Monday, March 17, 2014

One Down... Two To Go... Raw Cotton Grapevine Wreaths

The Raw Cotton I had Gleened Curbside beside the Irrigation Ditch of a freshly Harvested Field Months ago had sat around for so long on the Front Porch that the Cats were starting to make bedding out of it!   Miss Priss is Nesting you know, in preparation for her Spring Litter she sprung on us when she Adopted us as an already knocked-up Stray!  *LOL*   So I figured I better quit Procrastinating on this Raw Cotton Grapevine Wreath Project and at least get the larger one made for the Front Door!   Cost of Oversized Grapevine Wreath while Goodwill Hunting $3.99 less my 25% Senior Discount on Senior Day.  Cost of Wired Burlap Ribbon less than 99 Cents for the whole Roll at a Thrift Distribution Center that charges Ninety-Nine Cents a Pound for everything.  Cost of stray Raw Cotton Plants growing outside of a Field on a Public Easement and run over by at least one Tractor after the Harvest, Free.  *Smiles*   And a few Cents for Floral Wiring to attach everything... so I'm into this particular Mega-Size-Wreath for less than Five Bucks... not bad.

I don't know why I Procrastinated so long and put it off like it was going to be a big endeavor... the whole Project took me less than 15 Minutes to complete... one down... two smaller ones to go!   I should probably knock them out back to back when I have an idle half hour to spare this week, especially now that I realize it's one of those Super Expedient Projects that looks like you spent way more time than you actually did.   The key to Saving Time is in the Raw Cotton Harvest itself... break off big bunches and then supplement with smaller sprigs of it to give it the flow you want on the Wreath and yet not have a lot of wiring to do.  This was actually three large bunches supplemented with about four sprigs... and the Bow takes about three Minutes to fold and wire.  I like to use Wired Edge Ribbon because it holds whatever shape you want.  NOTE TO SELF:  Better get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser out and wash off those G-Kiddo Grubby 'Lil Handprints all over the door again!  *LOL*

But I'm leaning towards using Vintage Fabric torn into Ribbon Lengths and some Hand-Dyed Seam Binding for at least one of the Smaller Wreath's Bow.   And since this was so Effortless, I might Create some for the Showrooms too to give them the Organic Spring Vibe I'm Enjoying this Season.  I'm in the Process of Simplifying our Home and our Lives, so Simple No-Fuss Decor and Projects lend themselves well to this Goal.  A Maximalist going for Minimalism and Simplicity... well, it's a Lofty Goal I know, but we'll see how far I get in the Process anyway!?   ANY Progress is worthy of patting Self on the back at this point!!! *Smiles*

I haven't participated in a Blog Party in Forever-And-A-Day so decided to link up with FRUGAL FRIDAY over at THE SHABBY NEST... so please come over and join us to see more Creative Frugality!

And maybe even Simplifying SOME Blog Posts?!?  *Well... maybe just a few!  Bwahahaha!*... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your wreath is beautiful I saw raw cotton in bales as well as on the vine for the first time last year. It did have my mind at work with possibilities. Of course, where we live, we don't get cotton plants. I remember taking a photo of my sweet granddaughters dusty bare foot print in our front entry tiles. There was just something so sweet about it. Thanks for popping by with kind comments. Keep smiling and creating.

  2. Ohhh - I love raw cotton and this made THE most beautiful wreath ever! It looks so beautiful hanging on your door --- if I could find the raw cotton I would make one for me!


  3. I've never seen this done before with cotton; so pretty and rustic looking. I always like a thrifty project and this one certainly qualifies. Love the burlap ribbon too. Thanks for sharing. Very creative!

  4. It's beautiful, Dawn! Wish we could get raw cotton up here. Haha!


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