Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Paris Montana ~ Second Nature Event

So we're back at SWEET SALVAGE "Second Nature Event" for Post No. 2... and PARIS MONTANA was in the house again for this Event, so I was really Jazzed since I needed to pick out a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gift for Self!  *Winks*  I had decided upon a Bohemian Bling Creation by Heidi since I J'Adore her Style and her Work... and she had just completed the Chanel Gypsy No. 5 Line of Necklaces.   But now... decisions... decisions... on which one to choose?!?  I was really drawn to this one... so it was a definite Contender... since it was Stunning...

But then so was this one in the running to be 'The One' as Contender No. 2 because it had a Rosary Element on it... which you can't see all of since it's dangling out of frame... but you know how much I Love Rosaries!!!

And just to throw another Contender in the Ring and make my decision all the more Agonizing... this one was vying to be Contender No. 3 since I Loved that Vintage Black Badge Element... and because when it comes to Choice, I have to Explore ALL my Options and never make it easy on myself!  *Winks*   And I'm gonna keep you in Suspense 'til closer to the end of the Post, so don't scroll down and cheat, see if you can Guess which one came Home with me?!?  *Smiles*

And I was Glad to be able to bring the entire Family back with me on Day No. 3 of the Event, when it was a little Calmer than Opening Day, because they Adore all my Friends... and the G-Force just Love Heidi and PARIS MONTANA Style, because they really 'Get It' and it's an Aesthetic we Connect to.  Prince R could visit with Miss Heidi all day long discussing Upcycled Eco Chic Fashion!  He was Jonesin' for some of the New Line of Goth-Gypsy Bracelets for Spring she had Created.  *Smiles*

In fact, all three of us could get 'stuck' in the Bling Section of the Event forever-and-a-day if The Man didn't coax us away so that he could see the rest!  *Winks*   Prince R, Princess T and I are like the Gypsy Bling Three Muskateers!  *LOL*
 Source: My Friend Judy Bidwell from FB Image Shared
Of coarse Heidi is her own best Advertisement for her Line since she wears it so well and it's not just Style to her, it's a complete Lifestyle that she not only Creates, but Lives.  To enter into her World is Magical indeed and if you don't yet own a Creation, you should... because if you're of the Timid Variety, I swear it will bring out a Bolder side of your Personality you probably didn't even know you had waiting to break Free and Represent!  *Winks*

You see, I always Feel that Style and Fashion should not only be Beautiful and make a Statement... but also be FUN!!!   Remember when you were an Uninhibited Child and you wore whatever made you Feel Good and Feel Attractive or Transported you to the Imaginative Place of your Dream World?  You didn't really care what other people who were mere Spectators thought about it... if that Batman Cape made that little Boy Feel like a Super Hero, he wore it EVERYWHERE!   And if that Tiara and every piece of Jewelry from Gramma's Jewelry Box made that little Girl Feel like a Princess or a Movie Star, she was Bejeweled in all it's Splendor!  But so many, when they Grown Up... tend to lose that Confidence to wear whatever, whenever and where ever they Please!  So Sad.

But if you Roll with the Gypsy Guy and Gal Posse we will Challenge you to wear it Boldly and Proud... whatever it is that you really are drawn to and makes YOU Feel Good.   And I always Feel that I wear it BEST... yes, I do... because though 'The One' looked mightly Festive and Fun on the Adorable Vintage Mannequin Modeling it... {Yes, insert Drum Roll for the Big Reveal of which of the Trio Contender I chose!  Smiles}...

Yours Truly was Totally Rockin' this Creation and it was so VERY ME that it made the Chosing easier because once it was around my neck, I KNEW it was THE ONE!!!  Don't you Agree?  Well.. of coarse you do!  *Smiles*

And I was also Glad that The Man hadn't insisted on picking out an Anniversary Gift for me because as usual he knows part of the Thrill and Enjoyment for me is in the Hunting for it myself!  Men don't Shop anyway, they Buy Stuff... it's different!  *Smiles... Sweet Kim's Dear Husband Sweet Jim said that best while he was Visiting with us and I totally am in Agreement about that Distinction between the Experience for Men and Women!*   When The Man has a Mission Statement for a Purchase... he's Intently Focusing on Procuring that item and being Done With It... no Window Shopping and being Inspired necessary for him!  *LOL*

I'm always having a Major Lustfest and heady dose of Inspiration every time I see one of Heidi's Pimped Out Skullies!!!    Okay... I'll take this one... and...

This one... *Winks*   Yep, I'd have these hung all over Bohemian Valhalla!!!   I've got to get around to having a Creative Sequestering to have the Time to Pimp Out all the Skullies I've been Hoarding and Intending to Trick Out like this!  *Smiles*  It looks like a virtual Cattle Graveyard in one of my Storage Cottages I tell ya... you'd think they all went there to Die!  *LMAO*   And Lord knows my Hoard of Scavenged Bohemian Bling and Vintage Millinery Florals I Plan on using are just Begging for me to get around to it!!!   Well... Hopefully in 2014 I will... FINALLY!?!??!?!

