Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preview Party ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Tis The Season

So Last Night was the Preview Party for the 'Tis The Season Event at SWEET SALVAGE and what a Great Time it was!!!   Imagine yourself Transported to the Visual Fantasyscape from the Canvas of the Imagination of a Dozen Talented Designers brought to Life, filled with every imaginable Treasure you could ever Hope or Dream to have on your Holiday List... Catered with delicious food and confections and with Live Music, Wine and loads of Kindred Spirits mingling!  Being able to take your time to soak in the Ambiance and Magic that has been Lovingly Created to Transform every inch of the Shop into a Wintery Wonderland!  This is why I LOVE and so look forward to attending the Special Preview Parties sometimes Hosted the Night before Opening Day of the Four Day Shopping Extravaganza...   

I want to Thank my generous Friend, Sweet Man Jim... {See Jim, I told ya you'd be Bohemian Blog Fodder by the end of Tonight!  Winks}

And his Lovely Wife, my equally generous Friend Sweet Kim, for extended the Invitation to join them and for Hosting such a Wonderful Party and good time for all.  I thoroughly Enjoyed and Savored every Magical moment and the Shop was an absolute Enchanting Vision... it re-energized me, Mwahhhh and a big Bohemian Hug!

Imagery doesn't do the Vignettes Justice, you really have to BE there my Friends... and you can be... since the Event will run through this Sunday and fresh Inventory will be brought in daily throughout the Event.  You can be sure I will be there bright and early because, yes, I set my peepers on something Special that I'm Jonesin' to have under my Christmas Tree if I can get to it first?! Hell NO I'm not gonna show you just yet what it is... you might just race me to it as I make my beeline straight there for it after having done my Preview Recon.   Recon Dawn they oughtta call me!  *LOL*

And it's always such a Treat that so many of my Talented Friends will also be there to Socialize with... I want to Congratulate my Sweet Friends Roman and Giesel on their newest Space at SWEET SALVAGE, you totally Rocked it with your Distinctive Style and Vibe my Friends!  And I'm so Happy for you as you continue to Expand your Vision!

Giesel having an Adorable Vanna White Moment Showcasing their New Space... the Hard Work was Evident and since we Share a similar Aesthetic and Palette I'm always drawn to their Style and Fab Inventory!

And Trust and Believe, whatever your Style, Aesthetic and Palette, you will be sure to Discover it here and want to Feather your Nest with it!   Peeps come from far and wide now to Attend the Monthly Event and it's ever changing Theme.   This Month's Theme was "Tis The Season" and was Inspired by Christmas... just in time for you to Shop for the Holidays!!!

And it's not just Furnishings and Seasonal Items... but Wardrobe and Accessories you can 'Score' during your Visit!  From Exquisite Antiques to Trending Decor and Vintage Treasures, the spectrum of Found Treasures is broad.

And it doesn't matter which side of 'The List' you're on, Naughty or Nice... there's something for you in mind!  *Winks*  By the way... which side ARE you on this Year my Friends?!?  *LOL*  I had Fun seeing which side each of my Friends from The Sweet Team were on at the Front Door's 'List'. *Smiles*   What side do you Suspect I joined them on?!?  *Ha ha ha*

I was, as always, absolutely Enchanted by my Friends Myko and Brett's Beautiful Space... Myko Rocks the Pastel Palette like you wouldn't Believe!   It makes me Feel like a Kid again to behold the Vignettes and the meticulous attention to detail along with all the Sparkle and Imaginative Elements!!!
That Sweet little Velvet Pincushion is just Perfect for a certain Velvet Adoring Fabric Artist dontcha think?  *Winks*

The Band was Rockin' it all Night long!!!

And as you can see... there was a mad Rush to the Dessert Buffet section and the Confections were so Beautiful they almost didn't look Real so it was a Feast for the Eyes too!  And even tho' Lookin' would have saved me Calories... you KNOW I didn't stop at the Visual now don't you?!? *LOL*  And I managed to get a couple of those Tasty Fruit Tarts before they were gone, I forget how many peeps I almost had to knock over though... YUM!!!  *LOL, just kidding!*   Funny how us Adults will scold a Kid for wanting Dessert before the Entree and then the first chance we Adults get... we'll do exactly that same thing!  *Bwahaha!!!*   Yes, there was an Amazing Food and Fresh Fruit Buffet too... but I Confess, I didn't go there FIRST!  *Shhhhhh... don't tell the G-Kid Force this Guilty Indulgence Secret Okay?!?  As far as they know I always Behave!  LOL*

Fabulous Tinsel Trees abounded and there's nothing that evokes a sense of a Delightful Retro Christmas quite like Tinsel Trees and Shiny Bright Ornaments!

And I was absolutely Ga-Ga over Myko's Satin Ruffled Tree Skirts!  *Swooning*  From the Miniature Trees Adorned with them at the Bases...
To the Six Footers Adorned with them at their Bases.

Yes, I was soaking in every square inch of Detail at every turn...

And trying to decide, what couldn't I Live without and would be within Budget?!?  *LOL*  Darn Budget... you know how that always cramps our Style!  *Smiles*

But whether your Holiday Budget is large or modest, there will be something that you can 'Score' and Adore, I Promise you!!!   With all the layers of Styling that the Sweet Designers have Created you'll be in your Element if you truly Enjoy The Thrill Of The Hunt!

So I really Hope you can make it... the doors Open this Morning at 10:00 am and the Event will culminate Sunday Afternoon.   I hear that Santa will be there Saturday for you to have Pictures taken with!
And I don't know how Saint Nick got that Fabulous Salvage Architectural Church Window on his Sleigh, but it stopped me dead in my tracks and I was Wondering if something that big could possibly fit into a Jeep too?  *LOL*   I know, probably not...  I doubt that it would even fit into my House... but one can Dream about such things that Dreams are made of can't they?

Yes, this Preview Party was Pure Magic and the Stuff Dreams are made of... and it really renewed my Spirit, Inspired and Energized me to want to begin Transforming Bohemian Valhalla for Christmas!

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook
Thanks my Sweet Friends for such a Wonderful time this Special Night and Creating Magic!  Your Creative Genius and Imaginative Vignettes and Designs Shined as Brightly as the Lights and Shiny Brights!   See you all bright and early...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Talk about a gorgeous group of friends . I love the shop and the band and the food. OMGOODNESS and your sweet post. They are so blessed to have you my friend. YOU have a spirit like no other and I for one JUST love it !!! Hope that you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving and Holiday season. I think the punch of christmas color you all have is fabulous as well. HUGS xooxoxo

  2. How fun! I 'd like the turquoise Tonka Truck, The gorgeous shiny decorated tinsel tree and a few of those yummy looking pastries!


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