Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Sucker For The Close-Up!

When it comes to Images I'm an absolute Sucker for the Close-Up! 
I have to admit that the Magazines, Books, Publications and Blogs that Appeal to me most are those that have lots of Beautiful Close-Up Photography in them.

And even my Favorite Images Captured through the Eye of my own lens are almost always the inevitable Close-Ups I concentrate on most and seem to have much better results of than the Panoramic Images I've Photographed and attempted to Capture the Beauty of.

It's not that the 'Big Picture' isn't Beautiful or doesn't often take my breath away in Real Life... but when it comes to Photography... the Closer the better I've found... both in Capturing the Essence of something or someone... and the greater Appeal it has for me Visually.

Perhaps for me it could be because it's all about the Details to me... and it just happens to be more Awe Inspiring to me to get up close and really Examine and Scrutinize the Intricacies of the Object and it's Visual.
And you can concentrate more on all that is right with a Scene, at the exclusion of what might not be so Photo Worthy around it, when you take the Close-Up.  My Home for example, looks presentable in Close-Ups, because I'm only Photographing a small area.  *Winks*  The Panoramic would not be so good, especially since more of it isn't presentable and I'd need a Team of Merry Maids to get it Photo Op Worthy!  *Le Sigh*
Besides, more is left up the Imagination in a Close-Up, you can Imagine what else there might be that remains unseen?  And leave you Hungering for MORE Visuals of the Scene, the Vignette, the Room, the Show, the People... or whatever other Subject Matter you got a Glimpse of... enough to whet your Appetite.
If you Felt as though you already saw it ALL, would you be as Eager to come back I Wonder?  Would you be as Intrigued?  I guess for me the Answers to those Questions would probably be 'No'.  And even when I see a Fabulous Panoramic Image... I want to Zoom In on the DETAILS... the Glorious Details and Scrutinize it Closer, like I certainly would in Person.
I would not, for example, be Content to see an Image of something like this Wonderful Old Hatbox sitting on a Shelf in a Panoramic Vignette without also getting a Close-Up of the Details of the Lovely Faded Floral Print.   I'd NEED to get a Closer look you see!  *LOL*
Don't Expect me to look at a Gorgeously Ornate piece of Bohemian Bling from across the Room!  Bring that over here so I can get a better look and fully Appreciate the Artistry and every minute Detail of the Construction!  *Winks*
In fact, Expect me to get fully Lost in the Details... because I WILL Lose Myself there and Enjoy every Second of it!
I'm much more Inclined to Fall in Love with something if I've been able to Soak in the Close-Up of it.
Which is why I haven't been able to bring myself to load and look at these Images taken this Winter of the Gorgeous Bohemian Bling my Friend Carol had just gotten in at COTTAGE GARDENS because after seeing it all... I HAD WANTED IT ALL!!!  *LOL*   And so I had to let sufficient Time pass so that I could remove myself from Temptation to overspend!   Sorry Carol... you know how I am about the Becky Edwards Creations particularly!  *Winks*

Serious, Serious Lust can be going on when it comes to me and the Bohemian Bling Creations of Favorite Artists!  *Smiles*  And so Capturing the Close-Up is the next best thing to being able to Buy something I've fallen in Lust with!  *Ha ha ha*   You can't have it... but you can drool over it later, again and again, if you have a really good Close-Up of it! 

Because after all... if we've SEEN something or someone we Love, was Memorable or we thought was exceedingly Beautiful and Inspiring, we don't just want to Attempt to Remember what it or they looked like as Time goes by... or Forget what it or they looked like... we want to Immortalize it some kind of way... the Close-Up does that very well.
Lately Yul has seemed very Intent on being Immortalized in Film, every time he sees me with the Camera he's Striking a Pose!  He's almost as much a Hambone as Princess T!  *Winks*
And after all, it is through those Immortalized Close-Ups that we can often Recall some of the Precious Beginnings.  Especially of those who joined the Family.   When I see big, fat, Healthy Bohemian Cat Boy Rusty now, it would be too easy otherwise to Forget the Frail Waif of an Orphaned Feral Kitten he came to us as.  He was an Adorable Hot Mess to be sure, like an Oliver Twist... and it was perhaps that Vulnerability and Fragility that Endeared us to him all the more. Urged us to take him in when the G-Son Begged and Pleaded to make things Right for the Wee Waif even tho' the last thing I Wanted at the time was another Cat... especially one that I wasn't sure would make it or not?
And of coarse the Close-Ups of those we Love are ALWAYS Favored because it's like they're right up Close to us within the Frame of that Image... as they were... then...
And though some are still with us... growing and changing over Time... others Sadly are not... and it is thru our Close-Ups that we can Fondly Remember them... especially during the Times of Intense 'Missing' and Wishing they were still here on this side of Time and Eternity.
And of coarse the Close-Up is always the Best way to Share a Visual of what Found Treasures we've recently 'Scored'... like these Beautiful Wooden Ukranian Style Decorated Eggs... which also made a Lovely Lead Image to begin the Post with.  And it's always those Lead Images in the Thumbnails of the Blogs that Draw us In Closer too isn't it and make us HAVE to stop by and SEE MORE!?!!?
Because the Close-Up can Capture ALL the Delightful Details of an Art Form like this.  As well as Intrigue us about what the Back End Story might be that will Accompany it?! 
How many times I've Scanned the Blog Rolls and been Captivated by the Close-Up in a Thumbnail Lead Image and Rush right over to see what the Post was about!!!  It's a Great 'Hook'... a 'Blog Tip' for those who might be just starting out or trying to Improve their Blog for their Audience.  A Great Image doesn't even need a Storyline or Translation in fact!!!
Though certainly Great Images PLUS a Great Topic is even Better for those of us who aren't of the ilk of few Words in our Posts and Love a Good Story told by Others too!  *Winks*
So... here's to the taking of Great Close-Up Images my Friends!!!  Of those Things and Special Folks we find to be Worthy of Zooming in on through the Eye of our Lens and Magnifying the Awesomeness of!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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