Friday, June 14, 2013

What I Should Be Doing...

What I Should Be Doing?  Pricing more Inventory in preparation for the Father's Day Event at Work and getting it all into the Showroom and out of the rooms of the house it's piled up in!  Obviously and Clearly I'm NOT Doing that.  It's not that I'm not in the Mood to get what needs to be done... done... it is always what I'd prefer to be getting around to and actually Doing...

But, being up all Night and Day with Sick People most of the week puking and having accidents since they can't keep anything in or down has Consumed me you see.  Running Damage Control to attempt to Maintain any semblance of Order rather than complete Chaos in the house has been the Priority and daily Goal... everything else is secondary at best... and at worst, piling up and putting me further behind the eight ball.
And with the extra Laundry and Cleaning Up that has all entailed I'm Spent Physically and Emotionally... it has Wrecked me and I've felt quite Overwhelmed and Testy.  So I haven't exactly been Operating in the Fruits of the Spirit, I've just been trying not to get so Angry at them all because even the most Reasonable Requests for Cooperation and making my job a bit easier have been Ignored or fallen on Deaf Ears with that Selective Hearing Thing they have going on.
I'm pretty sure they just Tune me Out... Such as The Man falling three times in less than 24 Hours because he stubbornly refused to Honor any Request to stay in bed resting or use his prescribed Medical Equipment!  Or ask me to Help him or get something for him, waiting Patiently for his turn until I could, since I'm also juggling the Needs of the G-Kid Force simultaneously.  You see, each of the trio seems to think they're the Center of the Universe and everything revolves around them.  Especially when they don't feel Well and want everything instantly... Obviously Patience isn't a Virtue in this Family!  My back hurts from trying to help a Man much larger than myself up off the floor yet again so that we don't have to call 911 constantly and be in and out of Emergency Rooms like a yo-yo with Whining Kiddos in tow that also aren't feeling Well and don't want to be there... AGAIN.
I don't blame them, I'm absolutely sick to death of spending so much time inside of Emergency Rooms, Hospitals and Doctor's Offices myself... especially when I'm not even Sick and have too much to do that isn't getting done while I'm there!!!  Or languishing in uncomfortable chairs for long enough that now I'm hurting and can hardly feel my legs by the time we finally get to leave.  While also trying to Entertain, Ride Herd, Feed and Water Children during the long convoluted process it always turns out to be!   Babysitters you say?  Forget about it {said in my best Sopranos Accent}... these G-Kids are so High Maintenance and have their own Medical Issues and Regimen, so the Average Babysitter is not gonna cut it and Volunteers are scarce, especially on short notice.  And I'd rather The Man and I to be Foot Loose and Fancy Free like the above Image... instead of where we find ourselves in our Golden Years.
Besides, if some of the Drama is Avoidable, well, I want it to be AVOIDED, Capish?  Yeah, Clearly they're NOT Capishing... and that part is a Flash Point for me... Obviously the Lord still has a lot of Work to do on and in me to get me to the place where Serenity of Spirit reigns when all Hell is breaking loose around me and I don't get so Reactive to certain Triggers!  *LOL*
You know, when you'de much rather look, Feel and be like this in the Eye of the Storm...
Than like this!  Yeah, sometimes I look, Feel and am more like this Truth be told... what can I say, I'm still a Work in Progress!  And the more Unlovely those around me become, the greater the Test... and I'm not always Acing this Test, I can get pretty Unlovely myself if my chain is yanked hard enough!  You know how on 'Swamp People' those hooked Gators always come up Fighting because they can't break Free?  Well... that's more like me than the Zen Gal Image where everything is Butterflies and Unicorn Farts as Trouble enters Paradise!
I always Intend to Do Better at Coping... and being Patient with them all... Thank Goodness I Love them all with every ounce of my Being or I'd probably be Serving Time right about now though!  They can and sometimes do take you to that Place you don't wanna go... where Joyful You has had all the Joy wrung out and all you have left is ful... like I pity the ful who does one more thing to set me off!
Luckily both of the G-Kid Force are finally feeling Well enough to make it to Salvation Army Summer Camp this day and The Man is finally staying put since I had my Epic Fit about not wanting to have to pick him up off the floor if he does something Foolish again.  And after several hours of running Damage Control while they're all out of my way... now I find myself too Spent to be Doing what I Should be Doing... Need to Do... and even Want to get Done!  Well, if I get a Second Wind within the next two Hours before the G-Kid Force return Home I might actually Accomplish something I Intended to Do and Should be Doing!?!  Do you ever have one of those Days?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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