Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Tis The Season ~ The Almost Finale'

I'm calling this Post the "Almost" Finale' because I ain't gonna lie, I took a gazillion Images of the Event during the Preview Party and two days of the actual Event that we attended, and I wasn't gonna be able to squeeze the last of 'em into just one more Post!  *LOL*

And if you're anything like me, the Images here in the Land of Blog are what Captivate you most and keep you coming back for more, right?  *Winks*  I'm a very Visual and Sensory Person overall, and I can spend all day soaking in Fabulous Visuals.  And though the Sensory Pleasures of being there in Person enhance that whole Experience, if and when you can't be there, the Images are the next best thing.

So Capturing Images through the Eye of the Lens is a particular Joy for me because it Preserves Images, Experiences and Moments in Time, not only for me Personally to recall and continue to be Inspired by virtually indefinitely, but to Share as well.

And when I began Blogging I never realized how Important the Sharing aspect of it can be and would be, because initially it was all about me.  *LOL*  It's True, starting my own Blog was a purely egocentric move on my part, until peeps started showing up.  Then I realized it wasn't all about me at all, nor would I want it to be now that I realized how much more it could be once you begin Inviting folks to join you in the Experience of your Blogging Adventures and cultivate Relationship with your Visitors, who often fast become Friends.

And lets face it, we Enjoy taking our Friends along with us when we're doing something Fun, Exciting or that we're Passionate about and they Share that Passion with us.  Here in the Land of Blog I've actually Connected with more Kindred Spirits than I ever had in Real Life... and the added Bonus being that some of us even began Connecting IN Real Life after meeting here initially!

I've always been amply Blessed with Wonderful Friends and Family, but I have not always Shared the same Passions as they did and so my Passionate Pursuits were often quite Solitary.  Or totally misunderstood by many in my Inner Circle that just didn't 'Get It' because their "Thing" was different than my "Thing", so even though Relationally we clicked, what 'Moved' each of us could be quite broad and polar opposites.

There was often not as many Friends or Family that I could Share my Artistic Pursuits, Creations and Grandoise Visions with... Invite to Events, Shops or Shows where I could spend Hours on end... recount Junquing Adventures with and show off my 'Scores' that Excited and Thrilled me so much... because frankly, their eyes would probably glaze over and they just weren't that 'Into It', you know?  *LOL... sure you know, I'm quite certain you all can relate because you've HAD those types of Conversations, or tried to?!*

Yes, you might have sparked SOME Interest in the occassional Visitor to your Hoard of Found Treasures you'd Lovinging amassed over the Years and spent endless hours playing with as you Created Vignettes and Styled and Decorated your little Heart out.  But there would be some who didn't recognize any form or function to your Art, your Styling, your Aesthetic, your Collections or your Fascination with it all.  To them it was a big Question Mark, a complete Mystery or a Raised Eyebrow!  *Winks*

We all like, Love and are Attracted to different things... and Styles... and what is deemed a Treasure or a Question Mark.   And it wasn't until I began Selling Off some of my stash that I began getting Honest Feedback from others about what Jazzed them... or NOT.   So even your Clientele Base will be quite specific and probably more of a Kindred Spirit than you initially realized as well.  Unless you totally or partially Sell Out because Profit will be your most motivating factor, as it kinda has to be in a Retail Endeavor unless you want to go broke. 

Therein for me lies the dilemma, how True to Self shall I be in my Retail Environment?  Should I go 'Full Out Me' or scale back to satisfy the masses and have their Approval so that Sales will be stronger?  I'm in flux right now with the delicate Balance of those Questions and implementing them.  I think that eventually I gradually will just go 'Full On Me' and gamble to see what happens?  Right now tho',  for the sake of Family, and to ensure regular checks... I'm catering to what Sells somewhat and doing SOME ME to see how it's Received and Embraced? *Winks*
I've had Family and Friends warn me that they don't think the General Public is quite ready for 'Full On Me' yet?  They could be right, I'm pretty far out there to be sure!!!  *LOL*  I'm not just outside of the box, I'm way over in Left Field with the box barely in view when it comes to Convention and 'Normal' Vision or Thinking by most folks Standards.   I've always thought 'Normal' was very subjective and over-rated anyways.  Rather Boring really, why be Ordinary when you can be Extraordinary, right?   Though those aren't the terms that most would describe my Aesthetic by, Weird and Odd have been more the Labels.  *Smiles* 

But I do pay attention to what Sells and I know what most peeps like or is Trending, so I don't mind incorporating some of that too... so long as I don't have to focus on that at the exclusion of my own 'Thing' just to make Bank.  *Winks*   I feel that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE have Mastered that Delicate Balance in fact, of Presenting things in such an Extraordinary way that it provokes Thought and Experimentation in Style, while still incorporating Elements that Wow the Masses and keep them coming back for MORE!

And really, don't we all want to do that, anyone who is 'Into' Style, Decor, Design, Art and Rescuing Found Treasures... make whatever we're Passionate about palatable to the Masses so that more and more Appreciate it in a similar way that we do? 

 I don't want to be the Lone Ranger because as a single Individual I can only do so much to Preserve what I Love and Appreciate so much... I want more peeps On Board.  And not just for Monetary Gain, tho' that is nice, I ain't gonna Lie *Winks*... but moreso because it Feeds my Soul to Create, whether it is Art or a Vignette in my Showrooms... or to Behold that which another Artist or Designer has Created... I Appreciate it at a Core level in my very Soul and State of Being.

When I know there are those of you out there also doing your part to Rescue and Preserve a piece of History one item at a time, I'm Jazzed.  I'm Hopeful you're making a decent enough Success at it that you will Thrive and turn others onto it.  So that more ends up regarded as things of Beauty rather than trash to be destroyed or hauled off to a Landfill or stored away in some dark, dusty Attic never to be used, re-purposed or beheld.

One thing that I have thought was a Blessing with the Economic downturn is that it has brought many back to the basics and Necessity is after all the Mother of Invention.  In our disposable Society we had almost lost the Appreciation for Quality, Workmanship and what Lasts.   And lets face it, many Old Treasures that were no longer readily used by most households could be had reasonably and therefore were Economically a better choice for Budget conscious peeps or those Going Green.

Yes, I personally choose to see a Silver Lining inside of every Cloud, because there usually is one if you look intently and Meditate upon it to Reveal the Mixed Blessing that it often is. 

And I do Hope you all are Richly Blessed this Holiday Season and Cherish who you Love and what you Love in Celebration of Life!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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