Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finding Reasons To Smile...

With The Man facing life threatening Catastrophic injuries at a Level One Trauma Center since last Saturday it has been difficult to find reasons to Smile.  I am a person that NEEDS to Smile.  And so I have been Intentionally finding reasons to Smile, actively seeking those things that will cause me to. 

It helps that even though they have driven me close to the edge of Sanity and more than a bit Crazier than usual, due to the Stress and Strain they're under after Grandpa's Accident... and me doing the Single Grandparenting Thing, which is HARD... the G-Kid Force also often do little Secret things that will bring a Smile to my face when I Discover them!  Like Secretly putting these Vintage Doll Spectacles on one of my Antique Carnival Kitsch Dogs!  When I noticed it, well, it made my day a tiny bit Brighter! *Smiles*  

We also Celebrated two Birthdays since the Accident... Prince R's and mine... and though none of us were in a Celebratory Mood... we went thru the Motions of Celebrating anyway to keep a sense of Normalcy to our lives at a very difficult and dark time... it was necessary... and I'm glad we did.  We even bought a Symbolic Fruit Tart for Grandpa in his absence and I ate it for him {of coarse}... and spent a portion of my Birthday at the Trauma Center with him even though at that time he was still unresponsive and not doing at all well. 


Apparently I am also a person that NEEDS to Blog and not be Reclusive during Crisis.  Though I haven't wanted to be around a lot of People or distress myself further by talking about what we're going through over and over again, I have wanted to stay Connected to my Friends and not totally Withdraw either, it wouldn't have been Healthy. 

I have been in a very Dark Place and I could have wallowed and languished there, but my Friends have Encouraged me to get out regardless of how I'm 'Feeling' and still DO Life... to get away from the Hospital and do some Restorative things for myself as well... I know Wisdom when I hear it... and so I have Forced myself to keep to a Routine I'm used to and enjoy.  Blogging is one of those Routines and I've missed being away for even this brief but necessary time.  I've missed Connecting to you all in the Special way that we do... it is Important to me.
The G-Kid Force aren't used to seeing Gramma 'Down', nor are my Friends and Family so it was worrying them.  I'm not used to staying 'Down' even when knocked down HARD... so it was time to get back up and not 'Feel' totally Defeated and Depressed regardless of how intense the Battle raging around us is.  It has been a formidable Battle and REALLY intense, riding on the coat-tails of some other Battles, so we've been fighting on several fronts simultaneously, which makes one Weary and spread too thin defensively.   I'm a Seasoned Veteran at Battles... as is The Man... so sending up the White Flag and Surrendering isn't how we Roll.  Even if we don't Win we'd rather die trying.  I will only totally Surrender to the Lord, everyone and everything else has to just deal with me getting back up regardless of how many times I'm knocked down.  I'm up by Faith and Trust it WILL Hold.

My Uber-Talented and Legendary Generous Friend Angela had told me she had a Surprise for me waiting at the Shop when I was ready to Receive it.  She'd offered her Condolences and Prayers... then Tempted me with a Birthday Surprise, clever Girl!  I'm not good at Suspense you see... I HADDA KNOW WHAT IT WAS... knowing how Awesome her Surprises and Gifts always are it lured me away from the Hospital for a moment and since I was Downtown anyway at St. Joe's... it's just around the block from the Shop!  The G-Kid Force could only handle so much of the Trauma Center anyway on their first visit to see Grandpa so we needed some Happy Time with Friends too on my Special Day.

Aren't you absolutely LOVING how Angie Transformed and Altered one of my Fav T-Shirts!?!  She's duly Inspired me to begin deconstructing other Fav Shirts and Altering them now.  Half my Wardrobe will probably be in shambles soon ready to be Resurrected with New Life breathed into each piece!  *Winks*  Creativity always manages to Uplift and provide a more Intimate Connection with the Master Creator, I do Believe He Purposed it that way.  That is why Creative Souls NEED to Create as much as we need to breathe!

