Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part IV

Yes, after Church I took Princess T and went back to SWEET SALVAGE Sunday Morning.  The Madness had died down and it was more of a Zen Shopping Experience on the last day and appropriate to bring Kiddos without Freaking them out.  Plus I could get the European Tin that Brett had held for me Thursday and I'd forgotten!   So you see, I had a good Excuse to go back and retreive it... *Winks*... and get another chance to Photograph those Sweet Kittens!  Only one Vintage Kitten Postcard with the Stand was left...
But Myko had several loose Vintage Kitten Postcards propped around various Vignettes... obviously Kittens haven't lost their Adorable Quotient for Photographic Appeal all these Years later.
Princess T is always ready for a Girl's Day Out with Gramma after Church on Sundays anyway, so she was Primed to go... but a bit disappointed that she didn't spy her Friend Mr. Ron there this day.  And no, she's not suffering from the Mumps, she has a mouth full of Candy so her cheeks were puffed out like a Hamster!
And there were loads of jaw dropping Treasures that I either completely missed seeing on Thursday, or were New Inventory brought in on subsequent days... like this Gorgeous Vintage Industrial Light Fixture that had been Encrusted with Seaside Natural Treasures!

All I could say was WOW and proceed to Photograph it from every angle... what a Beautiful Work of Art this is!!!   And what a Fabulous Focal Point it would be in any Room!!!

This was Princess T's Favorite Space... hands down... and it did have a Serenity about it that was quite Inviting and Soothing to the Spirit.  Yes, if I was going to Decorate in Natural Neutral Hues with Organic Touches, I'd want it to have this Vibe most definitely!
Beach Cottage Style just makes me Feel like I'm on Vacation and ready to head to the Ocean Beachcombing for Found Treasures washed up on the Shore!  I can almost Smell the Salty Air and Hear the Seagulls squawking and the Waves crashing ashore.
Who doesn't have Fond Memories of the Boardwalk, the Feel of the Sand between your toes, building Sand Castles and splashing around in the Ocean?  Coming Home deeply Tanned with the Scent of Coconut Oil and Sand caked in just about everything you lugged back Home!  *Smiles*

But it wasn't just Beach Memories of Summer that the Vignettes Imparted... there were the other Vacations... perhaps to Foreign Countries and other States across the Nation you might have Visited in your Vacation Travels?
And so there were loads of Imported Furnishings and Accessories to remind you of Countries Abroad...
Such Details always Captivate me...
And Vignettes Capturing the Essence of the Heartlands of America too...
I almost came Home with some of these Kentucky State Fair Gardening Ribbons from the 1920's... at only $5.99 each they were certainly a Bargain.
But though many of the Found Treasures from across the Heartland and Patriotic Hued Treasures were Awesome and hard to Resist...
I decided to stick with Treasures that were my preferred Aesthetic and not just Seasonal Decor for me... like these two Gorgeously Aged and Worn Plum Velvet Frames that I got.
And of coarse the Old Royal Family Tin that I went back for in Beautiful Sepia Hues!
Jewel Tone Old Velvets and Aged Sepia Imagery are after all just My Style and go better with my other Decor, so this is the Inexpensive Trio of Treasures I came Home with Sunday Afternoon... Resisting everything else.
Luckily I have no more room for Large Furnishings no matter how Eyecatching... like this tall tiered Shelving Unit made of Upcycled Crackled and Shabby Old Doors and Victorian Ceiling Tin.
Or Beautifully Deconstructed Derelict Decorating Furnishings like this Antique Black Carved Wood Loveseat.
And equally Deliciously Derelict Deconstructed Old Chair!
I even Resisted these Antique Deep Blue Velvet Opera Glasses!  That was tough... Princess T kept urging me to 'Get 'em Gramma!'  *LOL*
Of coarse by the time we entered the Boutique Section she wanted to GET EVERYTHING!!!  *Winks*
She's the Type of Gal that would wear Rings on every Finger and Bracelets up to her Elbows... and a Mr. T Style Swag of Necklaces!!!
And to be sure there was plenty of Bling for Gramma to go Ga-Ga for... like this French Inspired Creation... LOVE IT!!!
And if I was here on Vacation I probably would bring Home a Souvenir like one of the SWEET SALVAGE Necklaces as a Reminder of my Trip to the Event. 
But I'm not on Vacation and The Son and Mom's Birthdays are coming up fast... so their Gifts will take Priority over increasing the Bling Collection of Princess T and I... and I had to remind her of that Fact.  If we spend all the Money on US then what would we be able to buy for Uncle and Nanna for their Birthdays??? 
As you can Clearly see by her Countenance that wasn't what she wanted to Hear!  *LOL*  In fact, she was quite Petulant when she realized she wasn't getting any Bling this day... or that Gramma wasn't either so that she could 'Borrow' it.  *Winks*  Yeah, she was no longer looking nearly as Happy as...
When she first Entered the Event and thought she could talk me into buying her something!  *LOL*  But don't Feel too Sorry for her... a Thrift Store Stop on the way Home netted her a Barbie Project Runway Case and a Polly Pocket Castle for a mere four bucks... and she had to have Lunch at McDonalds and the Happy Meal brought back The Happy. *Smiles*

So I wasn't a complete Ogre or Villain... and Tomorrow I shall Conclude our Tour of the Event...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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