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Sweet Salvage ~ Tis The Season ~ Part II

There's still time my Friends for you to get out to SWEET SALVAGE for the 'Tis The Season' Christmas Inspired Event which will run through Sunday Afternoon!

Today I brought Princess T and Miss Kim told her the Surprise of who was waiting for her to inform him of what she wanted for Christmas this year!

Yep, Santa himself was there for pixs together and to discuss your 'List'.   So Princess T and I sat on his lap to discuss our 'Wish Lists'... {Photos to follow in a Future Post that were taken by the Sweet Team Photographer}

Santa {and The Man} had told me I could pick out mine right away *Winks*... yes, because I had not 'Scored' that Antique Sewing Cabinet I was below Budget on my Christmas Gifts so... I was able to pick up a couple other Found Treasures on this trip back!  *Whoo Hoo!*  See if you can Guess which Bohemian Bling Necklace Creation I came Home with?
If you Guessed the Marcasite Brooch with Tintype Photo and Pearl Chain Created by my Friend Myko, you'd be correct!  This Image doesn't do it Justice, the Marcasite shines like Diamonds and the Sweet Child in the Tintype Photo is Adorable and kinda looks like I did as a Child!

And I also 'Scored' another Vintage Garment District Mannequin from my Friend Giesel's Space to add to my Collection of Vintage Gals.  Isn't she Lovely?  And she has real lashes and Wood Base.

Color me Happy... Princess T snagged an Image of Happy Gramma and my New Manne Gal!  Good Lord, we BOTH look bald in this pix!  *LOL*

And speaking of my Sweet Friends Giesel and Myko here they are... and it's lookin' like Princess T is already on quite a Sugar High from that Candy Cane Santa gave her!!!  *LOL*

I was Adoring the Sweet dyed Bottle Brush Trees in Myko's Space.

And we picked up a couple of Vintage School Flash Cards to put on our Tree at Home.  Ours say: "Will the dove fly to you?" and "Le drapeau francais est"  {Translation: The French Flag is}.  I Love the Beautiful Sepia Aging of the Paper.

This Tree Display and Vignette is Simple and yet one of my Favorites at the Show.

The little Velvet Pincushion I spaced out on during Opening Day was alas already Sold by the time we came back Today.  Ah well, you can't win 'em all...

This day was much more of a Zen Shopping Experience than Opening Day, so we could Leisurely stroll through the Shop and soak in all the Eye Candy, Beautiful Vignettes with layers of Inventory that you often miss when it's a Shopping Frenzy going on around you.

For those of you who don't do crowds well... remember, Fresh Inventory is added daily throughout the four day Event and the crowds thin out.  So I would suggest visiting Friday thru Sunday if you want to take your time, have children in tow, or if you don't have a lot of time to spare and need to get in and out rather quickly with your Found Treasures.

I always like to go back at least one more time when it's more Zen, so that I can bring the G-Kids since they really Enjoy the Experience too and look forward to Attending but wouldn't do well during a Shopping Frenzy on Opening Day.

Princess T Loves Styling as much as I do, so she really soaks in the Art Of Display that the Presentations there Educate her so well on how it should be done.  She likes to watch The Sweet Team as they Skillfully Re-Foof the Vignettes and arrange the New Inventory coming in to replace what is going out the door so swiftly!  They make it look so Effortless and Seamless... and yet those of us in the Biz know that it's SO NOT Effortless nor Seamless to keep everything Styled impeccibly and especially DURING a busy Event or Sale!  *Winks*

I Loved these two Chippy Shabby Old Sewing Drawers.

And nothing screams Eye Candy quite like mounds of Vintage Christmas Ornaments!!!

What a Sweet little Vignette this was and I really liked the Color Palette.

In fact, Friends Lori and Kim stopped furiously Re-Foofing Vignettes for just a moment so that I could get a pix of them standing still for a second rather than the blur of Activity they always are... the entire Sweet Team are as busy as a Hive of Honey Bees during the Event and yet still sport big Smiles and attentive Customer Service.

Remember that if you're looking for Vintage or OOAK Wearable Art Wardrobe for your Holiday Events there is also plenty of Beautiful Fashion and Accessories to choose from.

And if you Collect Old Books there were a wealth of them there too.

Need some Antlers still in Velvet?  You almost never see them like this.

And I thought the Flash Card Garland was a Fun Idea.  I made the mistake on Opening Day of getting one of these Garlands for my Tree but then setting it down while I took some pixs and someone else must have grabbed it!  *LOL*   Note to Self: DON'T SET ANY OF YOUR FOUND TREASURES DOWN OR IT'S FAIR GAME AGAIN ONCE ITS OUT OF YOUR HANDS!!!

Who doesn't Enjoy the Enchantment of a Mini Christmas Village?

This Fabulous Cabinet from Hungary was Awesome even if it was missing some of it's drawers.

This was one of Princess T's Favorite Vignettes.  She was absolutely Mezmerized by the faux Glitter Snow 'Fairy Dust'... she came away with a sprinkling of some in her hand and in her hair... because Miss Myko said she could.  *LOL*  And so now we have a Trail of it in the Jeep and throughout the House... Gee, Thanks Myko!!!  *Winks*  In Truth though, every Vehicle and Home needs a Sprinkling of Glittery 'Fairy Dust' though doesn't it?  That's part of the Magic, so I don't really mind at all, I think I had some in my hair too.

The Kids AND their Parents and G-Parents were lining up to Visit Santa and have their pixs taken after they'd discussed 'The List'.

And doesn't this Day Bed loaded with Lovely Christmas Pillows look comfy enuf to climb up into and take a long Nap?

I thought this Burlap and Ticking Santa Bag was Awesome!

And along with my Awesome Necklace I also picked up a bag of those Tea Stained Gift Tags... because indeed "It's A Wonderful Life"!

And soon I'll be installing our Home Christmas Tree into one of my Vintage Olive Buckets and get busy Decorating it.

All my Display Props are getting their Christmas Finery on... the Antelope now has her Tiara... and the Newest Vintage Mannequin has her Santa Hat on... be sure to come back Tomorrow for Part III of the SWEET SALVAGE 'Tis The Season' Event... there's still loads to Share with you my Friends as we get into the Christmas Spirit!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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