Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ For The Love Of Home ~ Part III

Sigh, ain't this the Truth?!?  *Winks*

Loving these Messenger Bags Created out of European Grain Sack Materials.  And of coarse the Old Dress Form Modeling them.  *Smiles*

And I Wonder if some Brilliant Guy was Savvy enough to 'Score' this for his Beloved to Surprise her with as a Gift on Valentine's Day?  Beats the Hell outta Flowers or Chocolates!  *Smiles*   And if he really wanted to go Full On, he could present it WITH Flowers AND Candy!  *Winks*

Not that there weren't a bounty of other Valentine's Day Inspired Options... like the Beautiful Necklaces and Earrings Brilliantly Created from Old Storage Tins by my Talented Friend Lilia Corona of 'Corona Couture'!

This one was my personal Favorite... Adoring the Bright Colors, Connected Hearts and the dangling Key to your Heart... such Fabulous Sybolism of True Love!   Yeah, The Man would definitely have Scored Brownie Points Big Time had he Surprised me with either the Salvage Heart Window or one of these Necklaces on Valentine's Day!  *Winks*


Yes, I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day... aren't YOU?  Seriously, it always means Presents from your Beloved... and others that Love you... so I Adore the Holiday!!!   Go ahead, Spoil me rotten, I can handle it!  *Winks* 

And speaking of Valentine's Day, do you help choose your Gift or do you prefer to be Surprised?  I'm a chooser, because some Surprises haven't been what I Expected or wanted at all!  *LOL*  And anyway, The Man knows how much I Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt, and he abhors Shopping, so he'll usually send me off with a wad of Cash, which just Amplifies the Gifting in a Positive way for me.


And I do the same for him, because the only thing he does like to Shop for is Man Cave stuff and his Joy for choosing that is equal to my Joy for choosing what I Love.


And we both do our Recon for prospective Valentine's Day Gifts at about this time. *Winks*  Due Diligence always pays off because then you're not Settling or scrambling to locate the Perfect Gift.

I'm thinking that when I finally take the Christmas Tree down and out of my Olive Bucket, I'll probably plant some of my Spring Herbs in it like this, I have a pair of Buckets and I Loved the way this looked and how functional it would be as a mini Herb Garden for the Kitchen.

Well, since I'm having a LOT of trouble with Blogger lately in Creating my Posts, it's stretching my Images into weird contortions and distortions when they load and duplicating Images, I'm at the point of impatience now to get a Post completed without frustration setting in and this is supposed to always be Fun and Relaxing for me!  *LOL*  So... come back Tomorrow for more of the Event... and remember, it will run thru this Sunday, so there's still time to get down there and begin to Feather your Nest for the New Year!

But Time is running out, so head out... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Dawn, what eye candy! So many beautiful things. That necklace is just divine, and is that a lace tassel made with a thimble??? I love it!


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