Monday, June 3, 2013

Not Just A Love Of Old...


Some folks might think that because I have such a deep affinity and Love of Old that I don't Connect to anything New.  Au Contraire!   There are some Shops, especially the Import Shops like 'World Market' that I could spend all day in... and spend a lot of Money!  *Winks*  I should probably buy Stock in these Shops in fact because I'm certain I contribute to their Profit Margins and Success!  *LOL*
Just look at what I 'Scored' in a recent trip to 'World Market'!  I Adore this particular Design and so you'll see it often throughout the Post... practically the whole Line in this Print was focused upon...  because if I could, I'd buy it ALL!  *Winks*   And yes, my Showroom Curtains were sewn out of this Design's Fabric and Created from one of their Shower Curtains that I embellished with Gypsy Chic Trims. 

I like food storage containers that the Bohemian Valhalla Clan cannot break... and so this melmac stacking lidded cannister set in my Fav Design were perfect!

And my Friend Pamela can tell you how anal I am about the Quality of my Towels *LOL*... I NEVER buy cheap scratchy coarse Towels!  Towels and Sheets in fact are purchases that I ALWAYS buy the very best Quality I can possibly afford... my Mom taught me that... you're better off Investing in the Best because they not only last, but they feel positively Luxurious against the skin.  And when they look this Fabulous too... well, what can I say... even if it takes me some time to get the complete set, it's worth the wait and the Investment!  But God help the Children and Menfolk who would dare to use my 'Good' Towels for such things as say, drying off the Car after they wash it!  {This has happened... *Gasp*... but usually only the one time!  LOL}
Of coarse there was a ton of stuff I had to leave behind at 'World Market' that if Money were no object, I'd be wanting to Style my Exterior Living Spaces with as well!  Their Outdoor Furnishings are just My Style!
But even though these were designed for Outdoor use... in the fierce Arizona Sun, they wouldn't last but a Season without being undercover... and my Gazebo and Patio Furniture aren't under cover and get direct Sunlight, which just destroys and fades fabrics within a week.
These Adirondack Chairs in Bold Hues with my Fav Design Seatcovers would be Perfect otherwise... Note to Self: Must one day put a roof over some of the Outdoor Living Areas so I can start my Outdoor Collection of this Stuff!  *Winks*
And the Oatmeal Burlap Type Upholstery with the Fabric over the Buttons... Love it!
In fact I'm probably Stealing... um, I mean Borrowing this Idea and will now be covering every Old Button I can Upcycle with Bohemian Fabrics!  *Winks*
I just really like the Contrast of the Organic Material blended with such Bold Accessorizing.
And if they still have them I'll probably end up going back and getting at least one more set of these food storage bowls.

And if any of the Outdoor Furnishings go on Sale at a Deep Discount... I might have to cave and get them even if I have to store them away for a time until I get that Outdoor Living Space I Envision on the Canvas of my Imagination!   And Hey... on Saturdays they have Wine and Beer Tasting, so you can take the Edge off your Day whilst overdosing on Exotic Imported Eye Candy!!!  *Whoop Whoop!LOL*
Of coarse I ALWAYS forget this Important Fact until I'm Shopping there on a Monday Afternoon and the Friendly Cashier reminds me!  *Darn!  Missed it AGAIN!*
And boy I sure couldda used a Wine Tasting this past Saturday to take the Edge off after having been a First Grade Field Trip Chaperone for Princess T and her Girlfriend Posse on Friday!  Yep, we walked the ENTIRE FIRST GRADE to the Bowling Alley and Back in 109 Degree Temps! Yeah, there was NO complaining going on... NOT!!!  Herding them like a reluctant cattle drive with the "Are we there yets?" on the way up... and "I'm too tired to walks, it's so H-O-O-O-O-T!" ... "Keep up Girls!" on the way back after the lustre of the Field Trip had worn WAY off and we were melting and only half of my Group were now laggin' and draggin' and the other half were still good for 10,000 Miles and got their second wind!  *LOL*  As well as trying not to lose any in our 'Group' inside the Bowling Alley... since First Graders lose Interest in Bowling after about the Third Frame... and we had some Diva Meltdowns from a particularly Sensitive one, which wasn't mine for once!  *LOL*  But aren't they all so stinkin' Cute!?!   This was My Group... which included Princess T's BFF's from her Class... and No, we didn't Tattoo them... I wrote their Shoe Sizes on the back of the Entire Class's hand to expedite the issuance of Bowling Shoes so that we didn't have a hundred plus kiddos taking shoes off in line trying to figure out what size they were!  *Winks*  Reason I was a Chaperone you're probably Wondering... since I wasn't actually a willing 'Volunteer'?!?  Well... this was a 'Good Behavior' end-of-year Field Trip... and for Princess T a 'Good Behavior' Field Trip being Earned is a stretch anyways since this is a very High Strung High Maintenance Kid... and one that no other Parent or Teacher wants to willingly try to keep track of along with numerous other kiddos!  *LOL*  So I was told that regardless of her sucky Behavior for most of the year {don't worry, not the Teacher's Actual Words... LOL}, she could still go if Gramma went... obvious they had a Quartet of other Marginally Behaved Young Ladies that they needed a No Nonsense Gramma to ride herd on for the Event!  *Winks*  But we had a Big Time and the Hyper Posse really Enjoyed themselves and I didn't lose any... so that was a Bonus... but I sure couldda used that Wine Tasting the next day... just sayin'!  *Bwahaha!*  But I must say, this is the Stuff Memories are Made of and Kodak Moments!
And though I missed the Wine Tasting yet again... at least I got this nifty Mendhi Inspired Frame ON SALE 50% off!  *Happy Dance!*  Maybe next week I'll remember...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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