Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seasonal Sadness... Closed For The Summer...

I can't help it... I do have a certain amount of Seasonal Sadness as some of my Favorite Shops Close for the Summer.  It's just a part of living in an extreme Climate...  and for us that is Summertime here in the Arizona Desert.  I suppose some of you have Closures during Off-Seasons where ever you happen to live, when your Winters get fierce or the Tourists leave Town and go back from whence they came?
Today's Beautiful Images are from one such place that will be Closing for the Summer at the end of this Month, MELROSE VINTAGE.  It is bittersweet that my last Visit of the Season will be to pick up my Mother's Day Gift from the Son and know that until Fall this will be one less Favorite Haunt to Visit during the lazy days of Summer.
Wendy always has such a Fabulous Selection of Fabrics and Trims for the Fabric Artist to drool over...
Exquisite Chandies and European Imports...
Lovely Art...
And useful Accessories for the Home.
As well as Divine Furniture, Linens and Decor!
Many Local Crafters and Artists also know it to be a Fabulous Scrapbook Store in the Metro Phoenix Area with Great Classes... but for me it has been the OOAK Found Treasures that I most looked forward to beholding and Saving up for that Wendy has stocked the Shop with and Styled with so impeccably.
And the Inspiration the Vignettes always Delivers.
It's a Shop that I always know I can Discover that Fabulously Perfect replacement Vintage Lampshade for when I 'Score' a Great Old Lamp that is missing it's Shade.
And Vintage Trims which are notoriously hard to come by in our Area.   I really don't like using new Trims on my Creations of Wearable Art made from Vintage Fabrics because it just doesn't Impart that sense of History and Quality that the Real Deal does or Enhance the pieces quite like putting Vintage layered with Vintage. 
And if you're as big a Fan of Original Painted Furniture as I am... you will think you died and went to Painted Furniture Heaven here I tell ya!!!  *Winks*
Now I'm not talkin' bout those repainted Vintage pieces, as nice as they may be, that have been Upcycled by some Talented Repurposer and given a New Life... though that's Cool and all that.  I'm talkin' bout those Fabulous Original pieces of Painted Furniture with the Patina and look that only Time can Impart to a piece and simply cannot be replicated by a do-over!
Yes, every time I enter MELROSE VINTAGE I am Tempted almost beyond Endurance to want to get just one more Spool of lucious Old Velvet Trim... which then leads to ANOTHER... and ANOTHER... AND... well, you know the drill!  *Winks*  Even if I were to never use them in a Creation, I would enjoy and be Inspired by just looking at them stacked in a Vignette.
And if you J'Adore Sumptuous Bella Notte Linens and Fabrics... well... you're definitely in the right place!!!
If you're a Romantic at Heart you're going to find a wealth of Girly-Girl Furnishings for your Home and for that Ultra Feminine Boudoir.
Even The Man has to admit that these pieces are Lovely... even though he prefers our Boudoir to have the darker more Masculine Vibe with my Gypsy Jewel Tones bringing in the Feminine Touch and Vibe I need... for that Perfect Compromise.  *Winks*
Which is why the New Mantle The Son bought for me shall probably end up in the Computer Room rather than the Boudoir... so I can gaze at it whilst Blogging!   And put the overflow of Books that are in need of leaving the Library Room slash Princess T's New Bedroom!  *LOL*  Yeah, I know... I Purged the Library Room of Book Excess when we did the Bedroom Conversion for the Princess... but we all Love Books so much that they tend to... ummm... almost seem to propigate!  *Winks*
Come on, you know you have those particular things you keep Purging and then Replenishing too... it might not be Books for you but it will be SOMETHING... I could Bank on it!?!  *Smiles*

And so this Month will be the last of our Visits for the Season... until some of our Fav Shops that will be Closed for the Summer Re-Open in the Fall... and I can't help it... but I shall have a certain amount of Season Sadness about that.
But don't you worry... I took a slew of Images to Tide us over until they Re-Open... *Winks*  And to keep us on the edge of our seats to Wonder what Divine Inventory will be coming in all Summer Long as they scour the Countryside Pickin' to get ready for the Grand Re-Openings?!?
And you still have Time to get in before the Season Ends and 'Score' those Items you don't want to risk missing out on!!!
You know, those Treasures and Luxurious Furnishings and Accessories you Lusted After all year long and Saved your Pennies for!
After all... you don't want to be Tormented all Summer long do you, Wondering if they'll still be there and Available in the Fall?!?  *Winks*   I know... I know... I'm contributing to your Delinquency... but only 'cause I Luv Ya... and I KNOW you WANT them... BAD!   *Winks*
And Enjoying them all Summer Long will be a Gift to Yourself!!!  Hey... and if you don't Deserve it... who does?!?   I always liked that Saying!  *Winks*   Especially when that 'you' is Me... *LOL*... you see, I tend to be very Good to Myself!  *Smiles*
And I know Myself Well and so I know exactly what Me most Desires!  *Winks*
And I bet you know Yourself equally Well too and what YOU most Desire?!?  And what would make your Heart Sing for the Summer!!!
So perhaps I'll see you there getting Yours as I'm pickin' up Mine?!?  *Winks*  For that last Treasure procuring Fling for the Season!?!
And if not... well... I'll definitely see ya there in the Fall my Friends!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn-ohhhhh this heart!!!!! Anyway....back to the subject at hand LOL....I, too, love Melrose. I often stop there when I am in the Phoenix area.
    So glad she will be opening up yet again in the fall.




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