Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cat Girl Does Trick-Or-Treat At Brass Armadillo

She'd been an absolute Beast all day anyway, so Gramma said, "Lets turn you into a Cute Beast so that at least I won't want to kill you and we'll go try to have some Fun Tonight okay?"  *LOL*  When they're Cuter you can handle the Bad Attitude better I've found and then things can usually turn around for the better.

She was resistant at first, you know how they are when they're determined to work your last nerve... she wasn't sure she wanted to be 'Cute' for the Trick-Or-Treat Event at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST,   After all, she wasn't 'Feeling Cute', she was obviously 'Feeling Monstrously Beastly' this day.

She wasn't even sure by now that she even LIKED either of the Halloween Costumes Gramma had 'Picked' for her even though they were Perfectly 'Her' on a Normal Day... REALLY... are you Kidding me?!?  Of coarse she was NOT having a NORMAL kinda day, was she?  *Le Sigh*

"Well, at least put it on so I can see you in your Cat Girl Costume." Grandpa pleaded... right now she'll do ANYTHING for Grandpa.  Even though both of us are fresh out of the Hospital she apparently only has the capacity for an ounce of sympathy and compassion for Grandpa... she was glaring at me with the ferocity of a Serengeti Predator Cat in those little Eyes Black as Coal!  *Bigger Sigh*

"Okay then..." she concedes and stomps off to get suited up.  "But I'm probably NOT gonna wear it to the Event... it's probably not gonna be Cute Enough!!!" she growls.  Yes, she's THAT much of a Diva this one... her Mother was just like that too, so we've had plenty of Practice at being Diva Handlers.  I could easily be a Personal Assistant to any Hollywood Diva with this Resume I tell ya!  *Winks*

Of coarse she had to pick apart everything that was wrong with the Outfit... it was giving her a wedgie so maybe it was the wrong size, some of the Ostrich Feather Trim was shedding, she wanted to attach the Tail differently than the manufacturer had designed for it to... but of coarse every Diva MUST find fault, right?  Even if Clearly they're 'Feeling It' and it's beginning to show.  *Winks*  And besides, whaddya want for a Dollar, perfection!?!  Yep, it was a Buck this Ensemble!

And Clearly she WAS 'Feeling It' and was in full Cat Girl Mode resplendant with sound effects and Feline Attitude and mannerisms... she WAS a Cat now.  *Whew*   And we gushed that yes, she looked Cute Enough... how couldn't she?   And it's a waste of breath to remind her that Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins... that line didn't work on her Mother either... they're not Conceited, they're Convinced!  *Bwahaha!*
So with her Tinkerbell Treat Bag strapped on and teetering around on her mini Hoochie Heels off we go for an Evening of Fun now that her Attitude has been Transformed. 

 The Young Prince had intended to go... but he'd had a Church Halloween Youth Lock-Down Sleepover the Night Before and then worked the Church Rummage Sale all Day... so you KNOW those Teenagers didn't Sleep a wink during the Slumber Party and then being put to Work bright and early had finished him off... he was in Bed voluntarily by 6:00 PM this Night!  *LOL*  We must do THAT more often!  *Evil Cackle... am I going to Hell for Thinking that I Wonder?  Winks*  And yes, that's Silly Yul who now likes to sleep in some of the Antique Drawers I'm doing a makeover on!  Since he's taken up Residence I'll probably have to keep one now!

And Yes, of coarse I Attended the Church Rummage Sale and 'Scored' some Great Found Treasures, Naturally!  And the Young Prince even brought me Home a Present from the Sale.  He hasn't been a Beast lately... he's been the 'Golden Child' in fact all week... but there's always ONE working your last nerve... and his Little Sister has assumed that duty lately and she takes the Job seriously!  

She had a lot of Fanfare upon her Arrival so now she 'Felt Cute Enough'... after all, that many people can't be wrong... right?  *LOL*

The Guys were loading up the candy buckets for the Trick-Or-Treaters... and Sampling some too, obviously.  *Winks*

Everyone was in Costume... Loved my Friend Ed's Costume and Wig... very Dr. Kildare.
Source: Bing Images ~ Dr. Kildare Show
Well... sorta... I'm SURE that was the Retro Suave Look you were going for, weren't you Ed... I mean the resemblance was uncanny!  *Winks*

My Friend, obviously The Good Witch... she's such a Sweetie Pie that she could never pull off The Wicked Witch.

