Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Putting On My Mask

Today I go to visit The Man at the Trauma Center again, which means putting on my Mask... the Cheerful one that will Comfort him and make him Believe everything is going Fine and going to be alright, so that all he has to worry about is Healing and working on Intensive Rehabilitation.  It's tough, because I've always been Truthful with him during our long Marriage, but right now he can't be distracted by nor overwhelmed with the Truth.  The Truth has been a heavy burden for me to bear... and I'm well and not seriously injured... and I don't want my real face and true emotions to reveal to him my concerns for him and his condition... and for the situation at Home, which is very complex too, given the circumstances.  So... I'm putting on my Mask now... and heading out into the City's Morning Rush Hour Traffic towards the Hospital... which should give me ample time to reherse my lines.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Dawn,
    Such a beautiful wife you are, holding it together is what strengths you hold, your moral support is what he needs at the time of need.

    Sometimes when our needs get met we don't seem to need them anymore.

    I love your game face, it's a dark smile from ear to ear.

    I am going to pray for you and your hubby,
    Many blessings your way my brave blog friend.


  2. Despite his condition, your husband is fortunate to have a caring wife like you who finds a way to keep it together for him.

  3. I'm praying for smoother days ahead for you and yours!

  4. Call it a mask, call it war paint, call it the armour of spiritual protection we put on while reciting Saint Michael's prayer or the 23rd Psalm -- wear it in good faith, dear Dawn. Millenia of women, wives of warriors, know it well and their strength embedded in it envelopes you and your husband as you seek refuge from assaults on all sides: may God grant you both restful sleep tonight.


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