Wednesday, December 11, 2013

She's A Beauty And A Beast!

She's a Beauty AND a Beast our Princess T!   And you never know which side of her you're going to get on any given day... or even any given Hour for that matter, she can turn on a dime that kid!  *Le Sigh*

Yes, with this one you can have her coming thru the door with a Lovely wee Bouquet she just picked for you and a big toothy Smile from ear to ear...

But lets face it, some Beasts have big toothy grins too, just before they prepare to devour you!  So don't let your Guard down or you'll be sorry!   And this is how it goes with the Beast Princess most days, a constant fluctuation in Moods where she's your Friend one moment and your Foe the next! Needless to say, that can really be quite Exhausting taking that rollercoaster ride with her throughout the day!  But we bought the ticket so we're on for the whole ride... just hold on tightly!

As I had previously mentioned, I always try to get my Christmas Gift Shopping done early and so I stash the cache of unwrapped Gifts in obscure locations around the house in places Hopefully they won't be detected by G-Kid Force Recon before I can get them wrapped?  

And therein lies the problem when you get to our Season of Life, you cannot hide them too effectively lest YOU forget where they are!!!??!??  *LOL*  So for me I've always been rather habitual in my hiding places so that I can recall where they actually are and not forget about them or be unable to locate them when I'm finally prepared to wrap it all for under the Tree!  *Winks*

The Allegedly "Haunted" Guest Room has been the best spot since nobody but me usually ventures in there with any regularity if they can help it.  *Smiles*   But sometimes the lure of hidden presents calls out like an apparent Siren's Song and I can tell that prying little Eyes and busy little Hands have braved the Haunted Room and been at Work on a Secret Recon Mission.  *Darn it!*  I'm quite certain the Beast Princess won't let on or come clean that she got into most of her Gifts prematurely! {And apparently EVERYTHING else as well that ended up being Collateral Damage and a Casualty of Guerrilla Warfare!  Le Sigh}  She thinks she's being very Covert Ops and doesn't think Gramma is very CSI.  It helped that her Big Bro' was keeping an Eagle Eye on her and became my Confidential Informant rather than her Partner in Crime this year.  *Winks*

At least now I only have one on Recon Patrol since the Older one has turned Thirteen and thus, at the Turning Of Age, they Graduate to picking out their own Gifts that The Man and I will simply Bankroll and they can go ahead and Wrap themselves.  The Teens in the Family have always Enjoyed that Coming Of Age Ritual of picking out their own Gifts or receiving Cash, which is always the right Size and Color... and Prince R Loves to Gift Wrap.  So he had chosen his Gifts on a Shopping Trip with me and set about wrapping them himself right away, saving me half the Work this Season of Gift Wrapping and Hiding.  But that meant that now his Little Sister was doggin' me damn near every day about when HER Gifts would be wrapped too and come out of Hiding?  *Le Sigh*  During the Holidays she becomes particularly Beastly about EVERYTHING!

I was fairly certain she'd already found them all anyway, but we had to pretend like it was still gonna be this big Surprise, right?  So, today was 'The Day' for me to finally get around to wrapping the rest, hers... which didn't seem like a lot until well over an hour later I'm still hard at work doing it and trying to get done while she's still at School!!!   And it's not that she really had that many Gifts, I just really Suck at Gift Wrapping... and yet, I always have this 'Vision' of Expertly Wrapped Gifts that Enhance the Christmas Theme of the the current Season.  Yes, me, who even had to put Animal Print Duct Tape around the Terra Cotta Pot the Poinsettia I got at the Dollar Store is in!  *LOL*

I Confess, that tho' probably nobody else in the Family probably gives a Care, I'm very OCD about the Wrapping Paper, Trims, Tags and Bows that will be used each Year.  Because remember, I have this Vision and it's very Grandoise in my Head!  And every Year, I go overboard at picking it all out... only to then get very ADHD about the Wrapping Process and the Application of said Vision!

Source: My Friend Pamela ~ Facebook ~ Extra Chins Edited out in Photoshop Plastic Surgery as previously requested!  *LOL*
Because actually I don't like doing it, since I Suck at it and so it's Torturous to me!  It never quite Translates well out of my Head and into actual Gift Wrap Nirvana ... and so half of the Trims, Tags and Bows never even make it onto the Packages!  *Bwahaha!*  I always have Gift Wrap Envy when I see those Expertly Wrapped Gifts I'd LIKE mine to actually resemble!  You know, those Pinterest Perfect Wrapped Gifts that are almost too Beautiful to unwrap and are a Gift unto themselves!


And sure, because you can't see inside of my Head and have it Reveal the Incomplete Vision that lies piled up under the Tree, you probably won't be as disappointed as I was.   As I sat there after all that hard work and saw the usual abundance of fabulous Product that didn't even get used... again... or got utilized so poorly... and how little the finished results actually looked like what I had inside of my Head that was so Grandoise and Amazing!  *LOL*

Well, lucky for me I got it all on Sale 50% or more off and so the buying of it was a Rush at least... and my Tastes don't change drastically so it will probably be useful for other Occasions... or even next Christmas!  And I can make myself Feel a bit better by placing some of the Blame on the Beast Princess who Rushed Gramma by being so darn Sneaky AND Demanding!   Yep, she's a Beauty AND a Beast that one!  *Le Sigh*   But since none of them really even Cares what the Packaging looks like, I suppose it's all Good...  I'm the only one with the Impossibly Lofty Goals for the Holidays!*Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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