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Sweet Salvage ~ Now Showing Event ~ Part I

It was time once again to make the Monthly Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE for this Month's 'Now Showing' Event which Showcased Vignettes Inspired by Popular Hollywood Movies.  My Favorite Display was this 'Titanic' and 'Great Gatsby' Theme, which had the most Amazing Woman's 1920's Flapper Era Gown from an Actual Survivor of the Titanic, how Great is that Back-end Story for a Found Treasure and knowing she probably wore it during that Fateful Voyage and Historic Event!!!?? 
This Gown was Absolutely Gorgeous and a Great Price, if it weren't so Fragile and Delicate it would have come Home to Bohemian Valhalla to Grace one of the Vintage Mannequin Gal Displays.  I'm not a Collector of Period Clothing, but some Ensembles just blow you away, and this was one of them for me, Museum Quality and in a Style that would Inspire Future Wardrobe Creations because it's Timeless Appeal would still be Popular Today and well into the Future!
For just over $120 I thought it was a True Treasure worthy of continued Preservation by someone who would know how to properly care for it... I just knew I wasn't the one.  Though I certainly Adored it and would have Loved to Own it... I doubted it would fare well at Bohemian Valhalla and I wouldn't want to risk damaging something so Extraordinary that has been Cherished and Curated so well for so long. 
So... in True Pathological Picture Taker Fashion, since I knew I couldn't Own it, I Photographed it from every conceivable angle for Future Inspiration and to at least properly Preserve it in Images for us all to Enjoy and be duly Inspired by my Friends!  *Winks*  This is the Back of the Gown, which was as Amazing as the Front!  And aren't the Delicate Sepia Lace and Gossamer Black Tulle just Divine?!?
Certainly the Gown alone was Worthy of it's own Post *Winks* so you'll have to Indulge me a bit as I bury you in initial Post Images of it.  *LOL*   Some things are worth your Entire Focus for more than a Moment... even though they are surrounded by other Treasures.
And I tend to be in my own Bubble when I'm smitten with something particular... so even though the Crowds were now amping up, I stayed with and sufficiently Savored my Love Affair with The Gown for a while.  I couldn't help it... because I REALLY Wanted it... but knew it would be better off in  more Experienced hands than mine so alas I had to say Farewell...  *Le Sigh*
I can take a very long Time to sufficiently say Good-Bye to a Lovely I know I'm not going to take Home with me... *Winks*  And it's not as if this 'Titanic' Vignette didn't also have some other Fabulous Items I was having a Serious Love Affair with... and those that know me Well will Instantly KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!!??  *LOL*
Yeah, among other Things, THE CHAIR... you know how I am about Fabulous Old Chairs... I already have a Hoard of them and this one was in Black Velvet Perfection with Carved Details!!!  *Triple Swoon* 
But I knew if I dragged one more Old Chair Home I'd HAVE to start hanging them from the Ceilings and I'm not kidding... the New Studio Cottage is filled to the brim already for those I no longer have room for in the Main House... so I'm at Old Chair Saturation Point!  *LOL*  Damn, dontcha just HATE when that happens?!?   Clearly I need more Properties to Decorate... *Smiles*
And you know you've got the predisposition Really Bad to buy too many of something in particular when you're Secretly Hoping that a SOLD Sign hurries up and shows up on it FAST so that you're no longer trying to Resist the Temptation to get it anyway!  *LOL*  That's how it was with said Old Chair for me... Hurry Up Someone and BUY it... PLEASE!!!  *Winks*
And since my Friend Ron was Serenading us as we walked thru those doors with Beautiful Music and looked so Handsome and Debonaire in front of said Vignette, I felt as though I was Transported to the Titanic, well, before the Infamous wreck that is... and I just had to get Lost in the Moment on the Canvas of my Imagination and Wonder how it might have been... since the Titanic was pretty Spectacular. 
 It's a Shame Princess T couldn't have been there to see and hear Mister Ron, she Adores him and he's so very Talented on so many levels that he never ceases to Inspire us!
