Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gypsy Curtains And Another Sad Story...

I Love Gypsy Curtains... and I desperately NEED this set that my Friend Angela Created for the Shop... *LOL*

I know... I'm a very Needy Person... *Winks*... because now I also think I Need the swag of Old Glass too... just so as not to break up the set... which is a Display and not for Sale... but hey, that's never stopped me from Going Hard for what I Think I Need before!!!  *Smiles*

I'm in the Process of replacing all the Curtains at this Ole' House simply because I Need a Change too...

I've been working on a Home Transformation one room... one window... at a time.... then I shall move on to the Art Studio Cottage since it's Vacant again and can be Reclaimed as what I Intended for it to be... my Studio Space... a Haven for me to Retreat to and Create in.

We had yet another Burglary at the Studio Cottage after the last Guest moved out... it's on the back half of our Acreage so particularly vulnerable when it's Vacant.  They broke a Window and an Old Door to gain entrance while I had The Man at the VA Hospital last week for an Appointment... the place was ransacked, vandalized and tossed... I felt so upset and violated.   The creepiest part of the Crime Scene was they also lit every damn Candle in the place, in the middle of the Afternoon... must have been Tweakers, that's just too Weird for anyone NOT High! 

The Son and some of our Friends in the Trades came by and cleaned everything up since I felt totally overwhelmed by the mess and vandalism... they spent all day working hard to put it all right.  I LOVE and Appreciate you Guys, you ROCK and came in like the Cavalry to our Rescue!!!  They also replaced the door and window with some of my Architectural Salvage Stash and secured the place like a Fortress with extra Security measures including Ornate Ironwork.  So my Hoard of Old Doors, Ornate Wrought Iron Accents and Salvage Old Windows does come in mighty handy at times like this!  It's taken me all week to be able to talk about it.   And be sure, I'm putting a Gypsy Curse on whoever the perps are... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I love your blog. I plan to continue to visit. Sorry about the vandalism, it's terrible. My car was vandalized one night and I felt so violated as you say. Yes the chili roaster is going to be a lot of fun to use and am looking forward to it. Hey why not, we only live once. Might as well enjoy some of the niceties in life. Have fun in your redecorating. I look forward to seeing the before and after. Take care and again nice to meet you.

  2. So sorry about the Vandalism! Could the structure be moved closer in to the house and still be secluded?

    1. Alas, it's a 100 year old Carriage House that was converted into a Cottage, I doubt it could tolerate a move without compromising the integrity of the structure... and it would not really fit anywhere else on the property without displacing something else. If I could afford it I'd gladly move my entire property to a more secluded agricultural location like it used to be... before the City grew up around it. *winks*

      Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It's so disheartening to think people enjoy doing those acts of vandalism... I'm glad your son and friends put everything back to rights for you. It's good to have a son in the trades, isn't it? ;)

  4. Wow. That's a welcome sort of odd, heh. First off, the theft is more than detestable, and I hope the culprits are all caught. They clearly don't have appreciation for the efforts in property. Otherwise, a rather cool room. Those curtains are quite odd. Every single piece of looks like installation art. Good thing their art can't be uprooted, since they need the location to work. The result is you don't want to tinker with the asymmetry, since it's all very particular. So basic overhaul should make you think of tough choices, especially when it comes to windows, which need to work at a point where they must still provide lighting and ventilation, and not accumulate too much grue.

    Roxie @ Allure


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