Thursday, December 26, 2013

Melrose Vintage ~ The Best Of Light And Dark Decor

I'm not exactly a Purist when it comes to Styles and Color Palettes, I can Appreciate the best of Light and Dark Decor as well as a wide variety of Styles.  As long as it's done well, I can totally dig it.

So our recent visit to our Friend Wendy's Shop, MELROSE VINTAGE, was quite a Treat because she'd just Re-Styled everything in the Shop with the best of Light and Dark Decor... as you will see.  I confess I was gravitating more towards the Dark Side, of coarse.  *Winks*

If you were totally diggin' that grouping of Industrial Style Lights in the Lead Image... check out how Versatile they are with some simple Vintage Industrial Light Fixtures added... Ta Da!

But my Mission this Visit wasn't Home Decor at all, so I was simply being Inspired by the Lovely Showroom Vignettes.

This Visit for me was all about everything Tim Holtz in Distress Stains and various other Stamping Supplies since Wendy carries such a wide range of these Products that I am currently stocking up on.  For Creative Pursuits in 2014 and getting my Art Studio Cottage up and running again.  I'm going to focus more upon Creativity and Art, which I'd sadly neglected in 2013 due to the Issues of Life that came against us this year. 

But after I loaded up on my Supplies I soaked in the Ambiance of the Home Decor because the Staging of it all was Sublime!

This Boudoir Showroom was quite Feminine and Romantic, the Silvery Greys and White Palette really reminded me of Winter.

And the Exquisite Detailing of Barbola on this Vintage Bedroom Set was breathtaking!

And those Linens... yeah, doesn't it just look so Inviting to climb up into?!?

It was such a Beautiful Day that the door to the Showroom was Open and the Sunshine spilling in and Fresh Air really made you want to hang out in this Room... or better yet, move in!  *LOL*

There had been several Workshops recently and I'm still Hoping to take one to learn to Create these Lovely large hanging Rosettes.

I had to pass by yet another Sumptuous Boudoir Showroom Vignette to get to the Art Tag Inventory and take a peek at what those Attending that Workshop had Created recently.

 This particular Sweet Tag made me Wish I'd taken that Workshop!

And the Amazing Antique Infant Of Prague Statuary was wearing a newly Created Crown.

Love it!  And that size and quality of Statuary is the stuff Dreams are made of if you're a Collector of Religious Art and Artifacts!

The Christmas Accents were subtle and yet Beautifully understated.

Giving many of the Vignettes a nod to French Nordic Style.  Which the more I'm Exposed to that particular Simply Understated Style of Decorating, the more I'm Attracted to it's Simplicity and Clean Lines.

I fell in Love with these large Hearts Created from scrap Crown Molding in delicious Beach Cottage Style Hues that make me think of the Ocean.  I actually have a Picture Frame made exactly like this and in this Palette, so a pair of these Hearts on each side would look terrific for Summer Decorating!

But I'm not rushing into Summer Plans just yet... no, I'm still Reveling in the Season at hand, how about you?  Are you one to Linger a while in the Holiday Vibe too... or take it down immediately after Christmas?

We tend to keep ours up and Enjoy it all until Winter is almost over actually.   I've been known to be hesitant to take it all down until almost Valentine's Day some years if it all turned out so Beautifully that we were in no hurry to change some rooms for the next Season.

I know that once Spring is closer I'll get Spring Fever and be ready... but not just yet...

But during any Season I can certainly Appreciate a wide Variety of Styles and Palettes... the Best of Light and Dark Decor... 

When they're this Well Done.

And Imagine that if I had several Properties to Style... how would I go about Decorating each one in a totally Unique way to Showcase the Best of Light... or Dark... and a multitude of Styles?  And what Fun that would be Experimenting like that to Create many different Atmospheres and Personal Spaces!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Come to the Dark Side, Dawn ... we have cookies! ;o)

  2. I do like those distressed molding hearts too! You amaze me that you are able to do all you do and post everyday or every other! I read and enjoy every one but My posts are much fewer and farther apart! Yes I love your outfit too!


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