Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some Relief... And Our Trip To Melrose Vintage

Today's Post will regale you with more Images from our last Girl's Day Out, as we visited our Friend Wendy's Delightful and Enchanting Shop, MELROSE VINTAGE.  As I also update you on the Attorney Guardian Ad litem visit we had Yesterday with the Family Court Attorney Assigned to us... which actually provided some Relief!   She turned out to NOT be on the CPS Payroll {Whew} and was a Lovely, Compassionate, Caring Young Woman who answered all of our pertinent questions about what to Expect and the Process we'll be moving thru to obtain Permanent Guardianship of the G-Kid Force.  I am glad she will be Guiding and Representing us thru the Family Court System.

Children and Animals tend to often have a Primal Instinct about People, and our Cats and the G-Kid Force really let down their Guard with this Woman and weren't so Skeptical of her Presence.  Though Princess T spent the entire Interview hugging Grandpa's neck as though she might be Abducted at any time... and it didn't go un-noticed, so the Attorney asked.  The G-Kid Force explained how 'Scary' the 'Other People' had been and how many of them there had been already.
Prince R also Shared that it had given him an Emotional Breakdown at School... she took Note of those facts and what it is putting the Children through.  She also said she will get the crappy Insurance mess and CPS's Ambivalence about it sorted out since they are required to cover 100% of the Medical Costs.  Though she wasn't certain I could get reimbursed for what I had to already outlay when they refused to pay for all the Meds, she Hopes to work it out before the two other refills of it are needed.   I'm just Glad to see she's in our corner and has the Authority to Intervene in areas that aren't working as they should so that I don't Feel like an Army of One anymore.

So that was some Good News and Encouragement for a change and it Uplifted all our Spirits, even though she girded us with the Peace she is our Advocate and not our Opposition... we still know this could be a long and drawn out Process.   So... emersion in Art, Beauty and what Feeds our Souls will be something we'll still Intentionally make extra Time for.

This is such a Nice Image of me, with someone else's Rug... taken by my Friend Pamela!  *LOL*  Yep, I discovered this Awesome Persian Rug in Wendy's Shop and scooped it up... carting it around proudly as my own Found Treasure acquisition... until I discovered it was alas, already Sold, and someone else's Rug!  *Pout*   It is pretty funny tho', huh?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Just look at the Pure Joy that was on my face when I thought it was MINE!!!   *Giggle!*

Yes, I was cradling it around the Shop like a Newborn Babe... 'til I got up to the Register to pay for it only to find out someone else had already beaten me to it and would be picking it up later!  *Bwahahaha!  And a Shukky Darn!!!*   Well, at least I got some Great Images of me with it... of the One That Got Away!!!  *Winks*   And it makes for a Good Story... and those are Priceless!

In fact Good Stories and Good Times are the most Priceless of these Outings with Friends... here's me with the Shop Owner our Friend Wendy, whose Smile and Sunny Disposition just Lights up any Room!   So, whether we find some Treasures or not, it rarely matters really... Lord knows we all probably have more than enuf Stuff at Home already anyways... so we Live more for the Socializing and the actual Thrill of the Hunt and being surrounded by Talented Artists and Stylists with the Inspiration their Work and Vignettes always provide in Abundance.   Not to mention we're all Fellow Junquing Gypsies so the Trading of Stories and 'Getting' each other is a Bond you cannot Forge with those who aren't 'Into It' like we all are.  We're a Close Knit Community of Like Minded Souls and Kindred Spirits.

I fell in Love with this Old Door with Foxed Mirror Panels and faded Floral Accents on the Mirror... a Fabulously Aged Chippy, Crackled Paint Patina and Romantic Hue.

Yes, if you're a Romantic at Heart and Adore the Shabby and Chic Style you will fall in Love with the Inventory at Wendy's Shop and the Artful way it is all Displayed.

Do you need some Romantic or Vintage Trims or Vintage Millinery Florals?  You'll find it in the vast Inventory here for every Project you can Dream up!!!

From Antique Furnishings to Scrapbook Supplies... all under one roof!!!

And they've got some of the most Lovely Ambiant Lighting from Romantic Style to Vintage Industrial Style as well... from Desk Lamps to Sconces to Chandies.

And Designer Wallpapers to Bella Notte Linens Line.  One day I Hope to replace most of my Linens with Bella Notte ones... their Fabric Line is to die for!!!


I'm particularly fond of the Old Wooden Spools of Velvet Trims in various widths and hues.

And my Friend Pamela is particularly fond of the Artist Supplies and Ephemera.

I'm pretty sure you'll find something you're particularly fond of too here.  If not, I'm gonna check your pulse!  *Smiles*

Whether you J'Adore Toille...

Romantic Pastels, Neutrals or a Colorless Palette...

Or the distinctly Colorful or Whimsical Styling... {And be sure to also pick up one of your Favorite Publications as well, which are always in Stock!}

Or perhaps, like me, an Eclectic mixture of it all for your own Signature Style!

You might even find a Vignette that will Appeal to you so much that you'll consider something Fresh and New in the way of your Color Palette for a particular Room?   How Restful and Soothing does this White and Gray Boudoir look?  In a very Hot Climate like ours I swear this will seem at least ten degrees Cooler just because of the Wintery Hues!!!

I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along with us this day to Tour MELROSE VINTAGE and if you see something you couldn't Live without... perhaps it's time for more than a Virtual Visit?!  *Winks*

And who knows, we might just run into you down there on our next Girl's Day Outing??? Or for one of the Amazing Workshops coming up?   If so, don't be Shy, come up and say Hi!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The notice the attorney took of the g-kids' remarks bodes well. Good news, too, about her attention to the gritty financial details. Good news is good medicine for you -- as is this latest expedition. Too bad about the rug, but it is a funny "and then..." sort of story.

    I crave crystal, so those last views of lustres enchanted me. The gray and white boudoir is much too hygenic a look for me and the cats to sustain. Perhaps in a guest room? Or, la!, a lovely retreat in a B & B?

  2. I am so happy to hear that the Family Court Attorney assigned to your family is caring and compassionate and will be your advocate through the whole guardianship procedure. Praise the Lord!

  3. Always so much fun and laughter during our monthly girl's day out...a perfect remedy for de-stressing! ♥

    -pamela ;)

  4. Happy things are looking up on the Home Front....and OH how I'd love to turn the Virtual Tour into Reality! I sure could use an escape from all the snow!

  5. Oh how I wish I could come thrifting with you, Dawn! :)

    I love those Bella Notte linens too, but I just CANNOT pay those prices no matter how much I love them. I think I need to start saving scraps of velvet and make my own comforter some day. ;)


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