Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nature Break

I don't know about you, but nothing is more Restorative to me than being out in Nature... and whenever I need to get back to Center I always take a Nature Break.  Being in a Natural setting to me brings me closer to the Great Creator than even being in Church does... I Feel His Presence everywhere in the Wonder of Creation... His Creations... and nothing compares that man has made.

The complexity and beauty of it all always blows me away and leaves me in awe.  Right now many of the Cacti are blooming and their vivid hued waxy flowers look absolutely Surreal.  Cactus flowers are the one type of flower that you cannot get in a bouquet, so you just have to Experience it Naturally in the great Outdoors.

It always Amazes me that something so spectacular, delicate and showy can come from such a formidable tough plant in such a harsh unforgiving environment.  Beauty among the thorns... and when I'm Feeling like I'm in a thorny situation of Life, the Cactus Flower has a particularly significant Meaning about Blossoming spectacularly regardless of not having the best conditions going on to do so.  In spite of the lack that is often evident in the Desert... and the fierce intense Heat it must endure... a gorgeous delicate Blossom springs forth anyway.

And sometimes, well, we just have to March on too... moving forward even if the terrain is difficult and the Heat is intense on our Journey, Blossoming as best we can and Appreciating the Beauty that is the Gift of Life.  Each day we're given is indeed a priviledge and we should Rejoice in it and make the very best of it since no-one is Promised Tomorrow and we don't know what Tomorrow may bring.
For those of us who tend to be Nostalgic it is often Comforting to look back at the ground we've traversed in the Past and the Memories we hold Dear about that part of our Journey.  But it is also important to be Present in the Moments that are NOW...  because it is indeed a 'Gift'... I Believe that could be why it's called the Present and we often call Gifts 'Presents'?! 
And I see that with Nature, it makes the very best of any situation or environment it is around... Transforming it in fact into a thing of Natural Beauty by it's very Presence and Existance.  Like this Vine that was planted near a Trash Can and has now, by it's very Presence and Beauty, embraced that less than Ideal location and made what could have been an Ugly environment Photo worthy and quite Lovely to the Eye because IT is there!  It becomes the focus rather than what it is around or enduring and the actual Placement hardly matters, the Plant is as Beautiful and Special here as it would be in ANY location or environment if it decides to thrive and grow where it is planted.
Yes, we had a Lovely Time during our Nature Break and it was indeed Restorative to the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit even though the Heat of the Day was Intense in more ways than one.  It was not really that big a Deal that it was somewhat uncomfortable Physically because of the Temperature Outside, which was nearing 113 degrees... and the Life Situations we're Enduring at the moment, which is equally uncomfortable, maybe even moreso... because we just Allowed ourselves to be Present in the Moment.  Thoroughly Enjoying, Appreciating and Rejoicing in the Time that we had been given as God's Gift of Life for yet another day... this day.  On Purpose we were making the Best of our environment and circumstances... and having a Good Time on the Journey because we were CHOOSING to.
Psalm 118:24; "This Is The Day The Lord Has Made, Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad In It"

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... may you also Rejoice in this Day and be Glad in it... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The morning routine of my childhood began with my mother waking the kids with a depending-upon-circumstances cheery/brisk/exasperated: "This is the day..." I still reply to the alarm clock with this affirmation.

    At mother's funeral, a sister-in-law asked to speak in acknowledgment of mother's years of housekeeping and grandchild rearing:

    "They -- and I -- would whine, 'I don't feel well,' and Mom would say 'Get up, get dressed and go! You'll feel better when you get there.'"

    "I never did. And I told her so. And she said, 'Yes, I know. But you've got to do it anyway.'"

    You are in my daily prayers, Dawn. Keep the faith!

    1. Thanks Beth... and I like your Mom's Mantra and Attitude, I'm certain she was an Amazing Woman!

      Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Sure like that umbrella! Did you cover it in those different fabrics?

    1. No Marlynne, it's an East Indian Umbrella that I Purchased from my Friend Angela's Booth... I Adore East Indian Fabrics and the bold use of Color and Textures!

      Dawn... The Bohemian


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