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Sweet Flea ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part III

So... are you all ready for even more Eye Candy at SWEET SALVAGE'S "Sweet Flea" Event?  Whether your Holidays are done up Southwest Style...

Or European Style... this Flea Market Style Event had it ALL and just in time for Christmas!!!

If you were looking for OOAK Bling for your Special Lady... this was the place to Source it and definitely 'Score' Brownie Points with her Guys!  Seriously, why go to a Jewelry Chain Store for her Bling where most is mass produced or would cost you a fortune to have Custom Made, when you can get Talented Artist Designed OOAK Creative Jewelry, often Upcycled from Antique Heirloom and Vintage pieces that won't look like anything anyone else has... and for a fraction of the cost!!

Don't underestimate the Power of the Presentation of something she's never seen before that she can sport as Wearable Art and get a Host of Compliments with where ever she goes!  I was absolutely Adoring this Unique Assemblage Necklace Created by my Jewelry Artist Friend Cyndie Metzger of VINTAGE ENVY.  Cyndie's Unique Creations can be found at SWEET SALVAGE and her Etsy Shop HERE.  If I hadn't already Treated myself to a Wearable Art Necklace the day before, I would have had to get this one!  *Winks*

This Bracelet says it best... I couldn't definitely get into some Trouble in this Section of the Shop!  *LOL*  My Penchant for Bohemian Bling and Wearable Art knows no boundaries!  *Smiles*  And when the Selection from several Talented Designers is this vast and Awesome, and so Reasonably Priced for Couture Pieces... well, I could do some serious damage to my budget and threaten to Break the Bank!  *Ouch!*

Double Ouch when they're Showcased on an equally Fabulous Vintage Caged Dress Form!!!   I don't have a Black One you know... so she'd go great in the Studio because the dark Canvas Form really makes the Bling Sparkle and Pop all the more don't you think???!!!  *LOL*   Yes, I definitely Lusted after this Gorgeous Old Dress Form, she wanted to come Home with me and join my other Girls in the ever expanding Collection of them, I know she did!  *Winks*

And my ever expanding Collection of my Friend Lilia Corona's CORONA COUTURE Line NEEDS some more Vintage Dress Form Gals to Model them you know!   It feels like a Set-Up anytime I behold Lilia's Fabulous Line because I think I NEED it ALL... it's so My Style and I get so many Compliments when I'm wearing it!!!!!!   *Smiles*   Architectural Salvage melded with Bohemian Bling in a Marriage it's just the Perfect Match made in Heaven in my Eyes!

And let me tell you that this particular Show really Tested me in paring down to what would go Home with me... some things I really wanted... well, though I carried them around for most of my second visit, I had to set them back down again and say Good-Bye.  You know, in order to fund those Found Treasures that I just couldn't pry out of my hot little hands or remove from my pile of carefully selected Swag.

And I'm quickly Discovering that I am NOT the best Photographer when it comes to the Panoramic View... Close-Ups are my apparent Specialty and what I really Enjoy Photographing most since I'm so into the Details.  My Panoramics, well, they're rather Meh and never do Justice to the Vignette, which in Real Life takes the breath away!

I'm always Complaining and Lamenting that I didn't get any Great or even Good Panoramic Shots because Shows are often so Popular that there are throngs of Shoppers that would get into Frame when I try... but I'm realizing it's a Lame Excuse really...

The Truth of the matter is... no throngs in the way here preventing this from turning out Fabulous if the right person were behind the Lens... and it just didn't turn out that Special to me or do any Justice to how Awesome this Showroom Space actually was Visually.  Which is why you'll rarely see my Panoramic Shots of the Shops and Events being used in my Posts... because frankly, I should stick to the Close-Ups!  *LOL*

See what I mean?  I really Love how my Close-Ups turn out and they're always my Favorite Shots taken.  So that's what I tend to really Focus on because I know that a Great Close-Up is always what draws me into the Blog Posts of others anyway and makes me linger.

Maybe one day I'll be a decent Panoramic Photographer... but Today definitely wasn't that day.  *LOL*   So the dozens of Panoramics I Attempted fell way short of my Expectations to Share them!

Day One I could blame on hurrying and having Time and Personal Constraints and throngs of Shoppers all eagerly swarming around the Vignettes... Day Two there were no handy Excuses as to why those Frames still sucked.  *LOL*

And as my Lil Bro, the Professional Photographer, always told me... take a slew of Frames because then you can Edit and Ensure some Good or Great ones and forget about the rest.   I guess I'm just so Arrogant and Delusional that I want and expect them ALL to be Great, you know?  *LOL*

Nothing wrong with Aspiring to Greatness mind you, but I get a bit carried away, obviously with setting the bar unrealistically high!   That tends to happen to us OCD Perfectionists you know!  *Winks*

And I don't know about you, but when a Favorite Image doesn't really turn out as I Expected... I'm SOOOO freakin' disappointed!!!!  Especially if I didn't take a couple of Frames just to be certain I'd capture it for Future Posterity and missed the Golden Window of Opportunity!  Sometimes you only get the one chance!   Too late now to go back and get another sharper focused shot of this Awesome grouping of Hardware and Printing Blocks...  *Le Sigh*

But Thankfully the pix of the Killer Divinely Hazed Mirror Old Door turned out!!!  *Whew*  I LOVED this Old Door with the Original Old Mirror Aged to Perfection and almost now resembling Old Mercury Glass Patina!!!

I've seen... and owned {Okay, well, Hoarded actually*}.. many an Old Door and I've never seen one like this... too bad it was beyond my Budget... or The Man would have been deeply Sighing that his Wifey not only dragged Home another Old Chair... but another Old Door to add to her Hoard as well!  *LOL*  You'll have to come back Tomorrow as we make it a Wrap on this Awesome Event and do the Finale' Post...
See you Later my Friends... Arizona Desert Christmas Shopping with me... Dawn... The Bohemian

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