Monday, October 21, 2013

Flea Market ~ Brass Armadillo West

I Hope you were able to make it out to the Parking Lot Flea Market Sale this past weekend at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST?  The G-Kid Force and I were up bright and early to scope out the best Deals and the day was perfectly Gloriously warm and sunny for a Flea Market Event!  The Mall was also serving grilled fifty cent Hot Dogs, seventy-five cent Hamburgers, bags of snacks for a Quarter and Free Pink Lemonade so that you could enjoy an inexpensive Lunch while you went Junquing!  So my Friend 'Grill Master' Dan was busy Bar-B-Quing for the hungry crowds.


My M.O. for Flea Markets is to do a quick once-around Power Shop and then go back later to dig deeper for Deals.   I also had extra sets of Eagle Eyes in the form of the G-Force helping me out and moving at the speed of light, so we split in three different directions to have broader coverage.  *Winks*  They know what Gramma's lookin' for and with eyes like a Rat they'll uncover it if it's there.

I really liked these Highway Discs, since they were interesting, but they weren't on my 'List' so I Passed.

It's always nice to visit with my Friends who were working their Flea Market Booths.  I really miss working with my Friend Romeo and hearing the great stories of when he was a well known Hollywood Stuntman.  If you ever see a Classic Western with a guy being dragged by a horse or behind a Stagecoach, that was very likely Romeo!

And my first 'Score' of the day was from Romeo, he Sold me his Fabulous Masonic Hat, still with it's original Hat Box, to add to my Collection of Funky Hats!  *Color me Happy!*  

 Thanks for giving me a Killer Insane 'Special Friend' Discount Romeo, Mwahhh, I've been wanting one of these for a long time and it will be Cherished and Proudly Displayed!  In fact, doesn't Vintage Mannequin Yvette look Splendid Rockin' it?!?

Oh yeah, my Vintage Mannequin Gals certainly know how to Showcase a Funky Hat Collection!  *Winks*

And this Hat still has all of it's Amazing Details and Bling intact.

And you all know how I J'Adore da Bling and this is high Quality Bling, which when it catches the Light it practically blinds ya! 

And having the Original Hat Box is a Special Bonus for Storage and to keep it looking Pristine when not on Display.

You can only tell I'm Ecstatic about my Hat can't you!?!??!   I was Photographing it like a Newborn Babe!!!  *LOL*
But... back to the Flea Market so you can see some of the other Treasures that were waiting to be Found.   A Friend of mine 'Scored' that Slag Glass Lampshade with the Saguaro Cactus Scene.

And no Desert Flea Market would be complete without Vintage Coolers for your Beers, Sodas and other Refreshments on a Sunny Day, right?  *Winks*   I liked this mini Cooler in a Cheerful Sunshine Yellow and in Great Condition for it's Age.

Even though we arrived early there were folks that beat us there... they must have camped out... *Winks*... those are the Committed Flea Market Junquers that will be there as Day Breaks!  *Smiles*   You can't roll me out that Early...

If you were in the Market for Vintage Aqua Mason Jars there was a bounty of them at this Booth that my Friend Dano had, and he always has a wealth of Mantiques too for your Man Caves.

And there were plenty of Seasonal Treasures too in time for Halloween...

And Spiritual Treasures, which are always a Fav of mine.

And in case you missed this one... we have them Quarterly so just check out the BRASS ARMADILLO Website for the next one.   And remember, if you live in Downtown Phoenix, the other Location also has them regularly now that the Weather is Perfect for Outdoor Vending Venues.  And yes, you can rent a Space even if you're not a regular Dealer, so inquire in the Mall to sign up.

I was very Tempted to pick up these Industrial Pulleys for only Ten Bucks apiece so that The Man might Create some of those Industrial Style Light Fixtures out of them... but he's not quite ready for Projects yet, so I Resisted.

But I couldn't Resist this Antique Ice-Cream Parlour Chair in Black with Brass Plaque on the back for only Seven Bucks...  I'll probably keep this one for myself.

And I also snapped up the Awesome Blue Vintage Stool for only Four Bucks!!!   Yes, the Deals were abounding so I only Wish I'd brought more Moolah with me! 

You know... I was gonna Flip that Stool... but upon closer Inspection, it really does match the Aqua Hue of my Persian Rug in the Livingroom doesn't it?  *Winks*

I HATE when that happens... I buy something with the express Intention of Selling it... and then it matches my Palette or Function at Home too well to Let Go of just now, crap... *LOL*

  But I was Delighted with what I did 'Score' and very little Negotiating was even necessary because the Prices were already Fantastic!

But Vendors were willing to Negotiate and allow you to Haggle for your Best Deal too... case in point, you could have gotten this Killer Birdcage on a Seafoam Green Wrought Iron Stand for only Twenty Bucks!!!   I could just see a Chandie hanging in there, can't you?

And if you needed Great Vintage Storage there were Crates galore...

And loads of Galvanized Metal and Vintage Kitchenware...

My Friend Shelly had this Awesome Vintage Crib for Sale.

And if you were looking for Vintage Ambiant Lighting for your Home Office... the Desk Lamp selection was Awesome!!!

Any Bottle Collectors out there?  You would have been in Seventh Heaven...

And I'm thinking I shouldda picked up that Yardstick in my Fav Hue of Vintage Green...

I actually have a Vintage Tole Lamp exactly like this one hanging in my Back Kitchen... and who doesn't need more Globes?  *Winks*   I actually 'Scored' another Black Globe for my Collection here at an Awesome Price from a New Dealer's Booth!

I loaded the G-Kid Force up with Grilled Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and bags of Chips so that we could stay through Lunch.  I only Wish I could have participated in the Flea Market as a Vendor, but for now it might be too much for The Force and The Man to be expected to sit out all Morning and Afternoon while Gramma did a Show... so perhaps in the Future...

I was gonna ask how much for the Vintage Pachinko Machine, but someone beat me to it...

I barely had time to snap a pix of it before it was snatched up... so it must have been a Great Price! *LOL*

This Old Typewriter and Case was in Great Condition.   I've Sold a lot of those myself, so apparently every household in America still doesn't have one?  *Winks*

I Hope you've Enjoyed coming along with us my Friends?  And maybe next time I'll see you there in Person?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Looked like a great sale! I would have spent Big Time too!

  2. Loving your blog....I'm adding you to my bloglist!! I love to go to flea markets and it looks like you did pretty good that day!


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