Sunday, September 15, 2013


As a Kid I remember our Home always having an assortment of Exotic Pouffe's and Camel Saddle's strategically scattered throughout the house for comfortable and versatile additional seating.  I have always preferred sitting on the floor rather than chairs anyway, so we too have always had informal floor seating arrangements in our Homes as well.

Though The Man has always preferred his trusty Recliner, the Kids and I can usually be seen sitting on the floor seating the majority of the time.  So I'm always looking for and replacing the floor seating and on the lookout for Exotic Vintage Rugs, since we utilize our floor more than we ever have the actual Furniture.  If it weren't for Guests, I probably wouldn't have Traditional Furniture at all since it's always underutilized by the Family and we're not that 'into' it.

So I was absolutely Delighted when a 'World Market' moved into a Mall close to Home... I LOVE that Store and can wander around it blissfully for hours!  It's one of the few regular Retail Shops that sells new merchandise that I regularly venture into and would love to own most of the Inventory, due to the array of International Exotic and Unique Styles they carry.

The most recent visit revealed that they'd just gotten in a fabulous assortment of Pouffes, many made of Gorgeous patchworked Indian Sari materials.  I J'Adore East Indian Fabrics, so much Hand-Work and Color.   Though the Neutrals were equally Lovely, they weren't for Bohemian Valhalla and this Crew... but for those Decorating with the popular Colorless Palette, and want to go Exotic, these could work for you.   They had Black too, which I'm always drawn to... but this day I was more 'into' the Bold Jeweltones and these were so reasonably priced that I got a trio of the Hues that Appealed to me most.

So I went with the predominantly Orange...

Lapis Lazuli Blue...


And Turquoise.

The G-Kid Force and their Friends LOVE them for gathering around the Coffee Table to visit, play or eat in front of the TV.  And Gramma will be moving them all over the house to sit on.


And they match the oversized Sari Material Pillow we have stashed under the Coffee Table for Instant Seating that I 'Scored' ages ago at a Thrift Shop.  So Color me Bohemian Happy!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Inspired by your excellent example of clearing one's home while clearing one mind, I've packed away summer cottons and colors and installed the velvets and deeper hues of fall, including two handsome green sofa pillows acquired at Goodwill when temps were topping the 90s.

    I do covet that splendid oversized sari cusion! Eye candy has no calories but such a vibrant orange must contain vitamins!

  2. Good for you! You deserve a special treat!

  3. Oh I love those! I didn't know what to call them--pouffes--what a perfect name for them. The ones in the photos are gorgeous.

  4. Oh I love those! I didn't know what to call them--pouffes--what a perfect name for them. The ones in the photos are gorgeous.

  5. Very pretty colors in those pouffes! I also loved world market but the one by me closed down :

  6. By the way Dawn I love you blog and I follow you on Pinterest too! But for some reason I can't always comment my ipad won't let me or maybe it's on bloggers end


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