Sunday, July 14, 2013

Urban Restoration Event

Forget that it was over 112 degrees and 50% Humidity Outside, Princess T and I decided to brave the Elements and still have a Girl's Day Out Together on Friday and hit the URBAN RESTORATION Event in Downtown Phoenix, which will run through Today!  And when we rolled up and the first thing I saw sitting out front was this Fab Deconstructed Sofa for well under a Hundred Bucks, I knew we were in for a Vintage Resource Market Treat!!!

If I had The Son out of the Carriage House Cottage {ie: My Old Studio} I would have gladly bought this and swapped out the Sofa currently in there... but I don't think he, his Girlfriend or his Friends would Appreciate Derelict Deconstructed Style and Decorating as much as Mom does... so I Resisted... Damn!!!  *Winks*  I SOOOOOO Wanted it... the Old Cushion Fabric was even Perfection for my Styling Sensibilities and Preferred Hues!   And Seriously, where can you 'Score' a Perfect Vintage Sofa for well under a Hundred Bucks... that's practically Free!  *LOL*

And then sitting right in front of the Perfect Sofa there were these Fabulously Detailed Carved Old Table Legs just waiting for an Upcycle Project... at only Ten Bucks each I shouldda got em too!  If I had a Project waiting for Old Legs I wouldda got em, I was fondling them for ages Debating and now I Wish I wouldda sprung on em!  But Good Heavens, we had JUST arrived and I hadn't even gotten inside the front door yet, so I was trying to Exercise Restraint... it was killin' me I tell ya!  *Smiles*
And when we did finally walk thru the front door and Princess T saw that a slew of Gramma's Friends and Favorite Artists were already there... well, she knew I'd be Distracted yapping with them all... so she set to Work doing the 'Pickin' we had come for, knowing I'd be busy Socializing. *LOL*  She was On Point, I was Distracted Socializing {as usual}... and ended up missing the fact she's sitting in the Perfect 'I Love Lucy' Vintage Kitchen Chair we've been trying to Source for a Retro Kitchen Table I bought Months ago from my Friends Debbie and Roy!!!  *Double Damn!*   Now I'm Wondering if they had TWO and if they were Sold Separately from a Table??!   Okay, so I might have to make another Trip into the City Today... Great Excuse for another Adventure huh?  *Winks*
But because Princess T was On Point wading through the Ephemera Table, she 'Scored' Gramma this Bounty of Lovelies!!!
The Photos of the Bohemian Beauties were Priced at only Fifty Cents apiece, we were TOTALLY Jazzed!!!  Aren't they all Gorgeous and so very Boho!!!????
LOVING them ALL!!!
As well as the Old Clock Faces, also had at a Bargain! 
And I got this Great Old Shoe Form... Okay, so I already have a Hoard of them and should and could become a Shoe Maker, but you know... one can ALWAYS find room for ONE MORE when you can 'Score' them at a Deal!!!  *Winks*
 I'm tellin' ya, if you need to Source some Great Vintage Market Inventory for your next Project or some Urban Restoration of your own... this is the place to find it my Friends!  So mark your Calendars for every second Weekend of the Month and check out their FB Page HERE for Details and Sneak Previews! 
And many of our Fav Artist and Vendor Friends are Featured and Selling their Amazing Wares and Creations there too, and often can be found there in Person so that you can meet them... here's just a Short List of those that were there this Month:
Click on each Link to See and Know more about each Vendor and Artist... and where they'll be next!
How Cool were these Colorful Gym Lockers?  I need more of this type of Vintage Storage for the G-Kid Force's Rooms!  Especially Sturdy Storage that will also HIDE their burgeoning Cache of Toys and Treasures!!!  They're almost as bad as Gramma with having such good 'Picks' now that they don't have enough room for all their Junquing Loot!  *Winks* 
I was trying to stay far away from the Wall of Vintage Hand-Dyed Seam Binding this time around... I went a bit Seam Binding Buying Frenzy Mad during the last Event!  *Winks*  I've got Vintage Seam Binding Cascading around and over everything at Bohemian Valhalla!!!
My Friend Anne of DOS FANNIES was there in Person this day and it was so good to see her again and Lust after her latest Creations.  I J'Adore Anne's Jewelry Line, in fact, I want it ALL!!!!  *Winks*  Sorry... forgot to get pixs taken of all the Gals and I, Princess T was too busy actually 'Pickin' the Treasures we'd come for to be my Personal Photographer too!  *LOL*  She was gettin' a tad bit Annoyed that Gramma was once again Off-Task and side-tracked Socializing!  *Smiles*  She's a very SERIOUS 'Picker' you see... Princess T is No-Nonsense when it comes to being Focused on a 'Pick' at the Exclusion of everything else!   Well... ONE of us HAS to be, Right?!  *Smiles* 
Because CLEARLY Gramma was missing Perfect Treasures right, left and center that were right under her nose!!!  *Le Sigh*  It's not usually 'til I'm downloading the Images that I realize, Oh Crap, that was JUST what I've been LOOKING FOR... HOW on Earth did I miss it?!? {She laments as she now gazes at THE Perfect Retro Lucy Chair she NEEDED!!!}
Do you ever do that too my Friends?  Or is it just me?
