Monday, September 9, 2013

Nature In Rebellion

I must say that with being so overwhelmed and busy handling everything in Reactive Crisis Mode, the Garden has had a complete Nature Rebellion and gone Wild!  The fact it's Surviving the still fierce 113 degree plus Temps and Thriving in spite of my Neglect of it though is a Testimony to Nature's amazing resilience and tenacity!  I was supposed to dig up some of the Sweet Potatoes to eat, but left alone they have now become a Beautiful Wild Thing that has overgrown the Garden Seating that isn't being sat in lately, and I rather Love the Visual of it Reclaiming everything in sight.

I've always been a Fan of Nature Gone Wild anyway, overgrown Gardens have always Appealed to me more than manicured ones.  There's just something more exciting, interesting and Organic about a Garden left to it's own devices, to behold what it will choose to do without our Intervention and humans trying to Control and reign it in.

In just a short Month mine has gone berserk, overspilling pots and hanging baskets it had been Attempted to be restrained in... flourishing in spite of me being preoccupied with everything else that I haven't spent any Time with it, Caring for it and trying to Nurture it.   It has made me realize that it didn't need me as much as I thought it did really.  It's doing just Fine with the Elements put into place Naturally to Sustain it.

How often do we Feel that we're so needed, and then realize that if we were to step back, or not be able to be Present as much as we think we need to be, most things would probably turn out Okay in the long run in our absence?  I'm such a Control Freak that it is a Lesson I often fail to realize because I'm so involved all the time in anything that means anything to me.  I'm not implying that total neglect is good or necessary, that would be a foolish assumption.  Just that it is often during times when we don't intentionally neglect things, but can't be as Hands On as usual, it can sometimes be Revealed that we don't really have to do so much all of the time for everything to Work Out just Fine if it's meant to.

So, since I now realize that my Garden is just Fine without as much of my focus and attention as it used to get, that frees me up to concentrate on other things that right now DO need more of my focus and attention.  Sure, it's going to look overgrown and a bit Wild, but not with weeds, just Garden Plants and Victory Garden Plants Gone Wild!

And I'm Okay with that really... and since my Acreage has a high Adobe Wall around it, it's not as if my now 'Secret Garden Looking Garden' is an eyesore that might disturb any of the Neighbors... so I'm just allowing Nature to remain in Rebellion for now.  And if anything doesn't thrive it can always be replaced at a later date when circumstances and resources permit... or not.  Simplifying the Garden isn't such a bad thing either if there ends up being less to Care for and keep alive.

Getting back to Simplicity and Less is actually very Liberating really and I think I could definitely get used to it and prefer it once the adjustment has been made to live that way again by necessity or choice.
I'm actually at a crossroads where it's a little of both actually... necessity and choice.  Which has moved the Process right along I must say.
The important thing is to have Contentment, whether there is a little or a lot... and be able to keep it together and hold it all down, without any help, if I have to...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's kind of the same in OUR yard/garden! We haven't had it so hot, but it's quite dry. Still, several plants seem to have just gone bonkers w/o a lot of attention OR pampering by nature itself...

  2. My father the WWII Merchant Marine explained to us kids that ballast was the heavy weights a ship carried to ride steady in the waves -- and the 'stuff in your gut' that allowed you to ride out the storms of life. Dawn, know that your ballast is solid gold ...even as the 20' waves wash over your prow...and there's a cracking sound somewhere astern.

    Are you needed? When both parents were in the nursing-home/ICU/hospital conference room roundabout, I'd take my breaks in the hospital chapel down the hall from the coffee shop. Here I encountered a wise woman who suggested I set back in the pew and imagine what would happen if I spread myself so thin that I simply went *poof*. Who would do what? How would the processes move forward?

    I did the exercise later, when I felt strong enough to imagine yet more elements of horror added to the mix, and like you, I discovered that in many situations my direct involvement was not essential. Even considering that if I did go *poof* (I was myself a senior when my parents long lives were ending.) I realized that the mechanisms in place for those who had no micro-managing elder daughters on the scene would click into action.

    Nature moves on without us, as do so many of the processes of daily life. Your gift for perceiving the beauty in the fabric, whole or torn, will sustain you.


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