Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is There A Class You've Been Meaning To Take?

Every time we enter our Friend Wendy's Amazing Shop, MELROSE VINTAGE, I am reminded of all the Artistic Classes I've been meaning to take and haven't yet had the Time or Resources to get around to yet!   Is there a Class you've been meaning to take my Friends?  What has stood in the way and been a barrier for you being able to get around to it?
You see, if you are an Artistic Soul and it's a strong Instinctive Urge for you to Create, you'd like to be doing it ALL of the time and learning as many new Creative Methods and Skills as you can possibly absorb and be Exposed to in this Lifetime!
Even if you don't yet know what you'd actually DO with all of your Creations and you wouldn't be Attached to the Outcome, the Satisfaction, Joy and Inspiration you Receive from doing it is such a Rush that you don't usually even think that far ahead... you get Lost in the Creative Process and bringing New Creations to Life.  I never have to be firm on an ulterior Motive to Create something... I have never really cared if anyone actually digs, 'gets' or buys my Creations, it has never prevented me from Creating them and getting total and absolute Joy out of the Process. 
Sometimes an Art Form will just Appeal to me enough that I just want to learn how it's done and try my hand at it... like these Lovely Altered Art Circular Fans Wendy has all over the Shop.  I've been meaning to take the Class for this Art Form for a long time... and one day I shall find the Time and Resources to actually get around to it because I've never lost the Appeal it has had upon me.
Sometimes I perculate and wait on something before Acting upon it because if it 'passes' and I don't feel the Desire anymore after a period of Time, then it probably wasn't anything I was Purposed or meant to do and it was a fleeting whim or fancy.  But when something gets into my Creative Spirit strongly, then it is somewhat torturous to have to Wait until the Right Time comes along and everything lines up so that I can learn now it's done and try my hand at it!
I have a difficult enough Time getting some Freedom for a Girl's Day Out Shopping once a Month without other commitments and personal obligations getting in the way or having an Entourage of wee ones in tow.  So taking a Class would be a Rare Luxury that I yearn to be able to do... and as often as I possibly could actually.  I can Justify any Expense and Outlay it would Cost because I consider it an Investment... the Creative Process has always Blessed our Family Financially in the long run... so its more a matter of finding and having the Free Time to do it that is my greatest barrier from following through with the Desires.
And the other barrier... is that I know myself all too well... and how Obsessed, how Totally Lost, Immersed and Deep into the Creative Process I disappear into, especially when I first learn a New Artistic Form of Expression or really feel strongly compelled and Purposed to be doing it and bringing a Creation to Life.  Art is the one thing that I can do that makes me forget about even eating, sleeping or doing anything else when I'm busy Creating!!!  Time seems to stand still and I could literally do it for hours on end, oblivious to how much Time has gone by, I'm in my own Bubble, foregoing everything and anything else because it so totally consumes me and my attention.  And when you have a Family, well, that can be a problem when you're sequestered doing Your Thing!  *LOL*
And it's not Inclusive like my other Passion that I can get Lost in and Transcend Time doing... 'Pickin' and 'Scavenging' for Found Treasures... which I can Include Friends and Family in so that they can be a part of my World that I can get so Lost in.  *Winks*  So though the Family and Close Friends don't mind the other Passion... with my Art, there has been some Competitiveness towards the Time I would or could spend doing it because they know once I'm into it... nothing else exists until I come out the other side!  *Smiles*  And if anyone has Witnessed me Lost in doing Photography... they can get a glimpse of what I'm talkin' about!  *LOL*
Though my Family and Friends have Admired my Artistic Creations and been Proud of what I have Created... there have at times been obvious pangs of Jealousy towards the Process because they know how much Time it would take away from them all Relationally... and so I totally 'Get It' and try to be Sensitive to it.
I know that if I only had myself to worry about... I'd be totally Selfish and Create the majority of the time.  Because I Love Doing it so much that I would Live and Breathe it Daily... and it has always been a strong compulsion to Create something Beautiful, usually with my hands.   Be it a Garden, Art, capturing Beauty through the Eye of the Lens, Fashion, Styling... and any other Art Form I can pick up and learn in this Lifetime!
I've actually already got more Ideas in my head than I could ever get out in several Lifetimes... and enough Projects I'm dying to do to keep me busy for all of Eternity!  And I don't mind that one bit.  What I do mind however is that I have to so often put it all aside... or shelved... until the Time is right... and Patience isn't exactly one of my Virtues... and the Waiting... well, sometimes that can be excruciating and intensely Sacrificial!
After all... there's so much to Create... and so many Classes that I've been meaning to take to be able to expand the Creative Process even more... because Creation knows no Limits... and so much Beauty is just waiting to be brought to Life by those of us pregnant with the Seed and Vision of them!
And may each of us have the Time to at least Create one Beautiful Thing or Beautiful Act each Day of our Lives!
W. Somerset Maugham ~
Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it. It is like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all.
David Hume ("Of the Standard of Taste" Four Dissertations)
Beauty is no quality in things themselves: it exists merely in the mind which contemplates them
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. great post, dawn! i just took some painting classes that have been on my list forever:) enjoy your week!

  2. Id love to learn how to paint.....I doubt it will happen anytime soon though. I love the pics......as per usual!

  3. Geeeeyah I love that store! Dawn I'm having a great holiday workshop in November where we will be making and decorating "Putz" houses. I'd love to have you come for a day of fun and we can finally meet. Let me know if you're interested. I just had my "Playin' with Paper Dolls" class and we had a lot of fun.


  4. Good morning Dawn.....ahhhh this post touched my very soul. Although I am a little older than you and I am not raising my grandson....I do find it hard to find a little time for myself to create...but when I do.....OH MY I JUST DISAPPEAR AS YOU DO!! We are here this summer as I indicated and I often visit Melrose vintage......if you ever manage to do a class let me know and maybe we can meet up.

    just thinking out loud.




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