden Art and Garden Furniture to stay Outside until it's Beautifully Worn and Weathered by the Elements and years of use and Garden Enjoyment.  Then brought Inside when the Patina is just right and absolutely Priceless and couldn't be replicated by anything but years of use and Mother Nature's Magical Touch!

And Sweet Baby Animals always make me think of Spring... so Garden Art depicting them has always been a Favorite.   This Lovely Garden Art Fawn just happened to be Modeling the Beautiful Santos Crown that would come Home with me from my Friend Myko's Vignette.

And had Budget permit, this Magnificent larger Santos Crown would certainly have come Home with me also... alas, had to leave it behind.  *Boo Hoo!*   Spring really is the Crowning Glory of Nature at it's most Abundant... and so I like to Decorate with Crowns for Spring Symbolic of that Belief.

I've also always Saved any Abandoned Bird's Nests I've found because I Love Decorating with them too... especially in Spring Vignettes.   There's just something about Nesting and the Artistic, Detailed yet Instinctive way Birds Create and Feather their Nests that I can really Connect to.  I've watched Birds very Carefully choose every Twig, every piece of Fluff that will make it Comfortable for their Young Family... and Fuss with it so as to get it just right before incorporating it into their Nests... and then Fuss with it some more in Positioning it just right within the building of the Nest... isn't that just like us really?  *Smiles*

In fact, the Visit Today made me want to rush right out to the Plant Nurseries and start the Selection of my own Florals, Herbs and Greenery that will Grace Bohemian Valhalla both Inside and Out!!!  Much of our Gardens are already in full Bloom with Established plantings... but I always like to add to them every Spring, don't you?

And before she went in to Work her Shift my Friend Jenny stopped by to Visit us in line, looking like a Vision of Retro Springtime herself.   She Created her Gorgeous Bright Paisley Spring Ensemble out of Vintage Materials... be sure to also stop by her site REDHEAD SADIE VINTAGE to see more of Sweet Jenny's Amazing Creativity and Talent!   She will also be at Merchant Square on Saturday, March 22nd from 7am-2pm for their Spring Marketplace and Flea Market... so mark your Calendars my Friends!  Springs Events will be abounding since the Weather is absolutely Glorious and in the Mid 80's already!
And once inside I kept running into other Friends who make the Monthly Pilgrimage to get together and Shop 'til we drop!  *Smiles*   This is my Friend Judy... she and I always make it a point to Photograph each other since we're usually the ones behind the lens and not in front of it!  *Winks*

And though always super busy I always try to get some Images of just some the Wonderful Stylist Friends at SWEET SALVAGE that make it all possible and bring it to Life Month after Month.  These are my Talented Sweet Friends Roman and Giesel in front of one of their Vignettes.   Giesel and I Share a Love of Decrepid Style and Derelict Decorating... where Old Age and Ancient Ruination, or the Illusion of it, truly does matter!  *Smiles*

And my Sweet and Talented Friend Ron in front of one of he and his Wife Cynthia's Vignettes.  Ron and Cynthia do Conservatory Style like something out of the Pages of an Old Book Showcasing a well Curated Victorian Home with one!

And here's my Talented Sweet Friend Robert furiously Re-Styling his Vignettes as his Inventory was flying out the door!   Robert does Vintage Gentlemen's Club Styling that is reminiscent of those great Old Movies where Affluent Gentlemen gathered in well Curated Rooms to sip Cognac and smoke Cigars together in comfortable Worn Leather Club Chairs around roaring Fireplaces. 

I'll be spreading out the Inspiring Images I took at the Event over several Posts in the next few days, so we'll continue Shopping together if you come back each day and join us... it's sure to give you the Spring Fever too my Friends!!!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh! Your pictures do bring Spring thoughts into my head! I have been checking my crocus area each day and yesterday ,right on schedule they were in full bloom! Happy First Day Of Spring! I'm in slow, relax mode while I have a few days reprieve from full time childcare of our 2 1/2 yr old great grandson. He and his Momma are moving next Fri. to Utah. Although we will really miss them but after 4 or 5 months it is time! B


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