Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pickin' Early For Seasonal Decor...

I'm always on the lookout for Seasonal Decor that I can 'Pick' early and at a Bargain when nobody else might be vying for it yet.  We Love Decorating for Halloween in particular... being an Addams Family Type of Gal I've just always Enjoyed the Macabre, Curiosities and Oddities. 
 Perhaps that is why Derelict Decorating, Forlorn and Abandoned things, Decay, Ruins, Laboratories, Old Homes and Decrepid Styling has always held a strong Appeal for me?   And so when I can 'Score' Halloween Style Props any time of the year I'm all over it and absolutely Delighted, even if it has to be stored away for Months before I get to use it and Style with it!  So when my Friend Jocelyn got some Mantiques that were perfect for a Halloween Prop I had to have one!
Seriously, when I can get ONE Industrial Sign with FOURTEEN different Possibilities and Options for Halloween Decorating with it... I was totally Jazzed!!!  I know you've probably seen these on Commercial Trucks hauling dangerous cargo... and I just thought it would be Ideal for a Haunted House Vignette this next Halloween!   A couple of Skulls and Crossbones naming your Poison... *Winks*

I can see this with a faux Laboratory setting...

For the Mad Scientist Halloween Prop utilizing all the Vintage Laboratory and Antique Pharmacy Collectibles that I Love!
And you gotta Love this one!  I'm Wondering just WHAT Spontaneously Combusts that would be Transported in the first place?  *LOL*  I've got a Vision of having a charred Cadaver sitting beside it... with a drink in his hand and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?!?  *LOL*
I've always Loved Scary Movies, Halloween Haunted Attractions, Old Houses filled with Cabinets of Curiosities and Gothic Furnishings.  If I didn't have to consider the Family I'd probably have quite the Morbid Collection of Objects that Fascinate and might Creep a lot of people out unless they were Kindred Spirits who also Connect to such Oddities.
But for Halloween I can go all out and Decorate in my Fav Macabre Styles... well... most of the time anyway.  Alas, for the first few years we lived in this Old House since many of the Locals considered it Haunted and it had a Reputation for being Scary and Creepy... if I went with the Haunted Motif we got absolutely NO Trick-Or-Treaters and most folks even walked on the other side of the street to get past the place!  *LOL*
And though one would think that it would be Ideal to live in an allegedly Haunted House for the Halloween Season and Decorating for it, if it scared the kiddos where they would be too afraid to come up and get their Candy and let us Admire their Adorable Costumes, well... I Compromised the Urge to go Creepy and kept with a Whimsical Harvest Theme instead.  *Smiles* 
Still... there were some too timid even then to venture up the walkway no matter how Inviting the Harvest Theme we presented looked.  *LOL*  And now most of the little ones have grown up and moved away and many new Families are from other Countries where the Traditions and Holidays are different so we don't really get many Trick-Or-Treaters now anyway and I can just do My Thing with reckless abandon since the G-Kid Force don't mind and really get into it too.  They really are equivalents to Wednesday and Pugsley Addams... and I can totally relate to Morticia!  *Smiles*
And so the Search for Great Halloween Props is continuous... both to Decorate with at Home and for the Showroom when the time comes to begin offering Seasonal Treasures.  Because you gotta start early to stockpile enough for a Good Showout Holiday Theme and plenty of Inventory to offer for Sale.

And though I won't want to part with this Sign... perhaps if Jocelyn gets some more I'll have to get another, or even a few for the Showroom Vignettes for Halloween as well?
Because getting one Prop with Fourteen different Styling Options is a Rare Find for Holiday Decorating! 
And having this Image at the Halloween Buffet will be good for a Laugh and Irresistable, don't you think?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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