Monday, June 10, 2013

AquaMarina Antiques ~ Brass Armadillo Preppin' For Father's Day

So everyone at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST is bringing in New Inventory and preppin' for Father's Day Weekend.  So Today I thought I'd give you a peek inside my Friends Myko and Brett's Showroom at AQUAMARINA ANTIQUES.  I'm Adoring the Cloche Displays in the Cabinet Of Curiosities... especially that one with the wee Skully!

Loving the New Logo for the Facebook Page and Showroom!!!
For Summer I'm so glad that Myko has gone with a Lovely Beach Cottage Theme since that always Imparts one of the Essences of Summer doesn't it... days at the Beach?  Even if you don't live by the Beach, on a Hot Summer's Day a Road Trip to a Beach... any Beach... is high on everyone's List of places they'd rather be!  
I'd Love to Own a Cottage on the Beach... or downsize to one in the Future.
Is there anyone who's NOT with me on that Fantasy?  Yeah, I thought not... *Winks*
Discovering Found Treasures washed up on the Shores was always such a Rush... I could spend all Day doing that in fact!  But, if you don't live by the Ocean, then Purchasing some Seaside Treasures is the next best thing... and Myko and Brett came back from their East Coast 'Pick' with a Bounty of Oceanic Treasures!
Corals, Shells, Fisherman Glass Floats...
Shell Art, Nets and my Favorite... Old Aqua Glass Bottles!!!
But it's not all Treasures from the Sea... there's also a wealth of Lovely Vintage and Collectible Inventory to feather your Nest Beautifully with too!  And Myko's Gift of Styling and Showcasing it all so Superbly will be sure to Inspire!!!
You might come away with New Ideas to do a Makeover of a Room... or perhaps even the whole House?!?  *Winks*
Such as Mixing and Matching Cool Vintage Industrial pieces and Salvage with Romantic Style!  I Love Blending Styles to give it your own Signature and Personality.  Throw out any alleged 'Rules' of Styling and just Decorate with what YOU Love and Speaks to YOUR Soul and Personal Aesthetic!
And don't forget to bring your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend and Adult Sons with you because as well as all the Delightful Girly-Girl Inventory there is also a wealth of Mantiques at the Mall AND there will be a Free Drawing for giving away a Fab Smoker on Saturday and Weber Gas Grill on Sunday!!!  I haven't Photographed them yet, but believe me, they're Top Of The Line for the Outdoor Chef most Guys like to be!  *Winks*
I personally am Adoring this large Caged Santos!!!  *Swoon*  And how Cool is it to be able to bring the Guys to a place to Shop that holds what ALL of you Love?!?  Something for Everyone to swoon over!!!

In fact, it is one of my Fav Places that I know The Man, The Son and the G-Son Enjoy Shopping at as much as I do.   I can't say that about every one of my Fav Haunts that I LOVE Shopping at and Visiting... and usually have to wait until a Girl's Day Out to be able to go because to get the Guys to come along is such a Chore!  *LOL*
But at THE BRASS ARMADILLO I know they can be looking at all the Mantiques and Collectibles they Love so well... while I'm looking at all the Treasures I Love so well... and nobody is coming along under protest!  *Winks*
Since it will be Father's Day... and The Son's Birthday is coming up shortly thereafter... I want to be able to take both of my Fav Guys to the Mall to see if they can find something they don't think they can live without?  While also not losing my mind by say having to go to a 'Cabelas' or other 'Sporting Goods Store' for hours... *LOL*   The Man still has driving restrictions for Medical Reasons so it's not like I can just send him out unaccompanied to do his own thing with a wad of Cash this year.  *Smiles*
Hey, I'm just keepin' it Real my Friends... the last time I took The Son or The Man to one of MY Events, they looked comatose in about 20 minutes... so I know they 'Feel' me when I walk into one of their Fav Haunts!  *LOL*  After you've seen all the Taxidermy and Live Fish at 'Cabelas' once, well, it's lost any of it's Appeal to the Average Gal.  *Winks*
And though these FABULOUS HUGE Architectural Salvage Swans are in another Dealer's Showroom I had to include them because they stopped me dead in my tracks when I was Photographing New Inventory coming in for the Father's Day Weekend!   
Yeah, these are some OMG and if Money were no object Rare Treasures that you would LOVE to OWN!   And finding a PAIR of them... WOW!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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