Thursday, February 6, 2014

So... We Were Very Persuasive!

Did I ever tell you I can be very Persuasive?  My Family prefer to use the word Relentless... but Persuasive just sounds more Refined doesn't it?  *LOL*   Yesterday Morning the Young Prince's Dad took time off Work to meet up with me and resolve the Issue of being unable to Register his Son in High School... due to me being 'Expired' and all as a Guardian... geez, you would think I was dead already given the terminology, huh?  *Bwahaha!*

Well, one would think that digging up at least one Parent would be good enuf and grease the Off The Rails Track that has become The System... it wasn't.   But we were Relentless... ummm, I mean Very Persuasive!  *Winks*   It was clear we weren't going away and were willing to do or sign whatever it takes to make the alleged 'Problem' go away... because we sure weren't gonna.  *Smiles*   So... now he's Registered... one less Monkey on my back... now I just have to wait for them to Schedule his IEP Meeting.   And the funny part about THAT is that they weren't 'certain' his Dad or I would be 'allowed' to sit in on that and be a part of it?!?   Huh?   Then what is the point of having the Meeting then, you ain't doing nothing to implement an Individualized Education Program for him without Family Consent... and BTW, we keep his Dad fully Informed... so it's a None-Issue that he doesn't Live with him, Okay, we're Unified on Ensuring his Best Interests!!  {Insert me giving big Sweet Calm Smile while Seething on the inside!}

We were very Calm and very Nice during the entire 'Process', we had to be, it was essential.  Never let them see you sweat or show weakness and get under your skin... even tho' the Tension in the room could be cut with a knife and Administrative Staff were scurrying around and having Private Meetings to try to figure out what to do with us?!   Us out there in the Lobby... who Clearly weren't going away or accepting No again as an answer, we were Stoic as Drugstore Indians.  If you're not part of the Solution, then you're part of the Problem in my book.  I was not in the Mood to have another day of Problems, I think that came across loud and clear.

So... everyone was Smiles and Kumbayah when we left, funny how the Atmosphere suddenly changes and Attitudes bouy once someone is FINALLY bold and ballsy enough to make the decision to actually make a decision, even if it had to be by Committee so that nobody risked being the sole decision maker!   It just happens to be a Pet Peeve of mine when anyone allegedly in a Position of Authority won't exert it with confidence and from a position of strength rather than having to make every decision by Committee... to cover ass and have a whole Posse on the Line, just in case... can you tell?   I wasn't there to win Friends or influence Enemies, I just needed to Enroll our Kiddo in School... but since he'll have to go there for four Years, his Dad and I wanted no Drama or Bad Blood with Administration to set the Tone of his High School Years, it's too Important to his Future.  I think we accomplished that.  *Whew!*  On to The Next...
Yeah, The Next... that would be later Today... when I meet with The Man's 'Team' at the VA Hospital in a Pow-Wow about his prospective Release and Follow-Up and try to Work my Powers of Persuasion there.  Apparently his Doc does not think he's quite ready for Release... I need to know Why?  His PTSD is in hyperdrive when they are keeping him against his Will... and against mine... since he was a Voluntary Admission and Signed himself in... and now he feels like a Hostage or POW which is freaking him out considerably!  I can tell every time he calls me that he's viewing them as the Enemy now, that's not good, he's not going to accept Help from a perceived Enemy he does not Trust and is holding him Captive.  The Caseworkers, Social Workers and Advocates will be there too, there are some Good Plans and Enriching Services being Offered and on the table for discussion, and I'm keeping an Open Mind, I only Hope that The Man can or will, we'll see?  I definitely Feel he's better off at Home, we Need and Miss him terribly, but I want to hear them out and discuss a Plan everyone is on board with.

It's perfectly Clear his Brain Damage cannot be 'Fixed'... and that I'm willing to take him as he is.  But I also want to Receive any of the Help that he can obtain from Earned Benefits he still has.  I'm not a Fool and I'm certainly not too Proud to Receive Help and Assistance, we Obviously need it, as much of it as we can get actually.  It's just difficult having a Peace about where he's at when I don't have complete Confidence in the Quality of Care he might receive from every Individual involved?  I Wish I could, but that's not Reality in Institutions where folks have to be Institutionalized... some are up to the job and Excellent with Residents... others are NOT!   I have plenty of 'Experience' with that regarding Loved Ones and too much Painful History to totally Trust anyone I don't know well.   You'd be aghast to know what some folks will do when they don't think anyone is looking or nobody will know... or perceive that their Victim is Helpless.
And after the VA Meeting it will then be on to The Next... with The Next being Friday Morning when I FINALLY meet with the second Surgeon that Princess T has been referred to.  Hopefully one that will actually DO the necessary Emergency Surgery this time... the Surgery that has been put off now for almost a Year because the Surgeon at County Hospital refused... since I'm not Mom and all.  If this Surgeon or their Staff just happens to accidentally call me Mom too like the last ones, I'm Rolling with it... I'm not saying a thing to correct them this time, not a peep... and I'm Coaching Princess T not to either.  Just pretend we didn't hear them say it Okay, my Hearing ain't what it used to be anyway... and I am bringing her Nook to distract her so that she'll Zone Out in Techno Land like the Kiddos do and perhaps she won't hear anything they have to say anyway or care?  That's The Plan, just in Case... until this Family Court BS and Guardianship 'Issue' can be plowed thru and put this ongoing Drama to rest once and for all 'til they're Raised!?!  I don't need Ten more Years of this crap for sure!  Assuming I Hold Up for another Decade... we'll see what the Cards hold?!?

See... things are looking up enough that I almost Feel as though I could get back to Happy Carefree Posts of Fluff again soon!?!  *Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*  That would be Nice... then the only thing I'd have to be Persuasive about is what I can get a Deal on, right?  That's a piece of cake... compared to the rest!   Because remember, you don't always get what you Deserve in Life, you get what you successfully Negotiate!  *Winks*

May your Negotiations always be Persuasive and Work in your Favor towards a Successful End... And a Shout Out for a Happy Birthday to my Little Bro' Today, you Old Man you... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You, my dear, are one tough cookie! I want you to know your post today made me quit feeling sorry for myself and to pull up my big girl britches. Thank you.

  2. You should write a book on persuasive negotiating :)


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