Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last Day Of Rest, Relaxation And Freedom...

Yes, because Tonight after the Super Bowl Party they attended ends, The Son and his Girl will be bringing the G-Kid Force Home again, this was my last day of rest, relaxation and Freedom... so I made the most of it.   I bought one of those Magic Bullets to make food prep quicker, been meaning to for some time anyway... and since I don't feel like malingering in the Kitchen long with not feeling well, it will be a handy device to speed up fresh food prep.

When I don't have to consider the meal prep of everyone else in the Family I can indulge myself in my own favorite Healthy foods without a consensus of what everyone else would eat... or not.  *LOL*  Though to be sure I think The Force would have Enjoyed my Vietnamese Pho and Gourmet Salad... I just would have had to make more.  Cooking and prepping for one is so much more streamlined than cooking and prepping meals for an entire Family... I've never really had to cook for just one... wow, you Single Folks that live alone save a lot of Time with cooking and housekeeping dontcha!?!   Cleaning up just after myself is a breeze, the house has stayed in Order!!!  *Winks*

But I confess that though the Quiet and Solitude around here has been Restful and Recuperative right at a time when I need it most... and the Freedom it has afforded me is Priceless as I get things Together after my Medical Crisis... I have missed the Family.  An empty Home with me just kicking around in it is just not something I'm used to.  I could probably get used to it, but I Enjoy having my Family around, they make our house a Home more than anything else in it.  I found myself still waking up several times during the Night just because I've always had to in my Caregiver role... and it would be an adjustment to sleep 'Normal' hours I suppose. 

Along with the purchase of Groceries for the new Dietary Requirements, I also did some shopping at our Antique Mall when I attended the Dealer Breakfast this weekend.  Along with foofing and restocked my Showrooms this Morning, since Sales had been extremely brisk and everything was in disarray... a good problem to have tho' so I'm not complaining!  *Smiles*   I got this trio of Emergency Candle Sacks, which are in a Sage and Sepia Organic Beauty that I just Love, all Hand-Made in Tea Stained Fabrics. 

I also picked up some more Antique Viewfinder Photo Cards from my Friend Hugh's Booth and they will go on the Rusty Heart Valentine's Tree as ornamentation.  Hugh has the largest selection of these Lovely Antique Cards that you will ever see in your lifetime and they're priced from a mere dollar to about five dollars, depending on condition and subject matter.

I always seek out the ones staged in Victorian Homes because the Decor and Styling is so My Style... Bohemian Excess... I would have been right at Home in that Era I think as far as Home Styling and Architectural preferances... the Victorian folks were known for their Excess, Eclectic and Exotic Styling.

The Man will get his Chocolates for Valentine's Day... I save my Favorite Valentine's Day Boxes and repurpose them for Valentine's Day Styling and filling with bulk candy that is his Favorite.  It's an economical and more refined way for him to get exactly what he prefers... and since the rest of us really can't or don't eat Chocolate, he has it all to himself!  *Smiles*

Thought I'd show you a close-up of each of those Sweet Emergency Candle Sacks.  These are from another Vendor at our Antique Mall that has Rustic Styling which feels so Cozy and like an Old Fashioned Country or Prairie Home.  Though I couldn't Decorate my entire Home that way, since it's a little bit too 'Little House On The Prairie' for Yours Truly, I've always Appreciated that Sensibility and Style, it's very Welcoming and Soothing to the Soul.

If I had a Second Home that I used for Vacation Get-Aways, I might go more with that Simplistic Rustic Couture Prairie Styling... done my own way of coarse.  *Winks*

My Vacation Get-Away would certainly be a Sage and Sepia Canvas to Experiment with Style Wise.

And Honestly, Bohemian Valhalla is becoming more awash in Sage and Sepia lately than any other Palette... I almost didn't notice until I stood back and looked at most of our main living areas, because it wasn't Intentional at all... I just have gravitated in that direction of late.  Evolution in the Home is always something I've come to expect... as we move thru Seasons in Life we can become more comfortable with certain things and begin feathering our Nests with that which speaks to our Heart and Soul during that period of Life.

My Rusty Heart is still slowly on the mend, so I want to surround myself all the more now with those things that speak to my Heart and Soul loudest at this Time... and purge the rest, that which is not necessary or absolutely Beloved.  It's rather Freeing really... to reach that place of decisiveness and Letting Go.  I already feel Lighter... and I realize that the Great Edit and Purge that has been going on the past couple of years now has been quite Liberating and not nearly as difficult as I assumed it would be, given that I'm a Hoarder of Beautiful things and an Incurable Collector. 

I shall probably never stop Collecting and Saving Treasures that others have discarded or don't Value... but I'm Delighting myself more in the Flipping of those objects now than the holding onto them for my own Home or Delight.

And the Transformation of our Living Space and my Art Studio Cottage is in full swing, so even more will be on it's way out... and a few selective Treasures will be making their way in.  I still have my 5 to 1 ratio... if I keep one thing, five must go... it keeps me accountable and resisting any impulse buys.  If I don't absolutely ADORE it, I hardly think it's worth dragging Home now if then five things have to Exit Stage Left because it came Home with me and was kept!  *Smiles*

But there are Exceptions that are definitely worth the swap... things I think I NEED... you all know how Needy I am, right?  *Winks*  My Friends Myko and Brett recently re-styled their Showroom at our Antique Mall with the most Fabulous array of Vintage Industrial Elements you've ever seen... and of coarse Myko Styles it all impeccibly... so that you want to just move in!   Or at the very least hire her to come do one of these make-overs at your house!!! *Winks*  So... here's your Interactive Quiz Part of the Post my Friends:  What do you suppose I NEEDED in this Vignette?  I'll give you a Clue... it was two things actually... and a second Clue... one is in the foreground and one is in the background.

Though I ADORED ALL of the Re-Purposed Vintage Industrial Style Lighting... my Heart was most definitely set upon the Upcycled Olive Bucket Light... and I 'Bundled', just like Ole' Frank... and coupled it with another item I just HAD TO HAVE... because I NEEDED it too for the Art Studio Cottage Make-Over which will be a blend of Vintage Industrial and Dark Gothic Elements coupled with Bohemian Gypsy Splendor.

Item No. 2 was that Awesome Upcycled Corregated Tin Roofing Bunting that spells out VINTAGE.

I already have some of those Great Industrial Garage Style Light swags... so you can kinda see the direction my Studio is shaping up into...  well, I Hope you've Enjoyed going Shopping with me Today?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Good for you...enjoying your day. Your food looks SO good! I always enjoy browsing through your treasures...the lamp swags are so cool.


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