Monday, February 17, 2014

Colorful Gypsy Style ~ Yeah, More Fab Retail Therapy!

As Promised we're back at RUST AND ROSES and Sister Store SIRENS AND SAINTS so that all you Gals who aren't really the Colorless, Neutral or Organic Palette Types will get a dose of Colorful Gypsy Style!  *Winks*   My Friend Shelly had recently brought in a Fab assortment of Gypsy Bags she'd Created from Vintage Fabrics, mostly Cut Velvets... and let me tell you... hard for Yours Truly to Resist!!!  *Swoon*

My Friend Angela has been busy Creating too, so the Shops are filled with new Creations, so get yours while there's still some left and you have first Choice!!!  I would have had a lot of trouble picking just one Favorite of these new Colorful Gypsy Bags... so my Hope is that several Sell right away and save me the Agony of choosing!  *LOL*

I'm so conflicted when it comes to Beautiful Bags... I'm the Imelda Marcos of the Desert when it comes to my Bohemian Bag Collections.   And even tho' I Create my own Gypsy and Carpetbags, I Love expanding my Collection of Bags from my Favorite Artist Friends as well.

See... see how many Lovely Designs Shelly has saturated the Shop with!?!!!!!!!   So Bright and Cheerful for Spring and Summer.

And check out this Vintage Band Jacket and Cap... LOVE IT!!!

And what I Loved even more... and maybe it's so Wrong of me... was this Tattered Taxidermy Squirrel with the Terrified Expression on it's Face!!!  *LMAO*

I just couldn't look at it without Laughing out loud or Smiling... and with the way I've been overly Stressed lately... I NEEDED that.  So I just Love this little fella and can relate, because it makes me think of all the times I've been Terrified and just Holding On for grim death to get thru the Dark Days and Storms Life can send!

In fact, if like me, you Enjoy Taxidermy and the like, the Shop is filled with Inventory of this ilk for you to Feather your Nests with Addams Family Style too.

And the Beauty is, when you come to Shop, all you Addams Family Types and Boho Gals... you can bring your Colorless Palette Friends and Granola Gals with you because there's something for us all to drool over and drag Home to our Lairs!  *Winks*

I was drooling over my Friend Shelly's Cuff Bracelet!  *Swoonfest!*  I should have written down the Name of the Artist so that I could look up some of her other Creations.  Note to Self: Get that Artist's Name again and Write it down so I can remember by the time I get Home!  *Smiles*

And I'm having a total Lustfest lately over Vintage Industrial Lighting since that will be the Style hanging in and Illuminating the Art Studio Cottage... and these Colorful Light Strands really caught my Eye!!!

All the Cool Colors... and a Grouping like this would be Awesome in an Art Studio dontcha think?  Or at the very least a Trio of them... I'm leaning towards the Turquoise, Green and Bright Yellow ones... so you'd be able to have the other Trio Okay?  *Winks*

Vintage Needlepoint Stools or Benches, can one ever have too many of those?  The Man would say, "Dawn does!"   I think I have a Trio of them at the foot of our Bed alone!  *LOL*

And how about Industrial Letters... with a backdrop of billowing Colorful Gypsy Fabric Curtains... Divine!

And if you've got loads of room... there are some enormous Vintage Industrial pieces that would certainly be a focal point in any Vignette or Room!

And loads of Vintage Industrial Storage Units with Zinc Tabletops.

You've got to be having a Swoonfest of Epic Proportions right about now, huh?  Well, if you still have a Pulse and haven't OD'd on Eye Candy!?!??!

I have to Confess that on this Visit I did some Serious Retail Therapy!!!  *LOL*   I've been having Excellent Sales of my own in my Showrooms so it was Time for some Hedonistic Indulgences without Guilt!  *Winks*   Typically I spend all my discretionary moolah on the Grandkids, we have so many of them and so it's always somebody's Birthday or Graduation or other Special Occassion.  And of coarse the ones we're Raising have to not only be Spoiled like the others, but have all their necessities provided as well... which can be pretty Expensive, Raising Kiddos nowadays!  BTW: I REALLY was Jonesin' for this Colorful Vintage Duster Display Prop!  So... if you ever DO decide to Sell it Shelly... just sayin'!!!  *Winks*