It's probably a good thing I'm a Pathological Picture Taker so that I can often go back and GET what I totally missed, you know?!?   Well... IF it's still there that is??!??! *Winks*
But, even if it isn't, at least I have the Image of it Captured for Inspiration and to Share, Right?  You know, so that YOU can see what you Missed too and failed to Act on... Misery Loves Company you see... *Winks*  And if I'm gonna be Tormented, why not Share in it, Right?  *Smiles*
Only I was THERE so I really had no Excuse not to Act didn't I?!?  Well... if it weren't for the darn Budget... I'm coming to HATE that word because it imposes such Limits on my Opportunities lately!   You wouldn't Believe the Great Stuff I couldda, wouldda, shouldda HAD if it were not for that darn Budget Thang you see!  *Winks*   Of coarse, The Man and most of my Friends and extended Family would contend that a ME without Limits would be a Scary Thang indeed!!   *LOL*  Much Scarier than any Budget!  *Smiles*
Yeah, a 'Me Without Limits' would probably own one of those Warehouses filled to the brim with Fabulosity that Mike and Frank of 'American Pickers' sometimes stumbles upon and calls the Honeyhole of Picks!!!  *Smiles*  I like to think of my Stash of Found Treasures as a Small Honeyhole of Picks of sorts anyway, being carefully Edited, Purged and Curated as we speak... and Daily until I'm Satisfied I'm no longer at Critical Mass and Minimalized enough to take care of it all easily.  Hey... in the Famous Words of Comedienne Judy Tanuta... IT COULD HAPPEN!!! 
Even us Maximalists have Limits... well, most of us anyways... and mine was Surpassed ages ago and I'm Striving Valiantly to get the Excess of Bohemian Valhalla into the Showrooms for you all to drag Home to your Lairs!  *LOL*  As well as continuing to Enjoy The Thrill Of The Hunt and add to what Inventory is rolling out the Front Door from my Personal Collections... so there's a good mix and variety to what I'm Offering.  That's what I like about these Events... the Selection and Variety Offered.
No matter what your Aesthetic, Taste or Style you're SURE to find something you are diggin'... literally! 
So... Rush on out there Today for the last day of the Event this Month... Sorry I didn't get the Post up sooner... but it's been a Crazy Busy Weekend!
And since it was over 112 degrees and 50% Humidity that day... it was thirsty Work 'Pickin' any Event so the Beauty of this Event is that it's a Neighbor to one of our Favorite Ice-Cream Parlour slash Vintage Shops MAC ALPINES SODA FOUNTAIN!!!   Where they have the most Amazing Old Fashioned Milkshakes, Malts and Egg Creams done 1920's Style AND you can get a heady dose of Nostalgia whilst Enjoying your Desserts AND can go Shopping for Vintage and Antique Treasures as well... does it get any better than that???!!!  Nope!
So anyway, we're sitting up at the 1920's Original Soda Fountain Counter having our Milkshakes... and Princess T has her Pug Purse which always catches Attention because it looks so much like a real Dog... and a very nice Young Man, on his Lunch Break from Work, sitting next to us asks her what her Doggie's Name is?
Now I've said it before, Princess T is VERY MUCH the Wednesday Addams Type of Child... and so in typical Wednesday Addams Deadpan Countenance she looks straight at and tells this Guy, "He doesn't have one... because he's not Real..."  *LOL... now the Full Attention of the Crowd sitting around the Soda Fountain Counter and the Waitresses is upon this Conversation taking place...*
Apparently this Dear Young Man is not used to Wednesday Addams Type Little Girls because he presses her, saying that he SHOULD have a Name anyway... he's emphatic about it in fact... and I can tell Princess T is getting a tad bit Annoyed again even tho' the Dear Young Man is very Nice... because she's obviously NOT of the Opinion that Fake Dogs NEED a Name.  *LOL*
And so at the Insistance of the Dear Young Man whose now asking her yet again, "So... what are you gonna Name him?" she Sighs heavily and says in True Wednesday Addams Style Deadpan Indifferent Response, "Okay then... Mister Fluffy Pants..." and the Guy's Face was a Picture... and he says, "Mr. Fluffy?"... "Pants" she Corrects him with this Deadpan look on her Face.  *LMAO... and by now the Waitresses and other Customers are laffing their arses off too and saying they Love this Kid!*   The Guy looks at me and I simply say, "Well... YOU asked her to Name him!!!"  *LOL* 
And so it was that the Nameless Pug Purse got Named "Mister Fluffy Pants" at the Soda Fountain at MAC ALPINES this day at the insistance of a Nice Young Man on his Lunch Break from Work... who might not forget that Exchange in a while and wasn't sure how to take this Strange Child he struck up a Conversation with about her Nameless Pug Purse... 'cause it's not every day you run into a Wednesday Addams Type of Child in the Arizona Desert...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are sooo stinkin lucky to have access to such lovelies!! Can I be you granddaughter too?? That is one lucky princess!!!! Rhonda

  2. Those carved legs are stunning!


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