Monday, December 30, 2013

As We Say Farewell To 2013

At the close of every Year and saying Farewell to it, I always like to sit back in a comfy armchair and browse thru the Photo Archives that made up the Year that is ending.   Its so easy to Forget some of the activities and everyday events that happened during the Year and this helps me to recall those things that perhaps didn't stand out so vividly in Memory until an Image prompts it. 

Though I'm certainly looking forward to the New Year, I do also like to look back upon this Year Month by Month via my Photo Archives, at least one last time, just to Remember.
Yes, we started the Year of 2013 trying to get Princess T into her own room and more importantly, to spend the Nights there.   It didn't work, but the room sure turned out nice and she likes it, during the Daytime... but as of yet won't actually sleep there... or sleep alone... so we'll keep working on that thru this New Year and maybe beyond.  *Smiles*

The Year also brought some Weddings, Births and Deaths... such is the Cycle of Life.

Some of the Grandkids moved from Childhood into Young Adulthood as they entered into their Teens this past Year, making them practically unrecognizable by Year's End they had changed and grown up so much right before our eyes!  Watching the Metamorphosis from Childhood into Puberty is such an Amazing thing isn't it?  Prince R still looked like a Boy at the beginning of the Year when this Image was taken... and by Year's End was quickly becoming a Young Man and finding his place in Life.
Sure, I always Imagine what this Gramma will do once I get the G-Kid Force Raised and out of the house eventually... and FINALLY have an Empty Nest well into my Golden Years.  But I suspect that there will also be much that I will miss about having a house full of Children and Young Adults too and the Energy that it brings to a Home.

As a completely Nostalgic Type I always Enjoy taking Trips back down Memory Lane... whether it's just going back thru the Present Year or further.   So in my Photo Archives I shall always find those Images of Treasures I had Forgotten about because I didn't Purchase them, but did Preserve them thru the Eye of my Lens.

And it's always Interesting to me to try to recall where I was at the time the Images were taken and what was I doing... who came along... or how very long it might have been since I was at a particular Place or Event... sometimes it just doesn't seem as long ago as it actually was!

And of coarse when you're a Pathological Picture Taker such as myself, you will always have a slew of Images you didn't use in a Blog Post and completely Forgot about until you revisit the Photo Archives once again and dredge them up!  *LOL*

And think to yourself, I really like that Image, why didn't I use it?  Or maybe even forgot about a block of Images you took and Intended to get around to using... but as Time marched on, it never happened.   As Time marches on a lot of things can fall into that category can't they, things that never happen and you Intended to get around to!?

And other things we didn't actually Intend or Plan whatsoever and yet did get around to!  *Smiles*  Like the Opening this Year of my Second Showroom, which happened by pure Serendipity when it Vacated and was offered to me!   And yes, as you can clearly see, Spirit showed up to Celebrate with us!  Some Special Events have that aspect of pure Serendipity to them.

And because I tend to Linger, I haven't even gone thru but half the Year of Archived Images of 2013 yet... taking my Time and just fondly Remembering.   Which is yet another reason why I also Love the Land of Blog so much... since it's a Virtual Journey we're taking Together and I can revisit Archived Posts of mine... or yours... or even Discover New Blogs and go back thru their Posts, which will all be New and Fresh to me regardless of when they were initially Posted. 

Things will Re-Inspire me every time I look at them again... or perhaps with Fresh Eyes as if for the first time... no matter how long ago I received the First Inspiration from them.

And there will be Future Good Times with Loved Ones to look forward to, while also fondly remembering Past Good Times with them.
And the Missing of those Loved Ones who have moved away and we can't spend Precious Time with anymore except Virtually... which is Nice, but just not quite the same.

But in just a few short days we'll be putting on our Party Hats and Ushering in a brand New Year...

Or our Tiaras or Crowns... *Winks*
And I Hope you're looking forward to 2014 as much as we are?
I'll see you down the road my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your house is amazing!!!!! Happy new year to you and your lovely family. Hugs from Spain. :)

  2. Looking forward to your 2014 posts! Happy New Year!

  3. New Year's Greetings from a cold, still Midwestern morning! As the cats and I are putting away the Christmas ornaments, I, too am reviewing the year that was endured and enjoyed. It's time to say 'thanks' for sharing your visions and experiences, dear Dawn, in the quiet timeless space of Blogland. Your beautiful Bohemian Valhalla has been a much needed bolt hole in which to retreat when The List became too long... May your List grow shorter and your load lighter in 2014!

  4. What an amazing blog, I love it here! Congratulations on creating a stunning digital space, which is so multi-dimensional! Lovelovelove it. Blessful, blissful abundance for 2014!


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