Absolutely Adorable as always!

And Adam was a Zombie Mechanic... you HAVE to have SOME Zombies nowadays... it's a given Halloween Staple!!!   The Kiddos LOVE the Zombies as much as any Youth has since the Sixties Cult Classic 'Night Of The Living Dead'!

I hung out with a couple of my Favorite Dealers and Friends Kathye and Ken in their Showroom... they had some of the best Candy so we were luring everyone in... Great Inventory, Great Company AND Candy, how can you go wrong!  *Winks*

They had the Cutest Halloween Inspired Entrance to the Showroom... Adoring the Old Turquoise Door and Antique Black Dress Form!!!

And this Wreath made of dyed Burlap and Doily Pumpkin is Awesome... Kathye and Ken Create many of their Beautiful pieces... Repurposing and Upcyling Vintage Finds and while Kathye is a Talented Artist and Stylist, Ken is a Superb Carpenter so they also do Custom pieces.  Not to mention having a good Eye for On-Trend Antiquities and Vintage Treasures.

I have 'Scored' some of my own Favorite Treasures in their Showroom and Kathye is a Kindred Spirit so we Adore the same Beautiful AND Quirky Things.  *Smiles*

They have some Fun Fall Elements like Repurposed Birdhouses.

I Love Birdhouses made of Architectural Salvage!!! And the Birds on our Property Love them too.

Yes, I had 'Scored' another Gator Head this day at the Mall... and couldn't resist feeding him from the Candy stash Kathye and Ken had.  *LOL*  If you Love Taxidermy you'll discover many possibilities at the Mall.

I was also totally diggin' this Tim Burton Inspired Creation in Kathye and Ken's Showroom.

Just the right balance of Fright and Whimsey.

And they always have a wealth of Great European Antiques and Vintage Finds as well as Early Americana.  The Union Jack Flag caught my Eye.

As did the Upcycled Antique Chest of Drawers done in a French Country Chic Style by Kathye.

And a Sweet Couple asked if they could take a pix of Princess T and I in front of one of my Showrooms for us... to prove that yes, I was there.  *LOL*  When you're usually the one behind the camera you Appreciate someone offering to be a Personal Photographer for at least one shot of you at an Event!  *Winks*  Thanks Guys... and I Hope you 'Scored' some Awesome Treasures, I could tell you were having Fun and in the Spirit of things!

Princess T had helped me re-foof everything in the Showrooms and Loft Spaces since Sales have been brisk and this Weekend was the 15% Off Everything in the Mall Sale!

Though things have been Crazy on a Personal Level, I've tried to price and bring some New Inventory into the Showrooms in time for the Big Events.  I reluctantly decided to part with one of my Antique Radios even though I Love the Ornate Art Deco Style of it.  I just knew I wouldn't have the Time or inclination to properly Restore it so I'll let it be another Antique Radio Enthusiast's Project.

And since I'd Sold all my Globes and most of my Maps I had to Source some more and bring them in to replenish stock.  With all the Personal Drama going on I haven't had much Time to go 'Pickin' so I'm long overdue for a Good Pick!

But the Pickin' gods have been on my side and Maps and Globes by the Laws of Attraction seemed to Show Up just when I needed them to!  This Old Nautical Map of Santa Catalina Island has glass on both sides to Display the entire double sided Map.

I also Sourced a 1950's Teaching Clock... I remember those from back in da day!

Most of my Autumn and Halloween Inventory has Sold Out but I still have some left and will try to Source some more in time for Thanksgiving for a Harvest Theme.

Remember when every household had one of these 'Automated' Phone Directories... we thought they were so nifty and High Tech didn't we?!  *LOL*  I like that this one is showing it's Age... I have two, so if you're Jonesin' to go 'Old School' as backup when your Smart Phone fails ya... just sayin'.  *Winks*

I was Delighted to Source some Signed Art by the Southwest Artist Jan Thompson.

I Love the vibrancy of her Art capturing the Beauty of the Southwest Desert.

