Friday, February 7, 2014

The Frivolous Post... Getting Back To The Fluff

Good Lord, won't you ever get back to the Fluff, my Blog seemed to be saying each time I Posted about a Heavy Topic salted with Pretty Pictures!  Which was indeed an odd juxtaposition that really made no sense at all either... Morbid Story line coupled with Cheery Images, it really seemed rather schizo even to me.   But I just didn't know what I'd Photograph that went with those Story lines... unless I saw a Train Wreck or something.   So I've been more than ready to get back to the Fluff around here... REALLY more than ready... I NEEDED a good Frivolous Post... so here it is.

And it really lines up with what I've been doing in my rare Free Time of late... Frivolous Pursuits, mostly around the Home.  Things of little or no consequence but which in the doing of them, these trifles, was very soothing and restored my Calm.  And it's not as if there were not a host of Important things I could be doing instead around the Home, things that need to be done and have piled up.  But doing that which doesn't matter at all and doesn't even NEED to be done is the Frivolity I Craved I suppose.   I wanted to Engage in something so totally unimportant and un-necessary that it was Liberating and more than a little Rebellious, given what was waiting to get done and being ignored around the house while I did it!  *LOL*

So picture this... the house is pretty much in disarray and chaos since my Hospitalization... and I'm stepping over or around stuff to Organize random drawers and unseen places that could probably wait Years to get to... if ever... because nobody would ever notice and the effort wouldn't be evident or acknowledged!  And it was just the right thing to do because I felt such a sense of Satisfaction and Calm while I accomplished this task.   There just is no sense of Urgency to Organize a hidden Space, no anxiety about Editing and Purging the contents of something you completely forgot about because it was out of sight and out of mind.  So it goes along expediently and a full drawer soon became practically an empty one in short order!   An empty Space for me is a Big Deal.  Keeping a Space empty is an even Bigger Deal.

And it was Interesting to see what had been squirreled away in those random drawers over Time.  Sure, I did discover a few Hidden Treasures long since forgotten and still Valued... but mostly and generally, it all could go... either in the trash or a donation box... with a few Inventory worthy to be Showroom bound.  The 'Keep' pile on the other hand, wasn't really a pile at all... more a smattering that seemed lost in the drawer now.   And having any empty 'Storage' Space is always something I can get Jazzed about.  Empty 'Storage' means that there is no un-necessary Excess that isn't in Use or not being Enjoyed.  And except for Seasonal Items, I don't like Storing things, never have, never will.
There must have been something very Soothing about Gramma putzing around Organizing drawers and closet Space to the G-Kid Force too.   Usually when I'm doing a Full On necessary Housekeeping task they're interrupting or Needy all of a sudden, so that I'm totally distracted and ineffective in the Pursuit of Cleanliness and Order around this Old House.  But with the Rhythm and monotony of repetitive shuffling thru these Spaces nobody cares about... that lulled them to Sleep, since they both faded out sound asleep long before bedtime and in their clothes no less!!!   These, the Vamp Kids that can stay up all Night even if their Day has been full!   The Princess had even apparently fallen asleep whilst saying her Bedtime Prayers, hands still Sweetly clasped in Prayer... and didn't rouse even when I undressed her for bedtime!
And it made me recall something that I always found to be extremely Soothing when I was Working high Pressure Careers during my Corporate Lives.  Our Employers always had those Rent-A-Plant People that came in and Cared for and Maintained the Live Fauna around the buildings.  No matter how high Pressure the Work I happened to be doing was, when those Plant Maintenance People came in, the background sounds of them Quietly Tending to the Plants was akin to being beside a Stream in the Forrest.  I used to look forward to them coming in because though Clearly the Plants didn't need them very often, since they were automatically fed and fertilized... the Ritual of the Pruning and Cleaning brought an Energy to the room that was an Essence of Pure Calm and lingered long after they departed.
It was a Strange Phenomenon that I could never explain... and I've found that when I get back to the Fluff... those Passions, Activities and Rituals that just Feel Soothing to the Soul and rest the Mind, a Calmness Prevails.   When you get caught up in the busyness of Life it's easy to forget those things that anchor and center a Calmness to your days... they can get pushed to the back burner while you're perculating away on the burner thats producing the most Heat.

And as I sorted thru random drawers of items long since forgotten and hastily stashed away it brought Home how un-necessary so many things actually are that we clutter our Lives with.  I couldn't Believe some of the stuff that we'd hung onto and squirreled away that could have and should have merely been discarded long ago.  Perhaps we thought we'd need or use them, who knows, I can't even remember.  Other things were incidentals that had been purchased and never used... and probably never would be if they became lost in the minutia of cluttered out of the way Storage Spaces.  Wasted Resources... and yet, in the Time spent sorting thru it all, I can't say that it was actually Wasted Time, because it brought some Clarity and Focus that I needed at just the right Time.  It somehow Helped me to Prioritize other things properly and with more Calm than before the Ritualistic cleansing and cleaning began.

And so I've resolved to slowly and Purposefully go thru the entire house and other Storage in much the same way until every nook and every cranny has been dealt with... so that I'm spending equal Time with Frivolity and Fluff that has distinct Purpose even though it doesn't really matter that much if it got done at all.  And perhaps more Frivolous Posts to document my progress and the Process.

And who knows where that might lead... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I'm sure it is making you fill good to clean out drawers, but my feel good would go more towards making something creative and probably frivolous to most people!


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