Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Raw And Refined ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part III

I apologize for the delays in Blog Postings.  I haven't felt much like Blogging lately and I also needed to upgrade my storage space to handle my Pathological Picture Taking!  *LOL*  On a Personal Level a lot has been transpiring... some of it a Blessing, though with significant Conditions... and some of it a particular Challenge.  So Balancing all of that and staying Centered has been quite the Distraction lately, a Consuming one in fact!

My Girl's Days Out and time to myself, carved out of a demanding and full schedule, has been the Glue that has helped me maintain a Positive outlook and remain in a good Head Space.  But it has also meant that I have fallen behind in doing many of the things I usually Enjoy doing and either haven't had the Time or Energy for, or haven't even Felt like doing really.  Since Blogging is an extension of Artistic Expression for me, I'm either 'On' or 'Off' when it comes to doing it... and lately I've been more 'Off' than 'On'. 

I've still thoroughly been up to my Photography, so I've got loads of Images from which to draw Blog Fodder.  But the Words have been difficult to come because of feeling quite Conflicted about possible Subject Matter... what to Share and what to just leave out of the Land of Blog and intentionally not reveal.  

But in a way that's almost like not taking Calls from Friends, you know, because there's just Topics you don't want to discuss or to even come up because you're still in the midst of the Dealing with it all, and that's enough.  But everyone suspects something is 'Up' because you're not really yourself at the moment either... so it's like the Elephant in the room.  Maneuvering around an Elephant in the room or trying to ignore it can be quite tricky in daily Life.

And though certainly I could Intently Focus Upon just the Fluff of Life and all the Events, Gorgeous Images, Inspiration, Frivolous Pursuits and the like here in the Land of Blog, to the exclusion of any harsh or uncomfortable Realities going on simultaneously, because everyone Enjoys the Fluff, that can seem quite disingenuous to me... and thus, the Conflict within.

So it was probably timely that Blogger has been acting up... along with my storage space being full until I upgraded... at a time when I didn't really Feel much like being here anyway.  It was like getting a Pass to just neglect Blogging, even though a lot was going on and certainly enough to fill a multitude of Posts.  Lots of Lovely Images and Fun Stuff... balancing out the Heavy Issues of Life... and I just had to get to the place where I had a Peace about what to Post about... and NOT.

Even though this is an Online Journal and Life Journey for me... and I try to keep it 100% and Real... there is that Need To Know Factor... and determining what nobody really needs to know... and just keep those things to myself, however Heavy to carry.   I'm still very much on the fence about some Topics... though if we were to be sitting together in person over a glass of Wine, they might be more freely discussed because not every eye would see and every ear would hear.  *Smiles*

  Feedback can be a dicey issue after all here in the Land of Blog... not every discussion, Topic and opinion lines up or is received Ideally.  And when you're 'Going Through' you can be in a raw, sensitive and vulnerable place... and even more easily wounded... so I just haven't wanted to 'Go There' and risk it, so to speak. 


 Even with the best of Intentions, Advice on anything or anyone that is deeply Personal and near and Dear to one's Heart is so sensitive a Topic to throw out there in the arena of cyberspace and what reaction it might prompt or how it will be received.  So I am still somewhat Guarded in order to remain Drama Free in my Sweet Happy Place here. *Smiles*  Even though I've got the Greatest Blog Supporters, I never know who else might show up or what could be said that might not be Positive nor Uplifting, or that I can be in Agreement with or amicably Agree to Disagree. *Winks*

So... for now I've chosen with Intent to Focus more on the Fluff in the fewer Posts that I'll be tackling... and see where it eventually takes me.  I Enjoy the Fluff of Life, I really do... because it can be so Uplifting and Carefree, even when Life comes at you full on and with intense force.   We're having Good Days amidst the Challenging ones... and even some days that are a mixture of both.  I suppose everyone can Relate to that at some level and with Empathy.  Who hasn't had a Bad Day after all!?!   And when raising Children or Caring for those with Infirmity who hasn't had those days bearing Bad News you'd rather not have to hear or Deal with?!?

So the Topic Theme at the Event... Raw And Refined, was rather timely as well for me... because lately our Lives have been an Interesting mixture of both... and blending that which is Raw with that which is Refined or you have to Re-Find is an Art of sorts too.   Whether you're just Decorating and Styling with both... or incorporating those Elements into every aspect of daily Living literally.  Embracing what is Raw and Refining it so that you can Live with it comfortably and use it advantageously takes practice. 

  I like to think that I've Cultivated that Ability over the Years and that I will continue to get better at it... necessity is after all the Mother of Invention.  And we will also continue... however slowly... to bring you along to what Raw and Refined Blending was done at this Month's Event.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I know things are not going well when you miss a day blogging. I start to get anxious to hear from you! But I respect your desire to keep things to yourself until you are able to share them. Just keep allowing yourself to have some happy time each day to keep yourself grounded.

  2. Fluff? Fluff as in those fascinating wreaths of cotton? Fluff as in cotton used to cushion sore spots and protect wounds? * Fluff as in whatever can be discovered to offer mental and physical solace! May you be blessed with fluff wherever and whenever you need it -- and thank you for sharing it with Bohemian Valhalla visitors. We, too, have need of diverting escapes into beauty and whimsy.

    It's understood that this blog is a form of artistic expression and that you, the artist and creator of the experience, decide what is to be seen/known. Your observations and insights are valued, hence your readership!

    It's also understood that this blog respresents a diary of a family's journey through an extremely difficult period, and that certain matters are not for public scrutiny much less criticism. What you choose to share with us frames your art, dear Dawn, and to my mind editing is an even more demanding task than mere reporting.

    Spare your strength, focus on getting well, and share your snaps and notes as you will. Blessings on you and your extended family.

  3. well said
    Life is not always fluff and good things happening to us you know?
    It's OK to be real and tell it like it is.I think we appreciate knowing others are real and dealing with real things in your lives etc
    enjoyed all your pictures as you talked to us today.
    I am still dealing with healing from being in hospital and not liking this aging process LOL

    xoxo Janice


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