Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun At The Paper Collage

This past week I also FINALLY made it back down to my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE in time to take in the Halloween Vibe and Decor, while picking up some Crafting and Art Supplies for the Holidays.

If you're an Artist, Creative Soul, Scrapbook Enthusiast or Avid Crafter you will be in your Element here, Inspiration abounds and distinctive lines of Crafting Supplies and Vintage Trims are always in stock.

Workshops and Classes are also held at the Shop for Mixed Media, Altered Art, Collage,
Card Making, and Vintage Paper Arts so be sure to check the LINK HERE for more information.

This day we were having Fun Altering Scrabble Tiles, which was easy with Pamela's Instruction and is a Project I'll be able to do at Home with the Family now that I've stocked up on all the Supplies we'll need to begin Altering my Hoard of Scrabble Tiles.  *LOL*

How Cute are these Paper Art Dioramas for the Holidays!?

I'm always drawn to the Paper and Fabric Trims.

And the Art Tags, which are so Beautiful that I always keep any I receive on Gifts that my Artistic Friends have Lovingly Created.  Each is a miniature Work of Art.

There is going to be an Art Tag making Class... which I Hope I'll have the opportunity to Attend!?

I'll be a Scrabble Tile Altering, Tag Making Maniac once I get started!  *Smiles*  By the way, Sweet Pamela Generously Gifted me with these Altered Halloween Tiles spelling 'Witch' which were a part of her Display.   I LOVE them and they were what Inspired me to want to know how they were made, so Pamela held a little Impromptu Scrabble Tile Altering Class... so much Fun!

And if you're as much of a Fan of the Stampington Line of Magazines as I am, you can get them here too.

The Shop is so Inviting and has such an Intimate Atmosphere that it will make you Feel as though you're visiting a Friend's Home.

You will receive that Personal Attention and Warm Welcome that you just don't get in Crafting Chain Stores.  Pamela and her Associates are Passionate about the Products and Art Forms so they can provide a wealth of Information about anything you might need to know.

I got some of that Awesome Blush colored Vintage Velvet Rick-Rack Trim, it's Divine!  As a Fabric Artist I truly Appreciate Shops that carry New Old Stock of Trims and Fabrics that are difficult to Source.
If I'd had more time this day I could have also learned to Create one of those Awesome Paper Chinese Lanterns... maybe next time!?   And you can see that Pamela also often Treats her Customers to some delicious Confections while they Shop... this day it was Muffins and Cream Puffs, Yum!

Each little Vignette and Area has a Theme and an Ambiance all it's own, this is a very Romantic European Inspired Nook.

And I'm building up my Hoard of these Style of Block Letters... I got some more this visit.  *Winks*

And you don't have to go Hunting for Old Scrabble Games to pillage for your Scrabble Tiles... Pamela always has an abundance of them to spell out anything you might be needing to Create with them.

Can't you just picture yourself taking a Workshop here now?

Princess T wants to learn to make those Paper Art Rosettes, so perhaps she and I can take a Class on those too in the Future?

I also finally found an assortment of Washi Tape at Pamela's Shop, I've been wanting some of that for a long time and couldn't find it anywhere.   No... this isn't an Image of Washi Tape Display I know... but I didn't Photograph everything, too busy Creating Fun Projects, Visiting and buying my Supplies.  *Smiles*

I have some of these Tins at Home, Adore them and have some from New York and Paris in various sizes.  Just Love the Hue and the Graphics.

And Pamela also stocks Craft Packs and Kits that she Creates.
 I Love Packs of Paper Findings, Artistic Supplies, delicious bits and bobs or Ephemera don't you!?

And in case you cannot get over to Sun City West to Shop here, Pamela also has two Booths at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST which carry many of the same products as well as Vintage Finds.  One of her Booths is right in front of my Showroom #114, so you can't miss it.

And her newest Booth is Space 908, just follow the main aisle to the back of the Mall and it's the last end cap Booth on your left.  Had to give you a peek at her newest Space.

But back to the Shop...

So I do Hope you'll be able to stop by the Shop the next time you're in the Far West Valley, check the site for hours and Classes... and tell your Friends about it. 

So that you can Create some Fun Customized Decor to keep or to give as OOAK Gifts to Friends and Family or to Embellish Gift Wrapping so that the Packaging itself is part of the Gift and makes it Special and almost too Beautiful to open.  *Smiles*

Thanks again Pamela for the Altered Scrabble Tile Tutorial!

I'll probably have these things strewn all over Bohemian Valhalla by Thanksgiving!  *Winks*  And I'm thinking of Creating some Christmas Tree Ornament Tags out of them, whaddya think?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I always admire how you capture things with your camera that I never noticed before! It was a FUN day and you are welcome to come back ANYTIME!!! Can I tempt you with MORE shimmer spray and vintage seam binding? LOL!

    Thanks a million for the AMAZING post!!! I will be sharing it! ♥

    -pamela ;)

    1. Bribes ALWAYS work... *Winks* Glimmer Spray, Seam Binding... how COULD I say no?!? I'm attracted like a Moth to a Flame! I think when I die I'll ask that along with my Shroud, there be Accessories of Seam Binding and Glimmer Spray to "Go "Boho" into the Afterlife! *LOL* Always a pleasure to get down to the Shop, I'll have to make a pre-Christmas Visit. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That shop does look fun!! So glad your having time to enjoy life again! God Bless you and yours!


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