Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love You Mom!

My Dear Mom just Celebrated another Birthday recently and I couldn't wait for my Lil Bro' to Share a recent Image of them both Celebrating her Rockin' it well into her 80's!  I wasn't disappointed, as you can clearly see the Bohemian Mama that has Inspired me all my Life, with the addage that it's better to be looked over than overlooked, is still Fiercely a Fashionista right down to her Mani matching her Bold Hued Ensemble and her Bohemian Bling on as usual!  *Winks*   She has a Youthful Strong Spirit and Attitude and a Positive Energy that defies the Aging Process and so she's still Lookin' Good and Living Life Fully in spite of Age Related Limitations and declining Health!  No doubt she was flirting with all the Young Stud Muffins and getting comped Free Desserts when they went out to eat... she's Shamelessly Flirty even tho' she's now a Great-Great-Nanna and the Guys just Love that at any Age, when a Classy Woman gives them her Attention and turns up the Charm and they bask in her Radiance!   Naughty Nanna you!!!  *Winks*  You Go Girl... Love you so much!  Mwahhh!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Your Proud Daughter... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom who is rocking it into her 80's. She sure is looking good!

  2. It was inspiring to read your description (and see the picture) of your beautiful mother. ~ Happy Birthday, Dawn's Mother ~

  3. Wow! Happy Birthday.
    She looks a lot like my mom... the face is almost identical! Cool and a little scary at the same time. Any Lauensteins or Gerbstadts in your family tree?


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