Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part III

As we start Winding Down the 'Summer Lovin' Event at SWEET SALVAGE I Hope you've been Inspired to Decorate your Spaces for Summer my Friends?  One more Post to go before I've Exhausted my current Photo Archive of the Event!  *LOL*
I know that for many of us here in the Arizona Desert, Summertime is when we want to get away to more temperate Climates, at least for a little Respite from the intense Heat.  I don't like the Cold and so I Adore living in Arizona since most of the year is temperate and Idyllic Weather... but Summer here is certainly not for the faint of Heart!  *LOL*
I think that most of us probably take more Photos while we're on Vacation... well.. that is unless you're a Blogger and have become a Pathological Picture Taker like me on account of your Blog Journey and now see everything around you as a potential Post and Blog Fodder?  *Winks*
I have a lot of Fun with it though and I've found that Photography has probably always been a Passion... and I always took more Photos than Average...  it just became more Magnified and Refined once I began Blogging and being Inspired by the Posts and Images other Bloggers Shared!

You know those Favorite Blogs that Enticed you to Visit again and again because the Visuals absolutely Captivated you and often the Stories that accompanied the Images Connected you to the Blogger as if you knew them as Intimately as Friends... as you followed their Blog Journey and Posts Sharing their Passions, their Personal Spaces and their Lives!  You got glimpses into their Soul via their Blogs and I wanted to have my Blog Evolve in such a Meaningful way as well.
It also became a Wonderful way of Networking with other Artists, Stylists, Vendors and Travellers who are Kindred Spirits.  A place that we could Share our Art, our Shops, Favorite Shops, Events and Shows in our Community and across the Nation and Globe... adding more and more to our 'Bucket Lists' of Locations to Visit.  Having Exposure to the Amazing Inventory, Collections and Creations of Artists, Shop Owners and Stylists we Admire and might never have known about had we not Connected here! 
An ever Expanding Circle of Blog Friends we're able to Cultivate Relationship with and sometimes even get the Joy of Meeting and getting to know better in Person and even becoming Junquing Buddies with!
Meeting up with others who Share our Passions at Events, Shops and Shows like this regularly really gives one something very Special to look forward to.  Exchanging Ideas, Inspiration and great Junquing Stories, Leads and Tips!
The Encouragement you can Receive through this Community of Creative Souls can Inspire you to new Heights in your own Creative Journey... and taking the Leap of Faith to start your own Business doing what you Love and have a Passion and Feel Purposed to do... or at least take it to the next level as you're Mentored!
I've met New Friends from States across the Nation and from a variety of Countries Abroad through Blogging.
And our Similarities astound me since I never really Imagined there were so many of us who Shared almost identical Passions and Loves... and which always seemed Odd or Quirky to most folks I knew outside of the Artistic and Creative Circles and Blogging.
I liken it to finding your Soul Mate on so many levels... and the Camaraderie is strong... because you Understand each other and Appreciate what makes each other Tick... what makes the Heart Flutter and the Pulse Race.
Whereas in Real Life you might Proudly Show Off something you just 'Scored' or Created and be met with Blank or Bland Stares, Ambivalence or Indifference... here it actually Matters at a level that it Connects because they 'Get It' and can Rejoice with and for you! 
Yes, with YOU my Friends I can Share an Image of a Crystal Chandie Upcycled by melding it with a Repurposed length of Metal Garden Fence and you don't go, "Huh?" and give me a Strange Look like I'm from another Planet... Planet Dawn!  Because you might just Create, Buy, be Inspired by or Decorate with such things too?!?  *Winks*
And maybe you too Create Fantasyscapes and Imagery Vignettes in your Personal Spaces just because it brings you Delight and Feeds your Soul, Releases your Creativity and Expands your Imagination... even if it's not necessarily Functional or Traditional in the Styling Sense?  Seriously, who of us wouldn't like to have an Imaginary Vintage Soda or Candy Shoppe, General Store or European Patisserie, Tiki Hut or Faerie Garden... whatever your Fantasy is and build upon the Vision... it's like being a Kid again!
And if you have Young Children or G-Kids they TOTALLY dig it, as will their Friends... though your Older or Adult Children might think you've entered your Second Childhood or totally Lost It?  *Winks*  Well... unless you've ALWAYS been this way like me, then it's just 'Mom As Usual' and nothing you Do, Wear or Decorate with phases them and they don't even bother to try to explain it anymore to anyone Experiencing it... and you... for the first time.  *LOL*
Because How CAN you Explain it really?  Unless you're Kindred Spirits.  *Winks*  "Yeah, if Jimi Hendrix and Morticia Addams had of Created a Love Child, that might have been my Mom... ", is the best they could Conjure up in trying to explain Moi and My Style, Aesthetic and Sensibilities.  *Smiles*
And Why Mom ALWAYS carries a Camera now as if it's an appendage?!   Not caring who might be staring quizzically when she's Intently snapping Images of random stuff and even Food!?  *Smiles*
Yes, even FOOD... so if you ever go out to Eat with me... be prepared... if that Dish looks Divine... or the Ambiance of the Restaurant is Sublime, I'm liable to wanna stick the Image in a Shared Blog Post and Weave a Story about the Experience!  *Smiles*
See what I mean... doesn't this make you wanna go out and buy Yummy Jam and Jellies now?!? *Smiles*  These are from BOHO FARM... Check out Caroline's Blog for more delicious Visuals, Amazing Recipes and Products made Locally here in Phoenix.
Be sure to come back Tomorrow for the Finale... though Today was the last day of the Event so I Hope you were able to make it down there?  The Princess and I are thinking about perhaps stopping by again after Church this Morning...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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