Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If I Wanted To Run Away...

Have you ever wanted to run away?  For just a little while, when things get really crazy or stressful and you need more than a Calgon Moment?  Have you ever thought about how you'd run away in Style, you know, the Dream Runaway?   Or the Destination... if that even matters to you at all or not at all?  I have... I've Planned it all out in fact, should the Urge overtake me to go Nomad for a while and leave all my Troubles behind to take a brief Sabattical somewhere... anywhere.

Destinations aren't my primary focus, it would be the Journey that would hold the most Allure and Excitement for me, the unknown and Adventures inbetween point A and point B.  I'm a very spontaneous person and so my Plans are always quite loose and subject to change without notice... that can drive a Serious Planner and Destination Focused Individual quite crazy.  I never really care when or if I 'Arrive' at a Destination... or even if I have one, so long as the Journey is interesting and has potential I'm Golden about it and on my way.

 I'd go Gypsy Style of coarse with a very Free Spirited Agenda, laid back and comfortable with visual Appeal.  Like a Home away from Home, so that it didn't really matter where we were or ended up because our Trappings would be very Familiar... and our Style to Retreat to when we wanted or needed to.  If you are surrounded by what you Love then you're at Home anywhere any time.
It doesn't have to break the Bank either... you'd be surprised how easily you can set up Camp with Found Treasures and inexpensive Scavenged items to Color your World Beautifully with and have all the Comforts of Home on the Road.
Of coarse there has to be Music... and in preparation for my Future Adventures on the Road, I bought a trio of these Lovely Old Tambourines cascading with Colorful Seam Binding from my Friend Shelly's Shop, RUST AND ROSES, where all these Lovely Images of Gypsy Life and Style were taken.

The G-Kid Force and I Love Music and making Music... not that we're Gifted Musicians or have Lovely Singing Voices, we don't, but you don't really have to if you're uninhibited enough to just Enjoy doing it with reckless abandon and have Fun in the Process.

And having Fun would be what it's all about, this running away Adventure, because Life can be so Serious, busy, scheduled, complicated and unpredictable that Great Escapes really are necessary to Restore the Soul and Lighten the Spirit as you unwind and break from your normal routine and surroundings.

I think that is why Vacations always have been and always will be so popular and looked forward to.  It's a bit like running away briefly when you go on Vacation.  For some even their Alter Ego can come forth when they're 'Away' in a place where they're completely anonymous and don't have to put up appearances or protect and guard a reputation or what they think is expected of them or what others may think.

I've seen amazing Metamorphosis of people on Vacation, where their True Selves feel Safe to emerge and become the Beautiful Butterflies that have been trapped inside and often stifled in their everyday lives.  The Transformation is quite Wonderful and I always Hope they will bring some of that Joy back with them once the Vacation has ended?  Sometimes they do, other times they retreat back into their Shell or behind the facade so carefully constructed for Social Acceptance and to fit in and not stand out or be subject to criticism or gossip.
Every person's Fantasy Escape will obviously be different and Imagined in a way that is Perfectly suited to them though.  One Person's Dream Getaway could be another Person's worst Nightmare!  *winks*  So if you're going to have Traveling Companions on this runaway Adventure, you better choose carefully and have Shared Vision and Traveling Styles so there won't be division along the way!!!
If your Friend or Loved One isn't an equally Serious Junquer or Picker and would rather languish at a Five Star Resort with all the Luxuries and Amenities and not get down and dirty, then Gypsy Style and Nomadic Rambling here, there and everywhere... as you stop and poke around at every little interesting spot and ramshackle property where Found Treasures could be, well, it's probably not gonna fly with them!  *Smiles* 
Your Pimped Out Pull probably isn't gonna be sufficient for them either if they intend and expect to stay in a Hotel or Resort Accommodations either.  The Tricked Out Airstream Dream or Gypsy Vardo might be Magical to you... and absolutely a ghastly suggestion to them?!?  *LOL*  So be sure you're Traveling with Kindred Spirits, so that everyone's Experience will be Memorable and talked about for ages to come... in a Good way!  *Winks*
As for me I don't really care if I have Traveling Companions or Enjoy a more Solitary Adventure during the Journey, I'm comfortable with my own company too.  I always meet Friends along the way and Connect when or if I want or need to.  So whether there is a Carpool of runaways... or a Convoy of them that will hook up... or just me and the Open Road, it's all Good.  I've made many New Friends on previous Adventures and there's still many New Friends yet to be Discovered... as well as the Old Established Cherished Friendships that have abided.

