Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Now Showing Event ~ Part II

As we return to the SWEET SALVAGE 'Now Showing' Event we come to a Classic Favorite that this Vignette was Inspired by... 'The Wizard Of Oz'. 
Right down to the Ruby Slippers and Dorothy-like Dress.
And lets not forget Glenda the Good Witch's Gorgeous Gown and Crown...
And the Wizard's Top Hat and Air Balloon Basket... 
And the ultimate demise of the Wicked Witch!  Too Funny these details, huh?  I was LOVING it as the Storyline played out in the Beautiful Vignettes filled to the brim with Amazing Found Treasures seemingly Sourced from somewhere Magical like Oz!

So... lets click our Ruby Red Slippers shall we and take the plunge into the SWEET SALVAGE Version of Oz... and go ahead and bring your Little Dog Toto too, I see him snoozing there in the basket...
Though there certainly is No Place Like Home, it is always Fun to have a Grand Adventure somewhere Enchanting and Magical don't you think?  Somewhere that our Fantasies come to Life!
And we can take our Special Friends along, just like Dorothy did on her Journey into Oz.
Where we can find all things Wonderful and add Enchantment to our Everyday Lives and our Homes.
Because that IS the Ultimate Goal isn't it?  To Transform our Lives and our Personal Spaces into something really Special, something we Enjoy on this Journey of Life... as we head down our own Yellow Brick Roads.
And for each of us that Selection will be as Diverse and Wonderful as we are as Individuals... our own Versions of Oz and the Fantasyscapes that we will Create.
And certainly as we Evolve those Interior Spaces to Transform our Vision into a Reality it can sometimes look like the place was hit by a Tornado!!!  *Winks*  Mine currently looks like that in fact!
Into the Eye of the Storm we often go when we're busy with a Project and it now becomes a Work In Progress.  How often I've bitten off almost more than I can chew when I decide to Re-Do a Space I can't even begin to tell ya!  *Winks*  The place can absolutely look like it's been hit by a bolt of Lightening and then Ransacked by Flying Monkeys.  
Well, in the form of the G-Kid Force that is... who are very much moving at the Speed of Lightening Bolts and Creating the carnage of a Room like a flock of Flying Monkeys!!!  But, all of the Blame isn't theirs... I do my part as I'm Re-Styling... Editing... Purging... and bringing in New Found Treasures!  And all this at the exclusion sometimes of domestic goddess duties... so that not very much is clean and pristine!
I know that the Creation of any Event or Show can have Chaos Preceeding it as everything is pulled together to Make the Magic... but at my House that Phase of the Process seems to go on for an Extended Period of Time since there's really no firm Deadline or Grand Opening to meet and I don't have to Invite anybody over to Witness the... ahem... 'Process'.  *Winks*  Yeah, that's what we'll call it... my 'Process'... or as The Man Affectionately dubs it, "Dawn's Perpetual Organized Chaos"!  *LOL*
Yes, in the Harsh Lighting of Day it all doesn't always look quite as Enchanting initially as I might have Envisioned it in my Mind's Eye and it takes a while to actually Transform to the place where the Magic happens at This Ole House and I could Entertain Visitors.  I have no Glenda waving her Magical Wand and making it suddenly Transformed!  I know some of you might Think it would be Fun to pay me a Visit and behold Bohemian Valhalla on a Magical Tour... but your Imaginings of what it might be like and how it presently IS... well, lets just say that won't actually Line Up right now or be at all Magical!  Well, unless you think a Tour thru a House Of Horrors is Magical that is?  *Winks*
Yeah, it's really that Bad right now, you'd have to possess some very strong Rose-Tinted Glasses, Prescription Strength, so see it otherwise!  *LOL*  But, my Oz is coming together slowly... painfully slowly in fact since I have no Magic Wands... yet there are small portions and enclaves of some Rooms that give me Hope that it ALL could eventually look Magical and the Vision I have for it!
But in the meantime I'll continue to be Inspired by Visiting Amazing Events where the Magic has been Accomplished and Fantasies are already brought to Life!  Where we can pretend we're not in Kansas or Arizona or _________  where ever anymore {you fill in the blank} and Truly have been Transported to some Magical Kingdom.
Where Dreamscapes abound and Mezmerize us as we Shop for those Treasures to drag Home and Hopefully Create our own Versions of Oz.
And Invite our Friends to join us in Celebrating the Transformation once it is Complete... or at the very least, Presentable!?  *LOL*
Be sure to come back Tomorrow for Part III of the "Now Showing" Event at SWEET SALVAGE.
And see what Classic Movies Inspired the next Gorgeous Vignettes?!?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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