Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Tis The Season ~ And The One That Got Away

I'd kept it under wraps, that which I was on a Mission for... because I didn't Trust anyone, No, not even you my Friends, just in case you might be faster than me or arrive earlier!?  *LOL*  Yes, I'd given you a Clue in the previous Post... but only a glimpse of the Magnificence.  Luckily the G-Kid Force were sick and didn't have to go to School so I could leave even earlier... yes, that's how sick I AM ... that sick kiddos would be considered a Lucky Break in my World!  *Bwahaha!!!*  So here it is in the Lead Image... that which had opened up the Heavens and had Angelic Hosts singing Choruses to me on the Night we met at the Preview Party... yes, it was Love at first sight! 

My Plan couldn't Fail... or so I thought, I'd done my due diligence and excellent Recon, I'd put my Mojo all over the piece the Night before at the Preview Party, I got a great place in line near the front that Morning and even Santa stopped by to see what was in there that I wanted so badly for Christmas and to ask if I'd been Naughty or Nice?  {Whaddya Think was my answer? Winks}  Okay, so perhaps I shouldn't have lied and told him I'd been a Good Girl... Santa has Recon too you know. *Le Sigh*  And I kinda have a Rep for being a Bad Girl... but Honestly, I didn't think all that would matter, right, and I'd still get exactly what I want?  *Winks*

Source: Facebook 
Now these Gals, they're ALWAYS Nice, so they could say that in Truth when Santa came to Visit them in line.  *Smiles*  These are a couple of the Nicest Gals a Friend could have so I'm Certain they got exactly what they wanted from Santa.  I'm actually Eager to see what they 'Scored'!?

My Friend Jenny showed up in all her Fabulous Retro Finery, she is always a Vision and I'm in Love with that Silk Velvet Vintage Jacket GF!  *Swoon!*  If you J'Adore Vintage Finery be sure to visit Jenny's Link REDHEAD SADIE VINTAGE.

And my Adorable Friend Carissa of MAMA'S DOGS was there, of coarse I had to load up on her delish Homemade Cookies!

It was a chilly day {for Arizona Desert standards anyway} so everyone was lining up for a cozy meal before or after Shopping.

The moment the doors opened I made a beeline for MY coveted piece, I was absolutely certain I had a pretty good chance of 'Scoring' it since most peeps thru the door ahead of me were stalled out at the first Vignettes at the Entrance, Entranced and Mezmerized by the Awesome Fabulousness of the Magical Scene unfolding in front of them.  When I saw it was still there my pulse was racing, I was SURE it was MINE!  And then I saw it... the dreaded Yellow 'SOLD' tag... oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  It couldn't be... MY Cabinet had SOLD to someone else?!?!??! *GASP!*

Alas yes, though it was supposed to be on it's way Home to a Fabulous New Home at MY House, a Greased Lightening fast Gal named Susan S. had gotten there before me!  *Sob*   What had gone wrong, I'd put my Mojo all over it... Failed Mojo apparently, that almost never happens so I was in Shock.  It had been my most Photographed and Carressed Piece at the Event!   I had to take a Moment Of Silence to Grieve the Loss of MY Beloved Antique Sewing Cabinet.  

 I had spent all Night Envisioning it in my Art Studio holding all my Threads and Vintage Trims you see.  Letting Go was Painful and the Goodbye was Excruciating, but I dared not Mourn too long, though my Heart was Broken I had a Backup Plan.  Every Good Picker ALWAYS has a Plan B for the Second Favorite Piece and there was still time, since I Grieve Quickly and pulled myself together fast to Get Over It and Move On.  *LOL*  So before too many more Zealous Shoppers piled in I sped over to the other Recon site.

Thankfully the Second Favorite Piece I was Jonesin' for was better hidden from plain view than the Glorious Sewing Cabinet, which had been front and center like a Freakin' Beacon of Fabulousness with a Spotlight dead on it that nobody could miss beholding!  *Le Sigh*

I was Bracing myself tho', just in case my whole trip had been in Vain.  I was almost afraid to look...