But for now I was in Marathon Shopper Mode... and though very Selective... I did bring Home a few Treasures from this Month's Event.
Along with the Gorgeous 25th Anniversary Necklace... I was also looking for at least one Easter Element to Style with this Easter... and who wouldda thunk I'd find the Perfect Piece right there in the Bling Section?!?

There I was pouring over all the Blingalicious Creations... and I stumbled upon it!!!  Yowsa... do ya see it my Friends?  Apparently others had missed it *Whew*... because once I snagged it I had a lot of Lustful looks in my basket and "I didn't see thats"... *Smiles*

An Easter Egg entirely Pimped Out and Encrusted in Vintage Bohemian Bling!!!  *Can you just hear the Angelic Hosts Singing as the Heaven's Parted and Silvery Rays of Sunlight Shone upon it?!?  Smiles*

Yeah, you better Trust and Believe that went into my basket quicker than Greased Lightening!  And I think I'm going to Pimp Out some more Wooden Eggs at Home now, to go with the Organic Moss and Jute/Vintage Button ones I saw a Tutorial on here in the Land of Blog and Intend to Create for Easter as well.  I like mixing Maximalism with Organic Simplicity.

This will be an Egg Creation that can be Displayed long past Easter too since it lends itself so well to the rest of my Decor and Aesthetic here at Bohemian Valhalla.  And if you look really close and were paying attention you can even see another small Treasure I picked up at the Event from my Friend Myko's Vignettes.   See that Tiny Santos Crown on the Creepy Doll Head?  Yep... just the right size for Crowing either my smaller Doll Heads, Religious Statues or maybe even my Piranha, tho' it might be a tad too large for him so I'm still looking for that perfect Piranha Crown.  *Smiles*

And I Love my Over-The-Top Gypsy Bling Easter Egg!!!  Glad I didn't overlook it... which is very easy to do when there are so many layers of Loveliness.   I would have been filled with Regret had I had eyes wide shut and missed it, only to Discover it when I downloaded the Images!   Have you ever done that my Friend?  I have... and sometimes when I've rushed back to get whatever it was... it was too late!  That's why I like to take my Time and pour over every Vignette with a fine toothed comb, not only for the Inspiration... but also so that I don't miss anything that should have come Home with me!  *Winks*

You still want to see more, right?  Well... Okay then... I must say, the Bling Section is always my most Photographed Section of the Event every Month because I do tend to languish there longer than most anywhere else.

But do you blame me?  I mean, Seriously... this is Gypsy Gal Seventh Heaven!!!

So... I said Good-Bye to the Other Necklace Contenders... each as Lovely as the next even tho' they didn't end up being The One this particular day...

I mean I can't have them ALL, right... that just wouldn't be Fair to the rest of you!  *Winks*

But Heidi will be busy Creating even more... and Modeling some of them so you can see how Fabulous YOU can look in PARIS MONTANA STYLE!

And since I took, like, a bajillion Images... future Posts will Showcase even more of the Bohemian Bling Elements at this Month's Event...  you will Seriously Overdose on the Eye Candy so I have to Ration it out over a few more Posts Okay?  *Smiles*

The Man told me he thinks he could Afford an Airstream for me of about this size... *Bwahahaha!*  Isn't it so stinkin' Cute as a Business Card Holder!?!   And so very Perfect for my Gal Heidi since she's on the Road in her Blacktop Boudoir so much of the time!   Be sure to keep coming back... we've only just scratched the Surface my Friends of the two days I spent at the Event this Month... and if you haven't already been... there's still tomorrow before it ends!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yes Perfect! glad you found it!

  2. wow the bracelet with the turquoise stone is beautiful.

  3. Wonderful! What great creations and magical indeed! Perfect present; congrats! I am so glad you popped over to my blog; now I have discovered another place to visit too! Love all the photos; and I must say I am especially drawn to all the crowns.

  4. Those fabric tones in brown and rose suit you, dear Dawn. And the lacy texture of the top begs for bling! What a marvelous piece you're chosen -- an exquisite souvenir of an anniversary and an outing with friends and family!

  5. Your beautiful smile says it all... so glad you had so much fun with this event... By all the goodies it looks like a fun one.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a heartfelt comment, God surely has His hand on your life.
    Many blessings today

  6. Such gorgeous pieces! You came home with a stunning statement piece, Dawn. I love it and I'm sure you do, too!

  7. Oh, the things you find. Thanks for sharing, it delights my magpie eye and makes for a great way to spend the morning with my cuppa . Keep smiling and creating, thanks for popping by with kind comments.


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