Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Quiet Rebellion Here!

I guess I've always been a Rebel, sometimes a Rebel without a Cause, but if I have a Cause, well, there absolutely will be no Quiet Rebellion here!  *Winks*   Friends and Family already know this about me and how I'll often go to Battle over Principals and Options, because the Warrior Spirit in me won't bow down, roll over or Surrender.  The Son and his Girlfriend came for a visit yesterday Afternoon and joined The Man and I for Dinner at one of our Fav Restaurants... we were all Kidless, a Rare Luxury!  *Listen, hear the Silence! LOL*  This also gives the Adults more opportunity to talk Candidly, without little eavesdropping ears tuning in.  *Smiles*   Not that they probably don't already know that just about every Adult in my Lineage is a Rebel... and that they are following in our Footsteps in their own Fashion since it must be in their Blood too... but we still try to set Good Examples and be discerning about what to discuss about our Rebellions and Adversaries in front of them. 

The Son and his Girl had come to pick up even more of what I want them to have that must Go... I've Convinced neither to throw up Resistance to it and Promised I wouldn't get too Reckless about the severe Purge in process.  I'm just not approaching it with Quiet Resignation either.  My Acceptance and Resignation to things I cannot Control or Change and have no Choice but to do may come, but NOT Quietly! *Smiles*  But we did discuss my recent Rebellious Episode, well, Explosion actually, since I HAD been TRYING to Go Along and Conform... so it wasn't all that Surprising really that being told what to do, in my own Home and for my own Family, would eventually cause me to Rebel... and not Quietly!  *Winks*  Home is our Sanctuary and Sacred Space... Respect is big for me, as are Manners and the Approach... come at me all Wrong and it's likely not to go Well.

Yeah, The Son Agrees... we're not big on being Forced into anything are we... especially Change.  We're not big on being told what to do about Home, Family and how we choose to Live our Lives.  We've never been without Resistance when asked to Conform and just Go Along with whatever... even if everyone else allegedly does... and especially if it doesn't make sense to us or comes against who we are at our Cores... our Principals or Beliefs.    It's not that we won't Consider feasible Options, but we have to Opt In at our own Pace and how it will Work best in our Lives... IF it Works we'll Work It, if not then we don't care what anyone says, thinks or feels about it, it's not for us and we'll Opt Out.
If 'Help' has too many Conditions and becomes overly Conditional to Accept, we'd rather Reject it and find our own way Thank You.  My Dear Ole' Dad always Taught me that where ever you place your Dependancy ultimately Controls you, so be Careful what or who you become Dependant upon... better to place Dependancy upon God than any mortal.  And we began to swap Stories and Reminisce about Past Rebellions against The System or Status Quo and about Grand-Dad, my Dad, the Patriarch of the Family, who we miss every day.  But whose Wisdom and Advice we still abide by.  And about Past Rebellion against Grim Prognosis that 'Experts' said we HAD to Accept, because there was no Hope, no Cure or no Statistics that Supported OUR Game Plan being any kind of Success Story.  See, we tend to Believe that nothing is Impossible, it just hasn't been done yet.  And so we're always Game to Attempt to be the Ones that do it first and make it now a Possibility and Possible, a Test turned into a Testimony.
I don't really think it's about the Stuff Mom, The Son says... it's more about it's Representation that things will never get better with Dad so everything has to Change in the Home and what we do because he won't overcome any better than this... and we have to accommodate how he is NOW because that's IT.   Kinda like when I was little and they told you I'd never be able to do this or that and maybe Institutionalization was the Answer and Expectations were set so low by everyone else... except you... and you Refused to give up on me and Believe them... instead choosing to Believe In me... and ask God to make it Right while we just Did Us our way and our Style, which was VERY Unconventional to say the least.

To be sure The Son was more than a Handful... and we didn't get a lot of actual 'Help' that 'Helped' fulfill the Vision we had for him to go on to his own Greatness, whatever that would be.   He 'Arrived' though to fulfill his Destiny being a high functional Adult and contributing member of Society, by God's Grace and our Persistance to focus on Abilities rather than Disabilities.  Most people don't even know he struggles with pretty profound Medical Issues that cause limitations he's learned to maneuver around.   Just like The Man has learned to maneuver around this Ole' House in spite of being a 100% Disabled Veteran even before his Catastrophic Injuries.   The Man spoke up and said that without Challenges and being Challenged he probably wouldn't Progress any further or feel Victorious.  If we made everything different on account of him he wouldn't feel we Believed he could get better and would get better.

And I realized that we do have a Cause for this particular Rebellion... and it's a Righteous one... and not everyone will Agree how we choose to go about it, they rarely do anyway, being our Unconventional Methods don't make sense to everyone or sometimes not to anyone since they defy Convention... and that's Okay.   We'll Accept any Conventional Criticism and let it Roll off our backs like drops of water on a duck.   And when Miracles keep happening, as they already have by God's Grace in The Man's Recovery, because we Expect them... may God receive all the Glory.

We've got enough Family and Friends in our corner that are Cheerleaders in any Noisy Rebellion going on here.   Some, like Mom, will be Supportive from afar now, fighting their own uphill battles with equally Unconventional Methods, Fierce Bohemian Rebellious Determination and a lot of Noise.  We won't be drawing up our Battle Plans together over Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Butter and Jam at IHOP, but every time I'm there I'm reminded of all the times we did over the Years and the Causes, as well as the numerous Victories.   So the other day I went by myself and ordered some... and thought about what Mom would Advise about my recent near Point of Surrender... or Dad... I didn't have to think long or hard... I already knew what the answer would be in my Spirit.  There are no Quitters, Cowards or Conformists in this Crew, that's not how we Roll... put the War Paint on your phizog and Soldier on Gal... dig in... and pass some of that Lingonberry Buttah...

Digging in with Noisy Rebellion... and Enjoying Swedish Pancakes with Salted Caramel Coffee in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Dawn: You are a wonder! So wise in your thoughts and the expressing of them! I'm sure you will find the right way for you and your family to progress and heal right among your many treasures!


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