And nothing relieves Intense Stress quite like going Junquing with Friends... and Friends did Encourage me to go Junquing as a Restorative Measure while dealing with all the darkness.  As well as to make some Bank since Medical Expenses will be Astronomical.  My Creative Friend Pamela took me out for a Birthday 'Pick' and Luncheon {which was Generously comped by my Friends at PHO 43} and Surprised me with an Adorable Altered Art Birthday Card that she made filled with an Assortment of my Fav Treasures that she Sourced! 
 How Cute is that depiction of The Man and I?  It made me Smile... and I NEED to Smile, remember?  Love our Baby Heads and Head Gear... me with my Crown and other Bling and him with his Party Hat supporting my Grandoise Vision!
And a Close-Up of some of my Goodies... Vintage Millinery, Velvet Trim, Feathers and Seam Binding, oh my... *Contented Sigh*
And even though I didn't 'Feel' like attending any Events, the G-Kid Force insisted we at least make it to Dealer Day and Participate at our Mall... knowing Gramma would be Energized by a day of good Gypsy Haggling and allowing my Customers to Negotiate their Best Deals at the Mall on my Showrooms Inventory.  They had Special Friends waiting for them there too and it was a Fun and Productive Day... even though they didn't manage to roll Gramma out of bed in time to enjoy the Catered Dealer Breakfast and T-Shirt Giveaway... but we made it in time for the Pizza Luncheon, so it was all Good!  How could I say No to those faces after all???!!!
And my 'Picks' had been quite Productive... when Stressed my Focus intensifies and I become a Woman on a Mission to Lose myself in the Process of doing what I Love. 
So some Vintage Commercial Warming Lights and Menu Board made it's way to Showroom #133 for the Event.
It was actually Therapeutic to Work my Showrooms for the Event rather than sitting Home dwelling upon dark unpleasant thoughts and worries.
It was Restorative to bundle fragrant Lavender bunches into Vintage Music Ephemera Nosegays to Scent the Showrooms with their Beautiful Aroma.
And in a flurry of Nervous Energy finish a long overdue Painting Project of some Lucious Lavender Drawers with the most Awesome Vintage French Hardware!  And Oddly notice that in the Images the Lavender Hue appears more Blue... Curious indeed!!!  Trust me, it's a lovely shade of Lavender, perhaps with a Blue Undertone that is more evident in Photographs, I dunno?!

All I know is that I found them in that Gorgeous Hue and just had to paint the Interior and sides a Soft Ivory so that it would make some Awesome Storage for an avid Francophile's Lair! 

And prepare some Adorable Vintage Baby Dolls for their Adoption Process in the Showrooms, Hoping to find Good New Homes for each?!  Funny Story... we have a LOT of really Creepy Antique Doll Heads scattered around Bohemian Valhalla in various forms of decay and decomposition... which Princess T isn't the least disturbed or bothered by... YET, this Adorable Normal Vintage Baby Doll creeped her out intensely and she couldn't wait to get 'Creepy Dolly' out of our House, she didn't want to be in the same room with her!  *Bwahaha! My Wednesday Addams Grandchild!*
So I'm just saying it's Good to be back... and though I may not Blog as often for a while, I know that I will not abandon it completely because I apparently NEED to Blog as much as I NEED to Smile.

And as much as I apparently NEED to Junque... because there were not one, but TWO Vintage Persian Carpets waiting for me to Rescue this week!!!  You know what a Vintage Persian Carpet Magnet I am!  This is the larger one getting ready for it's Gypsy Wash outside... I haven't spread out and Photographed the other smaller one yet for it's Wash since it has begun Storming in recent days and they need a good two days of intense Arizona Sunshine to dry out completely.  But I'll Share that one later in another Post...
And I Sourced some Great Vintage LP's, some of which I'll Flip even tho' they bring back Rushes of Nostalgia... after all, I wanted to BE Cher back in da day, such a Free Spirited Rebel!   Okay, so maybe I STILL wanna BE Cher, she's Timeless and Iconic after all!!!  *Winks*  And my pix of the Partridge Family LP didn't turn out... but Trust Me, the lyrics of "Come On Get Happy" is now echoing in my head!  *LOL*
And some of which I'll Keep because this was my all time Fav Jimi Hendrix Album Graphics EVER, Naturally!!! 
And my Friend Hugh Sourced this Awesome Middle Eastern Tapestry for me from an Estate Sale.  It's not even his Vibe but he said it made him think of me and how good it would look in my New Showroom!  *LOL*

And as you can see it goes with the Exotic Bohemian Vibe of the New Showroom really well, so he was absolutely Spot On.

And I've added some Romantic, French Country and Shabby Style to the other Showroom, because anything French, Pastels and White are still Selling so well in our demographic.  And lets face it, it's Fun to Style with an Aesthetic different from your own in your Retail Spaces, you can Experiment with more varied Styles than at Home and it's constantly Turning and Evolving quicker than Personal Spaces.
But of coarse you're still gonna know it's my Space because some of my Staples and Signature will always be evident... Color, Faith Based Items and anything with a Delightfully Aromatic Scent that will heighten your Senses and Transport you on the Canvas of your Imagination to Special Places. 

And aptly, the very last item I Sourced was a Yoke.  No mere coincidence, because Scripture of Matthew 11:28-30 has been echoing on my Mind and in my Spirit since the Tragedy with The Man... and so it was VERY appropriate and a 'Sign' for me...

Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Obviously I've missed something - I'll have to go back and see why/what I missed. (The trauma your husband sustained AND a new showroom?)

    Thinking of you with a prayer to the One who is the Giver and Sustainer of life. It is the thief who comes to rob, steal and destroy....

  2. Dawn.....stopping in to say I'm PRAYING.



  3. Having something you love outside of you and family is the key to surviving anything. It is the gravitational pull that keeps you from getting sucked into the blackholes life throws in your way. When those things fail to pull you out of your darkness then that is where the real troubles begin.

    Be good to yourself :)


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