I also have some more Gypsy Afghans... they Sell fast so I can't usually keep them in Stock.  And it's difficult to get Princess T to want to let Gramma Sell them because she layers her Room in Gypsy Quilts and Afghans and wants them ALL!  *Winks... yes, the Apple didn't fall far from the Tree!*

And I Sourced an Old Arthur Wood Pitcher... Love the Styling of his handles.

I had decided to part with some of my Funky Band Hats since I had a Hoard of them... and this is the last one for Sale that is left... so if you have to have one... better hurry in!

I Confess I haven't been Working my Showrooms like I should lately, but Thankfully my Customers haven't seemed to mind the mess and disarray of them and Sales have still been brisk.  *Whew*

I only have one Ouija Board left... well, if it didn't Sell last Night... it was so busy it might have, they are still a Best Seller when you can Source them, especially this time of year.

And check out the 1950's Duck Bank... too Cute!

And because there was a SALE, well, you know I wasn't just Selling, right?  *Winks*  So I got myself a Vintage Gator Bag...

Don't fret, the Little Guy probably died of Natural Causes Decades ago my Friends, maybe even before I was born?  So no Gator Bag of mine was harmed recently.   *LOL*

And my Gator Head... which was already priced so low that after the Sale Discount he was practically Free so there was no way I was passing him up!  *Smiles*  BTW: That's a 1930's Era Halloween Pirate Mask behind him that was marked down to only Ten Bucks BEFORE the 15% Discount... so that would practically be Free too for some Lucky Vintage Halloween Collector!  The fact something that Fragile still Exists and in such good condition is Awesome! 

And one of the Dealers had Created some Cute Funky Halloween Mad Tophats so of coarse I had to have one when I saw the Awesome low Price, which would even be Discounted 15% MORE!  *Happy Dance!*

The dilemma was... which one?

Because Naturally I liked them ALL!!!  *Winks*

And so I was totally Waffling on which one would come Home with us?

Decisions... decisions... decisions...

Princess T Modeled them for me... she's such a Riot... and you can see her Commission was this Wee Pumpkin, she don't Work for Free that Kid... in True Gypsy Gal Fashion she brings her Hustle to the Game!  *LOL*

Yes, she Earned it and helped Gramma decide on this one... but she looked mighty Cute in them ALL.  Luckily, though she can't be decisive for herself to save her life... {Sound Familiar?}... she can be decisive for Gramma in a Heartbeat... we Help each other out like that!  *Smiles*

How Adorable is the Belly Dancer Troll?!?

And I was Seriously Lusting after this Jadeite Hued Enamel European Body Pitcher!  I might just have to go back for that one while the Sale is still on?!  *Winks*

And what's Cooler or Spookier than the Green Depression Vaseline Glass that glows under a Black Light!?!  PERFECT for that Halloween Party Touch to Wow your Guests!  And I'm told that the Urban Myth of it being Toxic is not at all true... I haven't died or ended up Glowing from using it all these years anyway!  *Winks*

How Creatively Cute are these Ball Jar Candy Holders?!?  Love them!!!  And they were Priced so low even before the Discount that it isn't worth the trouble to make your own... just buy em!  *Winks*

I Adore Myko's Halloween Pom-Pom Creations.

And that Black Chair... but alas, you know me and Old Chairs, I don't have room for another one unless I buy another House!  *LOL*

And this New Dealer had some Cute Furniture Creations.  I'll show some more in other Posts... this Post is already getting to Epic Proportions in length!  *LOL*

Salvage Architecture is always a Favorite of mine and I Adored this Reminder.
And I do Hope you Enjoyed coming to the Halloween Event at THE BRASS ARMADILLO with us?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian... and her Posse


  1. That cat has such a funny face on the last picture - a real cartoon cat!

    1. Mya he's a worst Hambone than the G-Kid Force!

  2. LOL this was wonderful...Your granddaughter is just too adorable!!! That Cat outfit was perfect!!! Your grandson is one handsome dude....;) & the cat was the finishing touch...loved him in the draw...LOL Great post Dawn...Hope all is well with you


  3. Made it to the end! Was a fun post though! Glad you got in the pictures too along with that little model off yours! The tie back curtains in your booth are very inviting! Marlynne


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