But yes, yes... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was still there, the Antique Art Nouveau Metal and Wood Statuary from Germany of the Bohemian Dancing Girls with the most Amazing Patina of Age!   One holding Belly Dancing Cymbals and one playing a Harpsicord, such Free Spirited Beauty almost made me forget about the Sewing Cabinet... almost... I knew I'd have to Revamp my Mojo once I got Home lest it Fail me again and I was still licking my wounds of disappointment!  *Winks*

Luckily Friends are always there to be a Shoulder to Cry Upon when a Recon Mission doesn't quite work out.  Judy and Gail listened Sympathetically as I recounted The One That Got Away!  Every Picker and Junquer has those Stories... of those Found Treasures that slipped thru our fingers... so you know your Kindred Spirit Junquing Buddies have Been There and Done That and can lament with you and then Cheer you up.

After all, I hadn't come away empty handed, I had 'Scored' the equally Fabulous Statuary... and it really is very 'Me' so it was probably more Meant To Be Mine.  I couldn't have afforded both Treasures and the Statue was far more Budget Friendly.
And tho' the Beloved Cabinet would have been more Functional in my Art Studio where it would be rarely seen... this piece fits Beautifully right here on the desk where I Blog, so I can look at it and be Inspired by it more often.

And the Girls really are quite Art Nouveau Deco Lovely... and that Patina!  *Swoon*

I've tried to find out more about them online, to no avail, they are quite Old and aren't Signed, but are stamped Germany on the back.  Not certain if they're Pot Metal Spelter, at first I thought perhaps Bronze, but I'm seriously doubting that by the texture and oxidation of the Metal and Bronze Sculpture is usually quite heavy.  I have small Bronze Sculptures that rival a Boat Anchor in weight!

I oiled the Beautiful Wood Base, which was quite dried by Age, it is a rich Reddish Hue and at the back looks like it could have once been attached to something and part of a wall mount?  A very Interesting Piece and I just Love it, so I'm quite Happy with what I came Home with after all.

I had limited myself to one Purchase this Show... which is not easy lemme tell ya!

Along with a Host of Architectural Smalls like that Antique Doorknob with Door Plate that usually Call to me like a Siren's Song...

There were also large Pieces that caught my Eye too... Love Styled Skullies!

I liked this Idea of festooning a Crystal Chandie with Shiny Brights dripping down from it like Blue Glass Rain!

And the Creations from this Artist really caught my Eye!!!


Yes, I'd want six of them that I saw in a Grouping so that I'd have an Instant Collection of the Work!  *Winks*

And you know how I am about Religious Collectibles and Antiques... but I persevered and brought Home only Images of all this other Loveliness and stuck with my Plan of only ONE PURCHASE!  Such Restraint, my arm fairly aches from patting Self on the back!  *LOL*

Because I wanted this little Champagne Metallic Christmas Tree in the Silver Urn that Myko had Created, I really did!

But then again, I wanted this one too... *Smiles*

In fact, this little Christmas Tree was probably my second most Photographed Piece at the Event.

From the Sweet Vintage Angel on top...

To this Freakin' Amazing Ruffled Tree Skirt Myko had Created out of an Antique Fabric Remnant... everything about this Piece was sheer Perfection to me!!!

In fact Miniature Trees were really drawing me in this Season... I'm Envisioning Several on my Fireplace Mantle this Christmas like a little Vintage Metallic Forrest of Enchantment.

With Vintage Bottlebrush Trees under Cloche Scenes interspersed among them...
And be sure to come back Tomorrow for Part II of this Enchanting Show... and if you can make it out to SWEET SALVAGE for the 'Tis The Season Event' it will run through Sunday Afternoon.

And Santa will be there not only helping you to Shop and asking YOU if you've been Naughty or Nice... but also to take pixs with the Kiddos!

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So sorry about your dream piece that got away! It was neat!

  2. BIG sigh, Wow, you did score such a beautiful treasure, Dawn. Reading your post, I just "knew" you got the sewing cabinet and I know all too well how those sold tags can hurt.

    A big thanks for updating me on your fabulous shabby window. I'm still dreaming of finding one. One day, one day. Hugs, Rhonda

  3. Dejlig tur du har været på, og hvor jeg føler med dig at du mistede det skønne blå "sykabinet" det ville jeg også have elsket at eje, men du drog dog hjem med en skøn figur, min mand mener den er zink støbt, et martrialle man brugte meget i tredverne, og skøn er den da. knus morkaren.

  4. Oh Wow that sewing cabinet was beautiful...but I find when one thing is not to be there is another in the works somewhere in the universe...:D in the meantime that statuary is gorgeous!!
    I would go crazy at that place...LOL


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