But I did 'Score' one bodaciously Bohemian Treasure from the 'Titanic' Vignette right away, it was the first Item I spied as I walked thru the doors in fact actually... an Awesome Gypsy Victorian Style Pimped out Sewing Stool... so very ME dontcha Think?!  *Winks*
That also opens for Storage!  {Which I didn't even Discover 'til AFTER I bought it and had it laying sideways in the Truck Cab... BONUS and a Booyah!}  Lush Velvet lined Storage... how Perfect, no?
So now I don't have to risk breaking Princess T's little Tea Party Chairs anymore when I'm Pricing Inventory!  I'd rather sit on the floor but some days I don't have legs enough at this Season of Life for Floor Sitting long periods of Time anymore!  *LOL*   So said raised Stool is PERFECT and I can keep Inventory Supplies in the Storage Compartment for easy access.
And the other item I 'Scored' in the 'Titanic' Vignette was this Awesome piece of Vintage Luggage... which I accidentally spied under a Table whilst Visiting with my Friends Brett and Robert... now I'm ready to Run Away from Home!  *Winks*  And hey, isn't that Sweet Kim sneaking up behind me?  *LOL*  We have too much Fun at these Events, I'm tellin' ya!  And Thanks for taking the Pix Brett!
Brett always has a big Smile while he's helping everyone with their 'Scores' at The Sweet!  He and Myko did an Amazing Job of Styling their Space and the Ladies' Room for this Event.  I'll be Showcasing all of that in another Post.
But I will give you a Sneak Peek of the Vintage Millinery that I 'Scored' from Myko and Brett's Space... I J'Adore Vintage Millinery!
Along with the Awesome Vintage Train Case I also 'Scored' at the Event, which matches the Suitcase Perfectly!  I got to it just in Time too since another Lady had spied it just AFTER I had dibs on it!  *Whew*  A second later and it would have been hers rather than mine!
Because unlike the Suitcase which was stashed under a Table for me to Secretly Discover and snag without Assistance... said Train Case was at the very top of a giant tower of Vintage Luggage that went almost to the ceiling!  So neither I or the other Lady could have gotten to it without Assistance, so it was a matter of who found a Sweet Gang Associate to help you get it down FIRST!  I Won, but by a hair I tell ya!  *LOL*
So here's both pieces of Vintage Luggage together... I Love that the Suitcase has a makeshift Lucious Vintage Fabric Handle because when a piece has been well used and Loved, folks will take the Time to be Resourceful with it like that to extend the Life of it and that gives it added Charm and Character in my book.
And how Charming is the Old Stopwatch attached to an Old Bottle!?
AND Finally I 'Scored' a Trio of these Lovely Old 1920's Bureau Handles just right for a Furniture Restoration Project I have at Home... and for only Two Bucks apiece I was Delighted to find them!!!
I was very Tempted to also pick up this Awesome Set of Antique Carved Wood Curtain Swags... but alas, one was broken and since I needed them for a Showroom that would have a lot of heavy Customer Traffic I didn't want to risk them getting damaged further... I needed a Sturdier Set that wouldn't have potential Issues for complete ruination... but for a Private Home they would have been Perfect.
So I had to set them back down and naturally they were scooped right back up for the Customer they were obviously Perfect for.
And I always run into my Friends there during these Events... my Hilarious Friend Pauline found the Perfect Gypsy Princess Crown... *LOL*
And a Sweet Customer in line that I was Visiting with obliged us in taking this Group Shot of me and my Friends Gail and Judy... one for my Camera...
And one for Judy's Camera... what a Nice Lady!  We've had a Group Shot for just about every Event we've Attended so we didn't want to interrupt the Tradition!  *Smiles*
Be sure to come back Tomorrow for Part II of the Event... because I have SO MUCH MORE to Share with you my Friends!!!   And the Event will run through this Sunday, so you've got plenty of Time to get down there yourselves and Experience it firsthand!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. So many interesting things again! The 1920s dress, the sewing stool, the small gilded circular frames... *sigh*!


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