I always Imagined that as one reached the Senior Years one could become more Self-Indulgent... silly me... Grandkids are way more Expensive than ones own Children ever were... and we're such easy Marks us Grandparents, aren't we?  *LOL*  Not to mention I never Imagined in a million years that I'd still be Raising Kids and would be for Forty Plus Years consecutively!!!  *Arghhhh!!!*  I'd of Served less Time for Murder I tell ya!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

So... I NEEDED some Serious Retail Therapy and The Man was totally in Agreement, so who was I to Argue, right?  *Winks*  Yes, I Willingly Obliged and it felt really good and was probably way cheaper than Traditional Therapy with a Shrink, right?  *Smiles*  Don't those Guys get about two hundred bucks or more an hour or something?  I can't even spend that much on a Marathon Serious Retail Therapy Spree, so I'm Golden with my own brand of Retail Therapy... it Saves way more $$$ than visiting any Western Doctor-Feel-Good.  *Smiles*

In fact, since Tomorrow will be the first time I've visited a regular Western Medicine Primary Care Physician in YEARS, I have been in need of a Relaxing Holiday Weekend of anything that would make me feel good.  Because I am NOT looking forward to the Appointment or subsequent suggested Referrals to Specialists.  The Man will accompany me to this Appointment just so that he's sure I'll even show up!!!  *LOL*   Depending on what they all have to say, I'm weighing how quickly I can get in to see my Eastern Medical Doc so that I have an Opinion I Trust way more and Treatment without all the potential side effects and having-to-take-it-for-life that most Pharmaceuticals end up being.

Yeah, Color me Distrustful of Western Medicine period... I'm the type that is loathe to even take an Asperin for a headache Okay, so taking any Western Pharmaceuticals, even at my Age, is not something I'm at all comfortable with whatsoever.  I've usually ditched them and the Docs... and that has served me just fine and I've stayed vertical and illness free way more than my peers that are on craploads of Rx and seem to be sickly and pill-dependant all of the time.   I talked with my Aunty June Today and she is just like me... she ditched all the Western Meds suggested thruout the years and is still going Strong and is a Force to be reckoned with well into her Eighties.  Even if I don't last that long, I'd rather last however long without popping pills.

So anyway, as you can Clearly tell, I just want to get this Doctor Visit over, done with and behind me as quickly as possible.  And see how quickly I can get off this Insulin as well, because I don't like it and I've had a bad headache behind my eyes since I've been on it.  My Body is used to being Pharmaceutical Free and so I don't usually Feel really Well on Meds.   But what DID make me Feel Good was to get the above Bohemian Bag that Shelly Created from Vintage European Grainsack and Velvet on Sale for 50% Off!!!   *Happy Dance!*

So yes, I came away with Gypsy Bunting for the Art Studio, my Lace Vest, a Beautiful Bag half-price...

And the little Vintage Fur Cape with Satin lining.   Yep, I did some Serious Damage in the Shop... but I was Delighted with my Purchases!!!

And everything is the Palette that I J'Adore and goes well in Bohemian Valhalla...

Everything in Bohemian Valhalla is of a certain Aesthetic near and Dear to my Heart and is Core to our Lifestyle and what we want to Wear and surround ourselves with.   Is your Home and Wardrobe of the certain Aesthetic that makes your Heart Sing and Feeds your Soul too my Friends?  If not, Why, might I ask?   Have you perhaps been too Influenced by Trends or what Others might think or approve of?  Or do you boldly stay Authentic to Self regardless of Popular Opinion or the Critics?

We prefer our Colorful Life... with Shades of Sage and Sepia amongst the Vivid Gypsy Jeweltones... it's our Bohemian Valhalla.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, all so very beautiful and very YOUR style! ♥
    Hope to see ya Thursday for Sweet...


  2. I'm looking thru my bags of fabrics gathering old lace and ribbon for some Gypsy Bohemian Butting of my own. May make a rustic look (burlap, linen and twine) for the living room/dining room room divider! Your bag will look perfect on your arm!

  3. Dear Imelda of the Desert, please don't bite the doctor. And if you do, and the doctor doesn't taste quite right, please keep nibbling until you find one whose flavor suits you. Here in the Midwest, one finds the young Chinese physicians offer the best of both cultures!


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