Friday, February 21, 2014

Paris Montana ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Raw And Refined

It was a Special Treat that this Month's SWEET SALVAGE 'Raw And Refined' Event had my Talented Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA as their Featured Guest Artist!   Heidi's my Gal when it comes to Gypsy Couture, nobody does it better!   In fact, the Necklace I wore to the Event is one of Heidi's Amazing Creations that is in my Collection.

The new PARIS MONTANA Spring Line is Awesome... with loads of Lace and Ruffles and Distressed Denim.  Envision Marie Antoinette goes Gypsy Chic... with Lace Bustles and Liberace Sleeves on your Classic Boyfriend Shirt!!!

And Heidi's over-the-top Gypsy Bling is my absolute Favorite... especially the Gypsy Couture Belt Buckles.   This Gal is Fearless and Distinctive when it comes to Style and Fashion.

And I have to Confess that I made a beeline for the Bling when I got thru the doors and pretty much spent most of my time reveling in that area of the Event since nothing can make me Pause quite like Fabulous Bling and Wardrobe lemme tell ya!  *Winks*   I was totally Jonesin' for this Cut Velvet Vest Creation... sure I already have one... but not in this Hue!  *LOL* 

But one can Dream of Expanding one's Wardrobe further, so this is now added to the Wish List for Dawn's Closet Enhancements!  *Winks*

It was very difficult to walk away from Expanding my Belt Buckle Collection further too...  but that pesky Budget is such a Killjoy ya know!  *Le Sigh*

I would have had a difficult time picking "A" Favorite anyway... I Loved them ALL... you know how the Queen of Excess is!  *Smiles*

It was probably a Good Thing that I really did have to Pace myself due to recent Health Issues... because it left me less Time to be Tempted since I couldn't stay long.  So I set about mostly Indulging in my Pathological Picture Taking to bring back to the Land Of Blog for you to join us at the Event... rather than bringing any Found Treasures Home with me this Month.

I know... Shocking that I came away with only Images this time around... but my Energy levels still aren't quite what they used to be or should be... and I was just Happy to Feel Well enough to Attend for a little while and not miss my Monthly Pilgrimage to The Sweet and to spend some time Visiting with my Friend Heidi and Congratulate her on being the Featured Artist.

I am absolutely J'Adoring her Distressed Denim and Lace Jeans... for that Gypsy Cowgirl that Desires Fashion AND Function!  *Winks*

I can't help but think of my Friend Heidi anytime I see Skullies and Pearls together!  *Smiles*

And I Promise I did take oodles of Fab Images during my brief stay at the Event so stay tuned for Future Posts.  It was crazy busy this Month since everyone was totally diggin' the Raw and Refined Theme... so the place got packed out quickly and Beautiful Raw and Refined Sourced Treasures were flying out the doors!!!

Often when I cannot Shop for Real I like to Imagine what I would have brought Home had the dreaded Budget permit and money were no object!  *LOL*  Do you like to Pretend like that too sometimes my Friends?  You know, when you can't have it ALL or have simply run out of room to put it!?!  *Smiles*

Thankfully Bohemian Bling doesn't take up that much space... so I can usually justify those types of Statement Piece Purchases opposed to say a big Statement piece of Furniture!  And Trust and Believe, you will not find more of a Statement Piece of OOAK Fashion Accessories than those that Heidi Creates!

Since some of my Images didn't turn out so great because of the throngs of eager Shoppers swarming and jostling around me I decided to play with Fun Photoshopping those too blurry to Share 'As Is' and try to Salvage them.  Don't you Hate when that happens?  A Fav Shot just doesn't turn out but you don't realize it til  you download it later and now the Opportunity is missed?  *Sob* 

Be sure to come back and join us for the rest of the Event... which will run thru this Sunday...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Having been watching old episodes of BBC's "Time Team", I see Celtic grave treasures everywhere: wouldn't those belt buckles make glorious cloak pins!

    It's been that sort of winter here. One wraps oneself in cloaks and capes, and longs for spring and glamour.

  2. Wow, what style! How did you resist. Does Heidi sell online? We have nothing like this where I live. Love the denim and lace.

    1. Yes, she does Donna, just visit the Link I provided and click on Paris Montana, it will have all the contact info and profile more of her Line. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. You have the neatest places to shop there in Arizona!

  4. My friend Dawn! Always a FUN day out ~ with shopping and so much laughter! I'm glad I played hooky from working for a girl's day out! LOL! ♥



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