Sunday, February 23, 2014

Raw And Refined ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part II

You've probably been Wondering why I've been MIA from the Land of Blog so much lately... and we'll get to all that in another Post.  Lets suffice to say for now that getting the Guardianship Issue Resolved thru CPS involvement has been quite Conditional and jumping thru all their Hoops quite exhausting and stressful for our entire Family... consuming much of our Time and Energies. 

So Princess T and I desperately needed ANOTHER Girl's Day Out... so back to SWEET SALVAGE and our other Favorite Shops on 7th Avenue she and I went on Saturday to unwind.  While The Man and the Young Prince chose to unwind languishing in their beds watching TV, which is a Guy Thing I think, Testosterone Nap Therapy versus Estrogen Retail Therapy?!?  *LOL*   They Enjoy doing Nothing while we spend Money and Socialize... it's all Good and everyone's Happy!  *Winks*

Actually we didn't spend much Money since the Budget was shot to Hell this Month, but it wasn't really about spending anything... but more about having Quality Time with heady doses of Eye Candy, Inspiration and Visiting with Talented Good Friends.   And the Weather being absolutely Glorious made it Perfect to be out and about at Events and driving around with the windows down and the wind blowing in our hair. 
 "We should get a Convertible.", Princess T suggested as she saw a Sunglasses and Scarf clad Jackie O look-a-like pass by us in one.  "Yeah, that would be Great on a day like Today, huh?", I said.  I do miss my Vehicle that had a Sun Roof.  Back in the day my Parents used to own a Buick Electra 225 Convertible, Baby Blue with huge tail light Fins and White Leather interiors as big as a Livingroom Sofa... what a Barge that thing was!!!  I think it got five gallons to the Mile... not a Green Machine at all!  But who cared back when Gas was forty-nine cents a gallon?!?  *LOL* 

But Convertibles aside, we still had a Glorious Girl's Day Out... though MY Socializing began to try Princess T's Patience since I tend to run into so many people I know when we're out and about.  *LOL*   She forgets that Gramma's Socializing is limited to the rare opportunities when I can get out of the house and Caregiver Mode, so my Friends don't get to see me that often and we have a lot to catch up on.

But, Princess T is a Good Sidekick to hang out with even though she's only Eight, because we Love and Enjoy the same things... we're two Peas from the same Pod, just spaced three Generations apart.  She too could spend all day Admiring Vignettes and Styling, engaging in the Thrill of the Hunt, Lusting after Bohemian Bling and Gypsy Wardrobe, and Talking and Doing anything Artsy and Avant Garde.

She looks forward to Attending some of the Events that Gramma makes Pilgrimages to... and though the shopping frenzy of Opening Day is too much for those of a Tender Age, the other three days of the Event have just the right amount of Energy and Zen to make it Enjoyable to bring the Family along. So I always try to make it back at least one more time with her... and her Brother when he doesn't have other Social Engagements... you know how Teenagers are, they have to fit you into their Schedule!!!  *LOL*  Not to mention I can usually get better quality Photos when it's not Opening Day and the crowds thin and become more orderly.

Princess T Enjoyed seeing Miss Heidi again... every budding Gypsy Couture Soul Loves PARIS MONTANA Style.   Heidi had Designed several of the Spring Line in Children's Sizes, including some of the Marion Antoinette Shirts.  I could definitely see Princess T Sporting one of those with the Bustle in the back!

Coming back also gave me the second Opportunity to re-photograph a few of my Favorite Statement Pieces that hadn't turned out on Opening Day... like this Fabulous Necklace!   But so many of the Pieces had quickly Sold Out, that most of the Inventory was Fresh for Day No. 3 of the Event.

I had to get at least one Image this time around of the Party in the Back of the PARIS MONTANA Marion Antoinette Shirts... Loved the ones with the Bustle, they were Sold Out by Day No. 2, so apparently I wasn't the only one that thought they were Fabulous and Fun Gypsy Couture!!!  The only one left was the one on Heidi's back!  *LOL*

The largest item at the Show that I was in total Lust with that went Home with someone else?  Why, this Vintage Commercial Filing Cabinet of coarse... it would have been the perfect dimensions for the Studio Cottage Makeover too.  *Le Sigh*

I absolutely Adored the Label Handles on the drawers.  In fact I absolutely Adored everything about this Piece.  I Hate it when you discover the Perfect Storage or Filing Piece that you've been searching high and low for and either Budget gets in the way of procuring it, or somebody else beat you to it!!!  *Insert Big Petulant Pout*  It's difficult to find this calibre of Found Treasures, you might never see another one.

"Well, at least you got Pictures of it Gramma...," Princess T tried to offer some Consoling words to me as I bid farewell to someone else's Perfect Storage and Filing Cabinet...
It always is SOME Solace to at least have Beautiful Images of the Treasures that got away and you couldn't bring Home!  *LOL*

And then she proceeded to make me Laugh out loud by Mimicking what I "Used to look like" typing away on my old manual Typewriters at Home and Work back in da Day!!!   How could I keep a straight face, she's so Spot On!!!   I think that may have even been one of the first Models I used... I'm officially well beyond "Vintage" myself by now you know?!?  *LMAO*

Here's Vintage Me on Day No. 2... with Princess T as my Photographer.

And Vintage Me on Day No. 1 in front of the Perfect Persian Rug I was seriously Jonesin' for and someone else got  *Le Sigh*... with my Friend Pamela as my Photographer.
I'm Guessing that everyone else must have gotten their Tax Refunds back already... and we've had such a Crazy Run that we haven't even scheduled our Appointment to get ours done yet.  Otherwise... maybe that Rug and that Vintage Commercial Filing Cabinet would have been MINE ALL MINE?!?  *Smiles*

But on our 2nd Visit I did come away with one small inexpensive Treasure... seen in this Image... can you tell which Loving Cup Trophy came Home to Bohemian Valhalla with me?  If you Guessed the Bronze one with the Cheerleader topper on the Left you'd be right, it was my single Purchase!   Yes, Exercising such Restraint after spending two Visits there was not easy, The Man was Proud of me! *LOL*  

But I did come away with loads of Fresh Images of the Event to Share with you all here in the Land of Blog... so I do Hope you'll come back for the next few days... even though the Event ended Today, the Eye Candy Captured thru the Eye of my Lens will go on for several more Posts to Delight you all.

I fell in Love with this Lady Pheasant Mount, you don't see the Females too often in Taxidermy since they're not as Flambouyant as the Males.
I thought she was really Cute though... and would look Darling all Pimped Out Gypsy Style, dontcha think?  *Winks*

And yes, her Flambouyant Boyfriend was there too in case you needed a matched Pair... though the Male Pheasant Boyfriend I had for her at Home in Bohemian Valhalla is Cuter... just saying... since I'm totally biased about my own Taxidermy Critters being the Cutest!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed your pictures as usual! You look good in your new outfits too! I'm sure your enjoying wearing them!

  2. Wow! The file cabinet & rug ARE amazing pieces. I admire your restraint. Don't know HOW you get out and about so much w/o succumbing to the lure. :)

  3. Those pearls! They would suit every outfit one owns -- and has yet to acquire! (This reasoning makes them sound investments, yes?)


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