Sunday, October 20, 2013

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ The Finale'

I Hope you were able to make it to SWEET SALVAGE's "French Market" Event this Month, today is alas, the last day and it's quickly drawing to a close.   Next Month's Theme will of coarse be a Christmas Inspired Event just in time for the upcoming Holidays.

I Wish I could have spent more time at this Event Inspired by France and the Paris Flea Market since it was one of the Themes I had been anxiously looking forward to attending.

Obviously it was a Favorite for many others too as it was extremely well received and the Francophiles were out in full force!  *Smiles*

Even though we had to do a quick Power Shop and Coverage of the Event I was absolutely Delighted with my Haul!

And though my Photo Shoot was hasty and 'On The Run' this Month I Hope you Enjoyed coming along with us on the ride Virtually here in the Land of Blog?

And perhaps you'll add Phoenix to your itinerary of Shopping Destinations on your next Road Trip?

I just Loved the Creative Ambiant Light Fixtures at this Month's Event.

And the wealth of European Grain Sacks that were loose or upholstered the Furnishings.

The Ladder with the Galvanized Buckets attached was a great Idea for Showcasing Harvest Vignettes or Fresh Floral Displays.

And is that Mary Emmerling I see Scouting out Found Treasures too?!  SWEET SALVAGE's Events draw many well known Stylists, Artists and Decorators.

Source: My Friend Pamela Medaglia ~ Facebook

And this Month, alas, some of my Friends and I missed catching up with each other at the Event... but Thanks to Facebook we can Share our Images... Pamela saw another Customer wearing the same Outfit... how Cute!  Twinkies!!!  And of coarse Talented Pamela couldn't resist Embellishing the Image her 'Style'.  *Smiles*

And you'll always be duly Inspired by the various Stylists, Artists and Vendors from THE SWEET SALVAGE Team, whether you do this for a Living too or are just Feathering your Nest or Styling for a Special Event of your own.

I should have picked up at least ONE of those Olive Buckets in hindsight!  *LOL*   I'm thinking it would make a nice base for this Season's Christmas Tree.   Ah, well, perhaps next time... just in time for Christmas Styling here at Bohemian Valhalla since I Plan to go a Simple Country Rustic this Year.

After all Simplifying and Simplicity has been my Mantra for this Year and a lofty Goal for such a Maximalist as myself!  *Winks*  But I'm getting there, slowly but surely... and though I shall probably never truly be a Minimalist, I am Comfortable with Simplifying our Lives and our Home now and downsizing with a more Editing Eye as we Curate our Collections.

I know, you'll Believe it when you see it, right?  *LOL*  But those who know me well can tell I'm at least Attempting what previously had been next to Impossible for an Incurable Collector and Hoarder of Beauty!  *Smiles*

I think that for 2014 I will be concentrating on downsizing even more and Landscaping and Styling our Acreage so we can spend even more time Outdoors in Outdoor Rooms.

We prefer Creating when we're Outdoors and Princess T wants to make some of these Rosettes out of Old Sheet Music and Vintage Trims.  She Insisted that I Photograph this one so she'll remember how it was made... I think it will be a Fun Project for the G-Kids and we can attach smaller ones to the Christmas Tree and as Package Decorations.

I think I took about half of my Photos while standing in the long checkout line and there were many areas of the Shop that we just didn't have a chance to get to browse through this time around, since it was extremely busy and we were on short Time constraints.  *Le Sigh*

So of coarse I was noticing things from the checkout line that I Loved and hadn't Photographed or even seen during our Power Shop... like the Wall of Silverplate Trays, which looked Awesome in a Grouping.

And that Great Display of Old Military Medals.

This entire Section that we didn't even walk through... and had some Great Inventory...

And the Old Door with the Vignette of a Grouping of Antique Hand Mirrors.   I have a vast Collection of those and of coarse a Hoard of Old Doors... so this would be a Great way to Display both.   Excuse the poor quality of those standing in line Shots that I had on Zoom to even try to capture for Future Inspiration!  *Smiles*

Next Month I Hope to have more Time allotted to do my preferred Leisurely stroll through the Event and hit more of our Favorite Shops up and down 7th Avenue.

And Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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