Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting Back On Track

I'm working upon getting back on Track, often when Dealing with Crisis and Personal Emergencies it can Overwhelm to a point where your Focus becomes misdirected or scattered, causing Purpose to get sidelined because you're in Reactive Mode.  Slowly I'm moving back towards Purpose and coming back on the Rails of the Track I should be on.  Yes, I kept the Leaf with the dual Heart Image on it that we found at the Park, gotta Love that!

The Dealer Breakfast was this Saturday Morning and so the G-Kid Force and I had spent most of Friday Night pricing Inventory and begin the Process of Styling at least one Showroom for Halloween, which usually I would have already been done with by now.

One of the Cutest things I recently Sourced and was admittedly difficult to part with was a Bird Press, which resembled a Raven to me, and the liquid of whatever you're pressing strains through a sieve in his head and his beak is a pouring spout... so Clever and Unique!
And the Kiddos were loathe to part with the Sweet Glitter Monacled Jack-O-Lantern Trick-Or-Treat Basket.  But since he is a Fragile composite Paper Mache Creation, I decided it best that they stick with sturdy Pillowcase Trick-Or-Treat Bags again this year.  He does have a lot of Character though and a touch of a Steampunk Vibe going on, which I did Love... and of coarse he Sparkles... and you know how us Gypsy Types Love the Sparkle!!!  *Winks*

The Batsuit resurfaced, she'd gone missing just before the Sale but hadn't shown to be Sold... probably hiding out in the Bat Cave, who knows?!  *Winks*  So now that she's back she went on a new Vintage Black and Tan Dress Form that I got at such a Bargain I was giddy with excitement to procure her for Showroom #133's Displays.

  I'll Photograph her again after her Batwoman Gig is over so that you can see how Awesome she is sans Costume!   I've named her Yanaha, which is Native American for one who Deals with and meets the Enemy.  It seemed appropriate since Personal Crisis and Trials can really Feel like the Enemy's Attack, you know!?!

And since, as a Family, we've been Dealing with Issues, it was high time to just hang loose and have some Fun.  At each Dealer Breakfast Date now the Vintage Car Enthusiasts Host a Show in our Parking lot and join the Dealers for Breakfast at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.   It's usually held the first Saturday of each Month and the Car Show is Open to the Public, so come on out and see the Sweet Rides that have been Lovingly Restored.  The G-Kid Force were Voguing beside a Fav one that is exactly like a Model my Dad owned when I was a Kid, ours was Baby Blue and White.

And here's our Friend Ed in front of his Awesome Studebaker Truck... it was a Glorious day for the Show this Month since it was Cool by Arizona Standards and might have even dipped below a Hundred Degrees with overcast skies, which was a Welcome relief from the 113 and Glaring Sun Temps of the past week.

This is a Picker's Dream Ride, I'd Feel positively like an Upscale 'Sanford and Son' trawling for Found Treasures in this I tell ya!  *Winks*

And Ed has not one, but THREE other Miniature Studebaker look-a-like Scale Models of his Vintage Ride... the very tiniest is Matchbox sized and he took out to show the G-Kid Force... but here's the other two larger Scale Models on Display with the actual Full Sized Truck, how Cute is that!?!

We spend so much time in the Lands of Vintage, Flea Markets, Salvage and Antiques... or Pickin' Mode, that we rarely, if ever, venture into regular Retail Shops or Malls that sell nothing but brand new merchandise for the longest time.  So when we finally do decide to hit one, so much has changed in the New Retail Marketplace that it can sometimes be a pleasant surprise.   Such was the case when we went next door to browse J.C. Penney.
I can't even tell you the last time I was even in a J.C. Penney... but it was likely a couple of years ago... so we were Impressed with their New Articulated Mannequin Displays and Trending Vignettes.

In fact, I would like some of these faux Bubbles for my own Displays...

And its too bad they're not Offering these Fabu Articulated Mannequins for Sale because I seriously WANT one!!!  *Winks*  The G-Kid Force liked the Contemporary looking Clean White Shiny ones...

And I was fond of the more Organic Muslin Fabric and Wood ones.  Yes, I certainly fell in Lust with this Guy in the Home Goods Dept.!   He really wanted to come Home with me!  *LOL*

And I was totally Jazzed to see JCP carrying the New Line of Fiesta Ware... for those who might not be able to Source or Afford a Vintage Set, these new Lines and Colors are equally Vintage Looking Lovely and Festive.  It reminded me of the Jadeite 2000 Line that came out when Anchor Hocking realized a resurgence in interest of their Vintage Line was Trending and supply of the Original couldn't meet the Demand for it.
The Bedroom Vignettes looked so Down filled plush and snuggly comfy we were Tempted to crawl up into them and take a Nap!  *Winks*  Well, it's been a busy and full day so it's off to my bed for me... see you later my Friends...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I'm like you - I might go to a mall a couple of times a year! Usually it just reminds me why I don't go to malls but I do like those JC Penny displays - very cool!

  2. looks like lots of fun for the kids(:)
    cute Halloween decor too(:)

  3. Hi Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by...
    I bet it has been 10 years since I have been in a Penney's! I rarely go to the mall, there is an outside one down the road I go to and then I only visit a handful of stores... I really am not a shopper anymore. I think all those years of having a shop has tainted me... I hate paying retail price and if I am in a boutique, all I do is go around picking up merchandise and try to guess the vendor... I am hopeless.
    Blessings today
    PS sorry to read you have had a rough spell


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