Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Tis The Season ~ Part III

I Hope you're Enjoying coming along Virtually to the SWEET SALVAGE 'Tis The Season' Event?
It concluded this Afternoon and I Hope some of you were able to make it down there in person, because Truly mere Images don't do it Justice.

Whether you're a Fan of Deconstructed or Organic Style Found Treasures...

Or something Fancier and Glam... you'd be sure to find it here.  The Variety of Inventory and the Styling of it is vast.

And the Styling of it is always Superbly done, layers upon layers of Beauty and Inspiration.

The Visuals really will Transport you to Magical Places on the Canvas of your own Imagination.

And you'll come away with not only newly acquired Found Treasures to Feather your own Nest with, but Creative Ideas on how you could Style it all as well.

Every Month's Theme will always Enchant you... and next Month's Theme will be "The Sweet Flea" and during that entire weekend Prizes will be given away, including Gift Certificates, Sweet Salvage Merchandise and wonderful Promotions from local Businesses!!!  *Happy Dance!!!*  The Event will run from December 19th through December 22nd.

But I still have loads of  Visuals to Enchant you from this Month's Christmas Inspired Event.  I must say that the Holiday Inspired Events are always my Favorites so I particularly look forward to them.

Just look at that Sweet little Antique Teddy Bear!

And the Religious Icons, Art and Satuaries were abounding for the Christmas Season and are always among my Personal Favorite Collectibles.

The Christmas Show is always one of the most Popular Events and so the Inventory rotated quickly and the Vignettes were Fresh each day with Eye Candy just brought in to replenish Stock.

The Sweet Pickers are busy all Month long Sourcing this Fabulous Inventory for the four day run of the Event.

And since it will be a Blank Canvas each Month, everything looks completely different for each Theme that provided the Inspiration for the Show.

I think that's one of the reasons I like it so much... the Storyline behind each Show is always Showcased in the Styling and Vignettes as well as the Inventory.  I Love Storytelling and the Back Story to Found Treasures, don't you?

And with a dozen or more different Designers each Space has it's own Storytelling and Back Story Line.

So it's many variations of one Theme as seen through the Eyes and Imagination of each Designer Styling the particular Space... and yet Cohesive.  That's quite a feat actually and it's done Month after Month and never ceases to Wow us.

I Hope if you're ever on a Road Trip on the Arizona Trail you'll stop by Phoenix and the surrounding areas and take in all of our Wonderful Retail Venues?

At the SWEET SALVAGE Events I always meet many Travelers who have made the Pilgrimage from afar after hearing about it.

I know that I have my 'Bucket List' of places I want to Travel to that have Special Events, Shows or Shops that I've heard about, seen Virtually or in Publication, and can't wait to one day Experience in person.  It's nice to know that so many Special Places exist right here in my own Community though that I can Attend with regularity.

Yes, we CAN have Christmas by the Beach here in Arizona... 'cause though we have no Ocean, we have plenty of 'Beach' with the Desert Sands... *Winks*

Aren't these Gift Tags Lovely?  Can you Imagine each of your Christmas Presents Showcasing one of these, making the Packaging just as Special as the Contents?

And check out this great Message Board with Victorian Ceiling Tin Heart Magnets!

I kept coming back to that Hungarian Sewing Chest or whatever it was... Loved the Commercial carved details on the front of it.

And Decorated Skullies are always a Favorite of mine... Arizona Cowgirl Glam Style Decor. *Winks*

Yes, I probably shouldda bought that Vintage Angel Tree Topper, but she Sold to some other Lucky Shopper and will probably Grace their Christmas Tree this Year.

Be sure to come back Tomorrow for the Finale' of my Posts of the Event... at least I THINK I can cram all the rest of my Images into a single Post... we'll have to wait and see?!?  Because you know my Personal Mantra: Anything worth doing is worth OVERDOING!!!  *Winks*
Seasons Greetings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WOW! Such beautiful pictures...Makes me look forward to the holidays :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I love what you said "Its better to be looked over than overlooked"...

  2. Oh Yum! Wish i could have been there! Especially loved your picture with the crystal beads handing from ceiling bed springs, the German glass glitter and the gift ties

  3. Such pretty collections of vintage goodies!!! I would love to attend that event! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Laura

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