Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Halloween Event Preview Party ~ Sneak Peeks

First and foremost I want to Thank The Son and Friends for coming through for me to Babysit the G-Kid Force so that I could attend the SWEET SALVAGE Halloween Event Preview Party this Month and have a Wonderful Time! 

I think they all realized I was close to the Edge and needed a Night Out for myself so that I could get back to Center and stay Balanced, so as not to go completely Mad dealing with everything!  *LOL*  And what better way for Mom {ie: ME} to do that than to attend a Halloween Inspired Event and Party with so many Good Friends and TONS of Inspiration for my favorite Holiday and my Personal Aesthetic and Style!!! 
 I look forward to this particular Event with anticipation each Year, so I didn't want to miss it.  The Sweet Team always manage to exceed my Expectations and blow me away with their Talented Styling, Atmosphere and killer Inventory Sourced and carefully Curated.  Ranging from Delightfully Ooky Addams Family Style to Classy Harvest Hip, ushering in the Vibes of Fall with impeccible Attention to Detail, Fabulous Creativity and Style, getting us in the mood for the Halloween and Thanksgiving Celebrations to come!

I really Enjoy the Preview Parties because it gives me a chance to Savor the Details, the Styling, the Creativity, Back End Stories for the Inspiration each Stylist drew upon, and all of the Hard Work that goes into preparing such an Awesome Event.  A Monthly Themed Event that has been so well Received and deserves all of the Recognition and Accolades of bringing the Occassional Sale Experience and Rush to the Arizona Desert.  As well as meet up with and Socialize with Kindred Spirits, fellow Artists, Talented Stylists and Good Friends that flock there in our Monthly Pilgrimages and those that put on the Show.
There's always Good Music...

Good Food... Wine... and...

Good Times with Good Friends... and I apologize for not Photographing everyone... you know how in My Bubble I get when surrounded by Halloween Heaven on Earth guys!   I'm off in my own World!!!   *Winks*  Okay, so I know some of you are Thinking... and how is that different than ANY other Time and Day Dawn?!?  *LOL*  Well, it's just more Magnified at Halloween Events lets just say!  *Smiles* 

You know, when you Feel as though you've just been Invited to and walked into Morticia and Gomez' Mansion and been given the Grand Tour... like THAT... and you're just Gobsmacked as my Mom would say!  *Smiles*  My ADHD goes into berserk mode and Visual overload abounds at every corner, so with trusty camera in hand I'm on a Mission!   A Mission to take you all along, my Blog Friends, and give you the VIP Sneak Peek in case you couldn't make it in person this time around.

You better believe I was Scoping Out the Treasures I planned to head straight for the Morning of Opening Day!   I'll be making a Beeline to some things for sure!  And to help me with that Mission, I was deeply Moved and Touched that my Sweet Friend Kim presented me with an unexpected Birthday Gift Certificate... damn Girlfriend, you almost made me wreck my carefully painted on Glam Face and make me try not to cry, but in a good way!!!  *Mwahhh... I Love you Guys too!  Your Legendary Generosity, Mentorship, Prayers, Concern and Friendship mean so much to our Family!*   Knowing we have so many Prayers going up, Emotional Support and Encouragement, and the Blessing of Camaraderie during a very difficult time has meant more than you guys will ever know!

And even those Items I'm Seriously Jonesin' for but wouldn't be quite the right time to procure for Bohemian Valhalla... due to the G-Kid Force still being so Young and so THEM... like this Killer Sofa... Inspired me so much this Night!!!  Keeping Dreams Alive and Well for the Future...  Yeah, I can mos 'def see me spread out like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, upon one of these, once I get all Kiddos Raised and can take a well earned Rest upon Furnishings I J'Adore and can then Decorate with without the Risk of ruination by The Force!  *LOL*

My Friend Myko's Sweet Whimsical Creations are absolutely Adorable... and she has Vials of that Fabu German Glass Glitter for you in every Hue imaginable folks... for those of us that like to put da Bling and Sparkle on EVERYTHING!  *Winks*

And if you were thinking that Halloween Staple Palettes have to be Black with Orange... think again... there were other equally Visually Delightful Halloween and Fall Combo Palettes to drool over... makes ya wanna just be Tempted to go with a completely new Color Scheme at the Old Homestead, doesn't it?!?  My Mom would die for this Vignette... Red and Black was always Mom's Fav for Decorating her Home and especially her Boudoir tres Gypsy Chic!

And now along with the Desire to Create an entire Velvet Pumpkin Patch this year... I NOW also want some of these equally Adorable Cardigan Pumpkins, how stinkin' Cute are they?!?!!?  Got any Cool Old Sweaters hanging around that now you want to cut up and get busy Creating into a Cardigan Pumpkin Patch?  I am eyeballing my Closet as we speak?!!  *Winks*  Hey, it's the Desert... I can always Roll with Sleeveless Sweaters and turn Sweater Arms into Fabu Pumpkins that match my Ensemble, right?!

Anyways, it's getting Late and right after I drop the G-Kid Force off at School I'll be heading right back to The Sweet for Opening Day of the Event my Friends... Hope to see you there now that I'm sure you've spied a Lil Somethin-Somethin you can't live without!
And don't worry, there's TONS more Eye Candy to come cause you KNOW I'm gonna go EXTRA LONG on this Month's Coverage don't you?  *Winks*  And I took a bajillion Images since I could languish for over two hours snapping my little Heart away in true Pathological Picture Taker Mode!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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