And I don't know how long it's been since your last runaway and Great Adventure... but mine is long overdue and I'm getting Wanderlust BAD!!!  There are just so many places I want to go and things I still want to do.

It is very difficult for a Free Spirit to be anchored, tied down and stay put for long... we yearn to break free from constraints and routines because they stifle us.  I'm on the go a lot even when I have a Home Base, I'd Feel Caged and restricted otherwise and I'd be pacing around like a Wild Zoo Animal out of it's Element! 
So I've been cooped up too long already dealing with stuff and I'm itching for a Sabattical at the first opportunity that presents itself to have one!  Before the Trapped Feeling makes me want to knaw my own foot off Coyote Style?!?  *LOL*

And No, I don't yet have my Airstream Dream Pull to Pimp yet, or my Gypsy Vardo to Restore... and in all actuality it might just be a Fantasy now rather than any Future Reality and I've come to terms with that possibility.  It doesn't matter really, whatever means turn up will be just Fine and I'll roll with it, Adapt and Improvise... the Journey will be the Reward, but I'll still Dream about Improving the Experience one day.
I haven't even totally given up on Bora Bora nor taken it off the Number One Spot on my 'Bucket List'.   I'm tenacious about keeping a 'Bucket List' even if I haven't crossed off very much of it yet and clearly I'm not gettin' any Younger so Time could be running out?!!
We do have some Oasis Enclaves of Paradise here in the Arizona Desert... so I just often take myself there and get a similar Effect of a Tropical Vacation.
I think I would have to be an Immortal to check it all off anyway, I'm just that much of an Optomist when it comes to my 'List'!  *Winks*
But I'd rather like to Imagine that sooner or later some of it will get checked off if I Act upon running away with any consistency...
And if you run away before I do I certainly Hope you'll tell us all about it?  So that I can Live Vicariously through your Adventure in the Virtual World of the Land of Blog?  I don't mind being a Virtual Stowaway until the Real Deal happens for me, I have a Fertile Imagination to take myself Away in front of the screen too.
And we will still make Beautiful Music even if we go nowhere at all...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have not been to see your posts for a long time, alas no online time to read. How I have missed you! I think you capture the idea of running away perfectly. It's about the journey. I love those tambourines! Minerva x

    1. I've missed you too my Friend... haven't been online as much myself lately either. A LOT of catching up to do when I can...

      Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Running away: tried it once when I was a kid. Failed to get over the fence. Did it once when I was in my 20s. But it didn't last long. I found that at that time I lacked the conviction to stick to my reasons for leaving and wandered home. However....
    When I got home, I spent a decade making home choices for me that were unconventional. The inside of my 2nd story apartment slowly became the Vardo I wanted as a kid.

    When I run away the next time I will have to take pictures. It will only be to a little place in the backyard that will feel bigger on the inside because it won't conform to expectations. Call it a treehouse, doll house, what have you.... a little place that looks like a child's cottage. A place to read or lay in the warm Summer air without fear of a burn or to feel the cool Autumn breezes without freezing. Color. Light. Books and lots of time....

    1. Ohhhhh... what a Beautiful Escape you have Planned Sherry!

      Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh I loved your "wanderlust post"! I have a precious cottage to escape too, although I have a granddaughter and great grandson living in it at the moment

  4. couldn't be any the inside too fun
    a pleasure to come by for this great the end of my day (:)


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